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bangtan really has to carry everything themselves. they come from a small company, they have no sunbaes from same label, they had no survival shows, they have no celebrity friends to promote them. the fact that they've come this far sometimes amazes me

IT’S TRUE it’s amazing but they work so hard and they’re such a fun group……. when i see them competing against groups from the big 3 a tear rolls down my cheek i mean…all that in 2 years in a market saturated with idols….AMAZING


Photoshoot: Introverts vs Extroverts

Initial edits

These are my initial edits I created in Photoshop. I used levels to create a smooth backdrop and spot healing tool to remove any imperfections, this allows the main focus to be on each persons expressions. I lowered the saturation on most of the photographs to symbolise the less outstanding in society (introverts) however kept colour in the background to show contrast and represent extroverts in society. I edited each image using dodge and burn to create better contrast and pick out details on the face, I used the paint tool to emphasize colour on the lips on certain images to create a bright contrast to the more subdued hues in the face representing the differences between introverts and extroverts. I believe overall these edits have been successful as they look clean and simple, picking at the natural expressions to create a deeper meaning and context to each photograph.

Way Too Realistic Character Concepts: Cleric

A wizard who has studied long and hard to gain knowledge, only to find themself saturated by academic concepts and no understanding of how to practically apply them.  Now they are filled with dread at the prospect of finally having to leave the arcane library and face “the real world.”  The overcrowded temples do not need another average cleric, with the few openings going to students with much better connections or the few exceptional students who were able to make a name for themselves while at school.  This one must move back in with their parents and find a way to make ends meet with mundane escort quests.  What was once a fiery passion for their faith has been replaced with the nagging doubt that they have wasted their devotion.

Reading (1873). Berthe Morisot (French, 1841–1895). Oil on fabric. Cleveland Museum of Art.

The fashionable woman is the artist’s sister, Edma. However, the painting is not a portrait. Morisot’s principal concern was to render a figure in a natural, outdoor environment. Edma’s white dress–the prime vehicle for Morisot’s study of reflected light–is saturated with delicate lavender, blue, yellow, and rose tonalitites. Deftly executed with quick brushstrokes, the painting resounds with a feeling of freshness, vibrancy and delicate charm.

It’s not a perfect trace, but it’s not a bad one either so I’m happy enough with it.

Technically, the colours aren’t right as the colours on the actual badge are quite a bit more saturated than QW’s ‘in-comic’ colour. I stuck with what I thought looked better.

MikeyTheFox mentioned in a live stream that he wanted to make the Quill-Weave pin in second life but was going to “wait for Kitsune to do it first”.(cleaning up the image, that is)

Well, here ya go.

Of course, if anyone wants to recolour this (or edit it in any other way), go ahead.

#srammtb: Dead Reckoning | Sunchuli Pass: Day Two
“The road down from Pelechuco Pass to Pelechuco was a mind bender. The trip down was a hell ride. There is nothing like slowly getting to the top of a pass in the middle of a blizzard, completely saturated and shivering, just to go down the backside in a dark cloud of a gravity accelerated hate.”
Head over to to read the full story. @yonderjournal #DeadReckoning May 21, 2015 at 06:10PM


SO I am working on some hairs (or I was working on a specific hair and borked it and ended up with this) and I was wondering thoughts? Left is how the hair looks without my normal photoediting stuff I do in photoshop, right is edit-as-usual.

I am considering turning down the saturation for this… Or possibly doing two sets in the colors I wanna do, and one is highly saturated and vibrant like above, and the other is more muted. Thoughts??


Janet Jackson announced her new art coming this year! “New music. New world tour. A new movement.” YAAAAAAAS!!!!!!