Here’s another one that made me so stuffed.. 😋🍕🍴🍝👌❤️❤️
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Saturday at the North | June 28, 2014

Since I got to visit the South a few months ago, my friends Reena & Paula decided to head up North last weekend for some catching up and obviously to delight ourselves with good food (as always).

First we went to Brooklyn’s Tomas Morato (I also saw my work there, yay!) for their super good White Cheese pizza (more on that soon), then to Kozui for some frozen green tea goodness and La Creperie to “cup” off our night with pasta, crepes and TWG tea. Gastronomically good day (not for my diet, haha) indeed!

Trivia: Since the three of us love books (YA 5ever), food and travel, we’ve made a pact to book a flight to Paris 3 years from now and I’m quite excited! Well, settling with food trips and Saturdates for now; the travel fund is a work in progress (reasons why I am glad I am part of the workforce aka adult employee life now, haha). ;)