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I’ve waited all day to post this, to let these feelings simmer a little bit.

Let’s start off by just saying, that writer for Buzzfeed has the right to express her opinion. I have an opinion as well, and my opinion is that hers is wrong. This writer seems fairly two-faced when it comes to how she writes about Taylor… but enough about this lady because it’s really about the bigger picture here.

When male artists sing about their personal lives, they are viewed as strong, intelligent and approachable. But, when female artists share a page from their diary, they are viewed as someone seeking pity, and someone who is vindictive in nature.

Let me just say that Taylor Swift doesn’t write her songs so that you will feel bad for her. She is not playing any kind of “victim card.” She writes songs for herself. She writes songs because it’s the best way for her to figure out life and learn from it. She shares these songs because her fans appreciate her honesty and the way she shares her experiences. Her songs are therapeutic to many people who cannot find the right words to describe how they feel.

Taylor is a strong woman. Strength and honesty are not mutually exclusive. 

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Mutual pining coworker fic for Elriel. 😍


My head snapped up to find Cassian lazily leaning over the divider that separated our cubicles. 

I blinked.

“Az,” he sighed, dramatically, in that way he often did, “you’ve been staring at her for a solid ten minutes, and if you think that every person in this office has not noticed that….you are highly mistaken.”

Heat rushed to my cheeks, and I cursed myself for getting sidetracked. Shaking my head, I said, “No one’s noticed.”

“Whatever you say, sweet Azriel,” he mocked, sliding back down into his chair and out of sight. 

Less than a minute later, a crumbled up piece of paper landed on my keyboard. I heard him chuckle as I began to open it up.

Go ask her out, Idiot.

You went from sweet Azriel to idiot in a matter of seconds,” I mumbled, but rose to my feet.

I tucked in the corner of my shirt that had come undone and straightened my tie, although I was fairly certain it was still askew. 

Everyone in the office had noticed her beauty, her kindness, her gentleness, and her wit. I couldn’t shake it off, though. Since she began working there the week before, she was all I could think about. I sat at my desk, writing reports, constantly finding upon review that I had entered her name in the data multiple times. I would think about her long after I went home for the evening, as Cassian and I would sit down in the living room for dinner and play video games….she was in the back of my mind, slowly moving her way up.

Today, her golden-brown hair was in a loose bun at the top of her head, giving me a perfect view of her face. Her eyes, watching me as I gingerly approached, and her smile, small and amused against her pink lips, were all I could focus on.

Well, that and the nerves.

I felt my palms grow sweaty, so I pushed them into my pockets as I stopped at the corner of her cubicle. 

Her fingers stopped typing and her chair swiveled toward me. “Hello.”

It was not until Cassian cleared his throat from behind me that I realized that she had said something and I had not replied. 

“Oh, um, hey,” I nodded, and I didn’t know why I was nodding but I couldn’t stop. “Elain, right?”

I knew it was Elain. I don’t know why I asked. I mentally face-palmed myself as she replied, “Yes. Azriel?”

I didn’t need to nod, because I was already nodding, so I didn’t stop, I just stood there.


“Are you okay?” she let out a soft giggle, forcing me to snap out of it.

Cassian cleared his throat, again.

I grabbed the keys from my pocket and shot them behind me. Judging from his grunt, I assumed I hit him right where I was hoping to.

The amusement in Elain’s eyes grew. 

“So, listen,” I began, trying my best to keep eye contact, but failing miserably. “I’m terrible at these things….I’m sorry….I, well….um-”

“Would you like to take me to dinner on Saturday night?” she interrupted, writing down a string of random numbers on a sticky note.


When Cassian cleared his throat for the third time, I was tempted to grab Elain’s desk and slam it over my roommate’s head. Instead, I let out a slow breath and smiled, as charmingly as I could, “Yes. Yes, I would love to take you out on Saturday night. Is, uh, seven okay?”

“I’ll be ready by 6:30,” she smiled, sending chills down my spine.

“Great,” I took the note from her hands and our fingers brushed, gently. “I will see you, then.”

