Weekend Horsoscope || Nov. 18~19 , 2017 🌙

Aries: Maturity and growth. You finally come to a place where the fire in you is lit but also calm. Bracing able to enjoy the warmth of your own creation and being. Yet, why is there still a sense of emptiness lingering here? It’s a good time to revise your past and being able to see how far you have come. You can finally look at situations with better understanding and unclouded judgement. Love is looking good and calm.

Taurus: transformation is here. A will to stop seeing red. To stop charging without a final destination, know your limits so you don’t get hurt again. A motivation within is driving you. to work towards spiritually and protecting your truth. No longer is being controlled an option, nor is losing temper whenever we feel it. A time of acceptance is here, when we heal, we can heal others as well. Do not give more than you receive.

Gemini: There is still tension. But you are fearless this time instead of emotionless. You express your desires, fears and hopes..Far better than yesterday. You know how far you can go, and how far you cannot. Finally , you are able to see things in a new perspective that involves your mind, body and spirit.

Cancer: A great time for the spa or music session. People may want to get on your nerves and it’s not doing you any good by entertaining them if you can’t feel good about it. A time of healing and practicing patience. Healing not only comes from the divin but also beauty, art and music. Whatever you possibly need or want is all within your reach. Rest and trust.

Leo: When we let go we also receive. Pain may linger but, There is unconditional love from someone who knows exactly what you are going through. Rest easy because celebration of some kind is on the horizon.

Virgo: At the mercy of the universe. Truth will come when we accept it with unconditional love. No judgment and a open heart + mind brings in gifts from the universe that we may not expect. Be logical and understanding is the theme this weekend. Time to open the third eye. Yoga and meditation always helps, whatever that will calm your nerves. Namaste dear Virgo, the divine is also with you.

Libra: looking back. It’s okay to walk down memory lane. It’s very healthy as it was part of our life. It becomes unhealthy when we are living it or unwilling to let it pass by us when it has ran its course. You could be looking a old place you use to live at while driving to a store and suddenly you find yourself staring at it for longer than what is appropriate. A time to build a bridge, in order to manifest the future you desire. Whatever you need, you can ask. People are here to help, maintaining balance does not have to be your job alone all the time, Dear Libra. Ask yourself what you must do in order to overcome.

Scorpio: a secret ? There is something that you have that someone else may need, but you choose to keep it to yourself. Remember that we only give what we have plenty of, and whatever we shall give we also receive. Don’t be afraid to let others in your discoveries.

Sagittarius: completion, full circle. You see things with A brighter perspective now, which is always a good thing and you are being applauded . Now is a good time to look back without any pain or overwhelm emotions to complete your transition. Be fierce! Your inner voice is surely to be heard and acknowledge. Remembering that positivity is contagious. Bless.

Capricorn: putting aside feelings in order to take action or learn. Passion in none the less still there. Remember whatever you might have lost, opens a new door to something else. And when we are upset about one thing it blinds us to see the things we still have. Growth comes from within us when we go through difficult times. It’s a good time to go out with friends or just watch Netflix with a tub of ice cream.

Aquarius: believe in yourself and your intuition. There is so much we can take on alone. Life is like a unending boxes of presents waiting to be opened but that doesn’t mean we have the time to open each and every one. The greatest gift of all is our inner voice. So follow it. You will not be dissatisfied.

Pisces: rest easy. You’ve done all you could and it’s time to pat yourself in the back and relax. Planning is ahead of you and no doubt you will have things ready for your next move. Right now, enjoy the weekend and be proud of yourself. Spread positivity and light and it shall present to you as well.


One day before Caturday…


Director: I don’t expect any gifts from you; I’m your employer, frankly that would be-

[Magnus hands her a coupon for one free backrub]

Director: This is exactly what I was afraid of. This is actually–Magnus, this is the nightmare scenario.

This wonderful Magnus Burnsides cosplayer actually surprised me with a coupon for “One Free Backrub” during the Saturday TAZ photoshoot! Their cosplay had the most charming details, and such cool armor! 

(Although I did remember to give you my card, I forgot to ask your url, so if you happen to see this, let me know who you are and I’ll make sure to credit you here!)

Cosplayers: Madam Director/Lucretia (@thischick25), Magnus Burnsides (dwiuricosplay on Instagram)