saturday afternon

😬💕 Update !! Part 2 Meeting for the first time

“ Thursday morning ”
My moms girlfriend and I we’re texting each other since 4:45 am haha .. shes letting me know when shes at the airport .. boarding … landing .. getting a taxi and checking into her hotel .. she called me when she got to the hotel and I told her I was worried that my mom was going to leave home to get a few things and by the time she finishes she’d head straight to the airport which would ruin the surprise because her Gf was no longer there. My mom thinks she would be here at 2pm but she was actually there at 7:45am .. waiting for her room to be ready took awhile ..
We spoke for a bit then hung up
I tried stalling my mom telling her I’ll come with you but my Stomach hurts we have to wait a bit lol ….

Her girlfriend forwarded me a text saying .. this is what I sent your mom

Boo I’ll call you when I’m leaving the airport
Don’t leave your house until I call you because I just check my flight number on line and it said flight delayed I’m going to keep checking it
Maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t come
I’m so scared and nervous
I can’t breath properly

I was weeeeak af lmao . Knowing my mom she’s freaking out for sure so I ran upstairs to see if she got the text .. but I noticed the phone was on her bed , she didn’t see it 🙄 why ? Cause she’s in the middle room ironing pillow cases LMAOOOOO again. So i asked .. heyyyy have you heard anything yet ? She told me no and asked if I can bring her cell lol I stood right next to her and read the text for her. My moms facial expression totally changed and I was there like oh wowww. Aww don’t worry mommy I’m sure it’s just nerves , she wouldn’t not come..
Anyways lmao I went back downstairs and heard my mom say I have a headache I’m going to lay down

I texted her girlfriend and told her my mom went to her room she looks sad. She told me I’m on my way I’m literally 15 mins away. I checked on my mom and she was laying in the dark 😂 I asked if she needed anything .. water maybe ?

I got a text saying I’m here so I opened the patio door to let her in … I didn’t want her to buzz cause my mom will ask about it .. I opened the door but she wasn’t there … Was she lost ? I was freaking out cause my mom called my At the same time. I had to run my ass upstairs then back down to look outside lol. Finally the taxi pulled up my hand were sweating 😂… she got out n ran inside we hugged and quickly exchanged words .. how the heck am I gunna get my mom downstairs now ? .. I went to the stairs asking my mom for help i said the patio door came off the track ? Lmao it’s about to fall and break 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ .. I’m like really tho lol .. but she got out of bed .. I went up a few steps upstairs and the minute she stepped out of her room she started crying .. HOLY It caught me soooo off guard 😩😭 I wanted to pull out my camera. I was like oh shit why are you crying She said I feel like I’m losing my best friend .. I feel like she’s not coming to see me anymore I’ve been getting mixed messages for a couple days .. I love her so much .. she hugged me and cried even more. My face was blank Im was like omg no mommy don’t cry .. BUT can you come help me with this door thooooo
( she’s right there standing in the living room 😂 ) she kept trying to talk n I’m like ok yes yes we will talk about it after you help me with the door please it’s about to fall and break 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😭… we got downstairs, me a few steps ahead pretending the door was stuck or whatever the fuck. I turned around her gf was stand in the corner of the living room & my mom walking towards me … she noticed a pair of shoes and was like ……..? I walked away trying not to laugh .. as she turned around she screamed and started crying!! They ran to each other and hugged .. FUCK I started crying too !! 😂 shit i need some love too GAH DAMN ..

Soooooo My mom hasn’t been home since Thursday night .. it’s now. Saturday afternon 😏 .. lol .. her gf leaves tomorrow morning :( I wish I was able to capture the moment on camera it was truly amazing & to see my mom n her gf so happy after all those texts and video calls 💕 I’ll definitely keep you guys updated here and there

Ok byeeeee ☺️
Hopefully this makes sense lol i was rambling 😂


A cozy saturday afternon for Blitz and Hearth :)

As always, you’re welcome to send me requests! (I might do a nico/solangelo piece soon if people ask for it)