“I wouldn’t be mad if you called me before then,” she bit her lip, gesturing at the neon pink note in my hand. 

I glanced down and felt my eyebrows raise. “I- oh, yeah. I’ll, uh, I’ll do that. I’ll call, yeah. On the…phone.”

“Good,” she smiled, and turned back to her computer, resuming her report. 

When I sat down at my desk, Cassian was, once again, leaning over our divider.

“That went….well,” he smirked, sneaking a glance at Elain. “Good thing you clarified about the phone situation. She probably assumed you were going to call her on the t.v.” 

“You were no help,” I mumbled.

“You’re right,” he admitted. “You were so incredibly smooth on your own. If I was a woman, I’d let you pin me against the wall and take me right here.”

“Shhh,” I shook my head, glancing around, not that anyone took Cassian seriously anyway. “Don’t you have a job to do?”

“I do,” he nodded. “But, to be honest, I’m surprised they haven’t fired me. I haven’t submitted any data sheets in two weeks.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as Cass slid back into his chair to do Mother knows what. 

Taking a deep breath, I pulled out my phone and typed in the numbers Elain had written down.

What’s your favorite flower?? I typed, and only hesitated for a second before I pressed send. 

I like them all. Surprise me. ;)

I glanced over to where she sat. She wasn’t looking at me, but she was smiling at her computer screen, her phone lit up on her keyboard.

It was only Thursday, and Saturday night could not come soon enough.

Hope you enjoyed, friend. 

Now I’m itching to write about their first date….

- Tara, fellow Elriel trash. 


Welcome to my masterlist guys! This masterlist will be updated everytime I post something new so please check back every now and then. In the future I will write for other groups but I’m currently focusing on BTS for the time being. Thank you for your support!


 Kim Namjoon - Rap Monster

An Abnormal Saturday - Mafia Oneshot 

More coming soon.

 Kim Seokjin - Jin

‘Bestfriend’ - Oneshot (Based on my tragic situation)

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 Min Yoongi - Suga

Mixing it up - Min Yoongi Troublemaker AU - Preview  Part 1  Part 2

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 Jung Hoseok - J-Hope

Day after Day - Oneshot

More coming soon.

 Park Jimin - Jimin

Selfish - Oneshot

More coming soon.

 Kim Taehyung - V

Summer Beginnings - Oneshot

More coming soon.

 Jeon Jungkook - Jungkook

7 Years - Jungkook Badboy AU - Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20 - Final

More coming soon.

I just find it funny how ready we Kingdom Hearts fans are for D23. Like, here we are just patiently/impatiently waiting fit tomorrow to roll by; I’m just like “oh yeah, that’s right. D23 is tomorrow, huh? Cool.”

But, dude, I swear to God, as soon as Saturday comes by, as soon as that 1pm hits, I- no, WE ALL are gonna be like, “FUCK! It’s on! Alright, people, stop what you’re doing! Stop feeding your pets. Stop feeding your child. Stop driving, stop moving- hell, stop breathing! World, stop whatever you’re doing! My D23 is on, and shit’s about to go down!”

Like, dang, D23 is like this big holiday of sorts; we’re finally gonna see more of the Holy Grail😂


I miss you.

Friday on my Mind

Happy Easter everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate, please enjoy my little themed drabble collection for the occasion (four parts, one each day of the Easter weekend starting with Friday). Also hope the Easter Bunny comes to visit. Inspired by Shania Twain’s song of the same name.

Caroline, Katherine and Bonnie are invited to spend the Easter weekend in country England with the mysterious Mikaelson family, not expecting the beautiful surroundings nor the arrogant brothers they meet along the way.

That Don’t Impress Me Much - Part 1

Surrey, England

“Woah,” Bonnie murmured as they approached the foreboding, grey bricked mansion in all its glory. “When you said Easter egg hunt Katherine, I kind of thought we’d be in some little park, not at one of the Queen’s many country estates.”

