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Simon wakes up with his cheek on the keyboard and a sour taste in his mouth. When he lifts his head he sees that the open word document is blank. He’d spent almost an hour the night before just staring at the screen, occasionally writing a sentence or two before scowling and hitting backspace. The ideas just aren’t flowing lately, and it leaves him feeling queasy and on edge, like he should be accomplishing something and just…can’t.  He closes his laptop with a frustrated sigh.

moodboard inspired by chapter five of my fic begin again

I’ve waited all day to post this, to let these feelings simmer a little bit.

Let’s start off by just saying, that writer for Buzzfeed has the right to express her opinion. I have an opinion as well, and my opinion is that hers is wrong. This writer seems fairly two-faced when it comes to how she writes about Taylor… but enough about this lady because it’s really about the bigger picture here.

When male artists sing about their personal lives, they are viewed as strong, intelligent and approachable. But, when female artists share a page from their diary, they are viewed as someone seeking pity, and someone who is vindictive in nature.

Let me just say that Taylor Swift doesn’t write her songs so that you will feel bad for her. She is not playing any kind of “victim card.” She writes songs for herself. She writes songs because it’s the best way for her to figure out life and learn from it. She shares these songs because her fans appreciate her honesty and the way she shares her experiences. Her songs are therapeutic to many people who cannot find the right words to describe how they feel.

Taylor is a strong woman. Strength and honesty are not mutually exclusive. 


I miss you.

Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 20

This was a very fun and exciting part to write, so I really hope that you’ll like it, people ^^ Enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: You and Ji Yong were supposed to spend a full day together, doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company. Will that really be how things go, though?

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For those of you bemoaning the apparent “lack of combat” in No Man’s Sky, please allow me to introduce you to Hunostru “Hoonie” Ordusin, the adorably spunky woodland creature who periodically comes randomly scrambling out of absolutely nowhere with no warning to kick Arlen’s ass from here to Cussonvi Seve and back.

Twice now. Twice it’s done this.

Anyway, look forward to official Hoonie™ cuddly plush dolls, t-shirts, lunchboxes, action figure playsets, home rabies testing kits and a Saturday morning cartoon, coming soon.

Um this week is so sweet?? I mean we had two new interviews with Kate McKinnon, extras of Ghostbusters, AND SO MANY NEW SCENES WITH JILLIAN HOLTZMANN. Then Hillary ACED that debate, like omg mate, she completely DESTROYED that f-ing bigot. There’s also Saturday Night Live coming back soon, Kate McKinnon’s appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show AAAAND it’s gonna be my sister’s birthday.

That’s pretty neat bruh.

Saturday night can’t come soon enough because I’m taking my ass back to Houston for a few days. Unfortunately I told my mom I’m bringing a girl with me so now she’s acting like a crazy ass and it arranging the guest bedroom for me like I’m some teenage boy. And then abuela is over there thinking I’m bringing a Mexican girl with me when she’s actually Italian. I need some serious Jesus in my life for this nonsense