“Esther Mikaelson may be a billionaire and the owner of the art gallery I manage but she isn’t the Queen of England as far as I’m aware,” Katherine snorted, looking out the window slightly in awe herself.

“Are you sure?” Caroline checked, regarding her best friend curiously. When Katherine had invited them to the Mikaelson’s annual Easter weekend celebrations she hadn’t expected this, none of them had. Each coming from small-town beginnings it was a little overwhelming.

Caroline, Bonnie and Katherine had been best friends since growing up in Virginia. After graduating they’d all studied at Columbia together only to move to overseas five years later. A promising job offer for art history major Katherine at the famed Mikaelson galleries had sent the girls to London. Given their close ties it seemed almost impossible to part ways at that stage.

The move had been beneficial to them all as it turned out, Bonnie scoring an entry level position at a local engineering company and Caroline a political internship at Westminster. It had been difficult financially at first but the girls didn’t care about their tiny apartment in Aldgate East as long as they were all together.

“When Esther Mikaelson invites you to her family Easter you don’t say no,” Katherine added. “Come on you guys, you promised you’d behave.”

“And we fully intend on it even if it’s nothing we’ve ever experienced before,” Caroline murmured, her eyes fixated on the family residence.

The cab they’d caught from the train station stopped at the entrance and they busied themselves removing the bags before a well-dressed porter appeared and shooed them away. Caroline was beginning to realise this was probably only the beginning of their weekend. It wasn’t like she didn’t appreciate good service but Caroline liked to do things herself, it was the way she was brought up after all.

“You’ll be staying in the East Wing,” he informed them in a toffy accent as they entered a rather impressive entry hall. Caroline looked upwards, overcome by just how high the ceilings were but she was pretty certain the house tour was only going to get better as they found their way to their weekend accommodations.

Upon entering her picturesque room with a grand four poster bed and large bay windows overlooking the impressive grounds below, Caroline had already worked out that it was about the same size of their meagre apartment in London and with her own adjoined bathroom on top of it. Caroline had always been a suspicious person by nature, call it the political graduate in her, and wasn’t quite sure why they’d been invited there but she knew there had to be some motive.

The housekeeper had informed them of the tea party taking place in the back garden and left them to dress. Caroline opened her case, suddenly self conscious about what she should wear and was beginning to think she hadn’t packed suitably. She inspected her choices critically wondering whether to put on the blue or green sundress with the white cardigan. It almost felt like she was going to be in the Queen’s company with cucumber sandwiches sans crust and those pet corgies or something.

“The blue,” a voice suggested, obviously sensing her dilemma. “It brings out your eyes.” Caroline looked up into the warm, brown eyes of her best friend. “They don’t bite, well at least I hope they don’t.”

“What are we doing here, Kat?” Caroline asked earnestly.

“Why do you always have to think there’s some motive?”

“I work in politics, what do you expect?” She drawled, smoothing her blonde waves as she said it. “It’s my job to be completely cynical about absolutely everything.”

“She’s my boss, Care,” Katherine began, moving towards the bed. “I’m just trying to make a good impression and what better people to help me do that than my two besties?”

“Well, since you put it that way,” Caroline grinned, pulling her in for a much needed hug.

“Hey!” Bonnie interrupted from the doorway. “What about me?" 

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Can’t wait for all the Rosvolio goodness we’ll have of the origins of their families  feuding and the banter, the self sacrificing protectiveness for Rosaline to run for it and for them gaining a new understanding of one another; realizing how much in common they have together, and their mutual hatred of the violence. Saturday can’t come soon enough. 

I Can’t Say I’m In Love-Brett Talbot

Teen Wolf Imagine:#6 Prompt:#36 (Part 2 of #63 ‘Are You Drunk?’)

Word Count:1,338

Warnings: Talk about bad first dates (brief mention of throwing up) and sweet Brett

A/n: I know I had a different one planned to go up next but Inspiration stuck me for this prompt so I went with it. It ends up being part 2 of 'Are You Drunk?’. I hope you like it. Also I am really bad at endings…


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rubiam high school au

•ruby is the one who takes all AP classes and gets straight a’s and eats salad for lunch and liams the one that once ate a whole jar of mayonnaise on a dare

•no one EVER thought they would get together

•but then again no one expects him and chubs to be friends liam just be out here breaking all
kinds of expectations

•liam tries hard enough in school, most of his grades are low B’s with the occasional C

•but after a particularly low test grade that low B in chemistry turns into a D

•he tells Chubs who says he’s got a girl in his class who’s super smart who could probably
tutor him

•the only problem with that is liam wasn’t expecting her to be FUCKING GORGEOUS

•when chubs introduces them it was all he could do not to just stare at her and drool

•the whole time she’s talking to him he’s just sitting there in awe and trying his hardest to pay attention

•afterwards he corners chubs like “YOU DIDNT TELL ME SHE WAS HOT” and chubs is just like “i didn’t think it was relevant”

•"of course it’s relevant how am i supposed to pay attention to significant figures when all i can focus is not making a fool of myself!!!“

•he was good enough at chemistry before but now that she’s tutoring him he pretends like the teacher isn’t even speaking english so she’ll tutor him more

•one time ruby was babysitting her neighbor and brought her to the library with them but had to run back to her car for something before they start studying and when she came back lee was in an animated conversation about a disney movie he’d seen a million times because of his little sister claire and basically the only thing running through ruby’s head was "shit i like him”

•one night when they get done ruby’s car refuses to start

•she’s totally fine with just walking she lives like 5 minutes away and it’s nice enough outside, albeit a bit chilly

•but liam INSISTS that it’s getting dark out and it’s freezing and she could be murdered and she wouldn’t be able to run if someone was chasing her because her backpack is so heavy she should just let him give her a ride

•a ride home turns into “stay for dinner” which turns into liam stuttering out “are you, um, are you free, um, saturday? l-like for a movie?”

•"like a date?“

•"yeah, um, yeah like a date. only if you want to go on a date i mean, we can just go as friends, i’m flexible um or if you don’t like movies we could always go to eat, i know a place downtown that’s really-”

•ruby cuts off his rambling with a kiss to the corner of his lips and tells him a movie sounds great

•"ha, um, okay! awesome! i’ll um, pick you up at um, at eight. cool. it’ll be fun we’ll have um, lots of fun. we can see whatever you want i don’t have a preference, um yeah haha" -Liam as he stumbles down her porch steps to his car with the reddest face ever

•when he gets home he sits in his car for a minute and calls the number he last texted, since it’s usually chubs

•when they pick up he says “oh my god chubs i asked her out”

•to his horror, ruby replies “i know, i was there.”

•he just hears her trying her best not to burst out into giggles and the poor boy is MORTIFIED let him die

•"um. right. you were. just wanted to make sure you remembered. bye.“

•and then he ACTUALLY calls chubs and tells him everything and chubs sounds so tired when he says "liam….you fucking idiot. how in the world did she say yes to you”

•saturday can’t come soon enough the last 3 days of the week feel like 3 centuries

•but then when saturday actually does come both of them are freaked

•liam stands at the grocery store staring at flowers for 2 hours before a sales associate comes over and asks if he needs help and ruby is on the phone with vida trying to figure out what to wear all day

•when 8 comes both of them are a nervous wreck

•he knocks on her door with a bouquet so big she can’t see him

•they decide to see the new generic action movie because nothing screams date like stereotypes and explosions

•he so pulls the yawn over the shoulder move and ruby rolls her eyes so hard but also she leans in just a little closer and it’s totally NOT because he smells amazing

•liam completely zoned out on the movie after that he’s 100% focused on the fact that she’s so warm and her hair is so shiny and she smells like a flowery perfume

•she rests her hand on his knee and he’s completely hyperaware of that fact

•when the movie ends she can’t help but be disappointed bc he unwraps his arm and now she’s cold and liam’s thinking pretty much the same thing

•afterwards they grab something to eat and even when they’re across the booth from each other liam can still feel that hand on his leg

•they make fun of the dumb movie and chat about random things

•after that they go on a few more dates before
liam makes a stuttering fool of himself asking her to be his girlfriend

•she says yes obv

•liam is INSUFFERABLE for the next few weeks all he ever talks about is ruby and how pretty ruby is and what he and ruby are doing this weekends and something funny that ruby says chubs almost regrets being the reason they met but also its good to see liam so happy

•liam starts having to run to class bc he wants to walk with ruby to hers, even if they’re on the other side of the school

•i’m not talking quick walking i’m talking full sprint okay

•he gets so much crap from his friends for being whipped

•vida makes fun of ruby too oh man she’s brutal

•their hour long tutoring sessions turn into half an hour of tutoring and half an hour of making out in the car

•which actually makes them more efficient because liam realizes that the more he understands something and the quicker they get it done, the longer they can go make out

Ghost-Isaac Lahey (Part 2)

Teen Wolf Imagine:#44 Prompt:#…None

Word Count: 1,747

Warnings: Mention of drinking alcohol (Legal)

A/n: Part 2 of Ghost is here!! So there are going to be 6 or 7 more parts after this going through the week they are apart. The first half of each part will be what the reader is doing and the second half will be what Isaac is doing, they will be separated by a break line thing.

This Part once again features my OTP of Ethan and Danny and my lovely friend @thelittlestkitsune (Lau) whom I love dearly and I am so thankful for, thanks for the friendship I didn’t know how much I needed it until I had it.

I hope you enjoy this because I am excited as frick for it!

Part 0 (It’s a prequel it’s not necessary but it’s a thing)

Part 1


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Falling - Part 4

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9|Finale]

All right, Wendy. You can do this. Just give him a call and see if he wants to do something. With you. Why is this so hard?

Wendy paced around her room, frustrated with herself. She just wanted to call Dipper to see if he wanted to hang or something. This should be totally easy. They’d been friends for a long time. Yeah, they hadn’t seen each other for a while, and yeah… he looked really good… really damn good… but, c'mon. He’s the same Dipper, right? Same adorkable guy at the Shack? Likes mysteries? Had a crush on you a million years ago? This should be a no-brainer.

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For years I've been wanting to do mma but something always held me back: work/timing/money/insecurity.....but today I'm starting bjj! Also, how pumped are you for Melendez vs pettis?

Hey that’s great to hear! I personally know a handful of guys that started out with BJJ and ended up transitioning into MMA. Even if you don’t do that, I wish you all the best. You’ll get beat up for a while, so just be patient. It’s totally worth it!

And to answer your question, Saturday night can’t come soon enough! I’m super pumped to see both title fights. I really don’t know who wins, but it should be great either way. Also looking forward to Todd Duffee making his comeback, Ashlee Evans-Smith making her debut (although it still pains me Holly Holm got injured), and the Browne/Schaub fight. It should be a great night on Saturday


Merry Christmas, thewolf-inred!

May this high school au featuring nerd!Stiles and rumored badboy!Derek bring you joy and fluffy feels.

Don’t Judge a Derek By His Cover

“You’re doing it again,” Scott said between bites of pizza, not even bothering to look up from his meal.

Stiles groaned. “I’m aware, thank you.” Despite Scott’s words, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the perfect specimen of male beauty sitting three lunch tables away.

Scott clapped him on the back. “Anyway, I hear he doesn’t date like at all, only sleeps around, and never with the same person twice. So…what I am about to say, I say as your best friend and lifelong bro, who loves you…this is a hopeless endeavor and you’ll only end up getting your heart trampled on. My duty as said best bro, is to prevent that from happening.” He took a sip of soda.

Frustrated, Stiles stabbed his fork into his salad. “Yeah, I know. It’s just,” he sighed, and it sounded more lovelorn than the one of disgruntlement he’d been aiming for, “I think there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. You should hear him in AP Lit, the way he speaks about books. I know he has this ‘devil may care’ bad-boy thing going on, but underneath that, he’s got a really beautiful soul.”

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