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what do you think ruby and sapphire would look like with the pilot episodes art style?

God I don’t even know. More detailed and less saturated colors I suppose, and I totally see rubes hair being fluffier with Sapph having pilot garnets straight hair. I still see them with their same outfits but probably more detailed

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Do you digitally enhance your photos?

What exactly is digitally enhancing?  Every photo has to be run through editing programs because I shoot in “raw” which comes out flat and boring compared to reality. If I were to shoot in JPG the camera automatically applies filters to the image to make it look more saturated and contrasty.  Shooting raw allows me to make those decisions on my own.  What I don’t do is make heavy changes that would change the feel or authenticity of the image, to me that is not photography but digital art.    The goal when I edit is just to make the image look how I envisioned it at the time. 

T2VOC is a TOUGH module for three-phase flow of water, air, and a volatile organic compound (VOC). T2VOC was designed to simulate processes such as the migration of hazardous non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) in variably saturated media, forced vacuum extraction of organic chemical vapors from the unsaturated zone (soil vapor extraction), evaporation and diffusion of chemical vapors in the unsaturated zone, air injection into the saturated zone for removal of volatile organics (air sparging), direct pumping of contaminated water and free product, and steam injection for the removal of NAPLs from contaminated soils and aquifers.”

Intro to Inferior Functions, That Contest I’m Still Running, and The Newsletter

Thanks kingdranite​ for inspiring this post <3

So, inferior functions. We don’t know much about them, by and large, and talk about them even less. If we’re talking about them, we’re probably talking about how much we hate them.

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Little known to many is how insidiously inferior functions come out. They are insidious because they are underlying dragons - they do not often strike, but they often present as a brooding force in our lives.

For example, inferior Fe will saturate you in love and care, without the IxTP being aware of it. The ExTP will dramatically seek change and control subconsciously. Pretty much, the opposite of your first function plays a much bigger role in your life than you are aware.

Sometime over the next several days, or weeks, I will go further into depth about this.

I suggest, in the meantime, you folks look into your inferior function and figure out what kind of role it plays in your life.


Also, don’t forget I’m running a newsletter, which has a paltry six subscribers. I won’t inundate you with psychology information (unless you so desire) so don’t worry about that.

Once I have a decent-ish amount signed up, I’ll kick it off with some fun stuff. :)

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Also, I’m at roughly 1200 followers, and I’d like to remind you that once I hit 1500 I’m going to give two of my followers as deep of an MBTI psychoanalysis as they could ever want.

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Cheers, and thanks for reading.

dapper-deoxys replied to your post:May I ask you why SU makes you angry? (sorry if…

saaame. tho I do like the characters ans dont hate it, I lost interest in even considering watching it after it being shoved in my face 93828228 times a day

I was originally gonna watch it too, but after the over saturation it’s been completely ruined for me. Even the characters were ruined for me, and I’m sick of hearing the fucking ‘square mom’, ect. jokes; it’s like hearing a shitty song on repeat 100 times a day.

one day im going to publish my diary and pass it off as a fictional teen lit novel about growing up in the digitally saturated age of the mid 2010s

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May I ask you why SU makes you angry? (sorry if this has been asked already but I'm fairly new in your blog ;u;)

Originally I was like “oh it’s just a show i’m not interested in, oh well”

But after seeing it in about 100 posts a day, I’ve begun to hate the show without seeing it thanks to it being over saturated more than PewDiePie in the lists of ‘Worst YouTubers’.

On a quiet sidestreet near Ebonhawke’s outer walls, an unimpressive dive hosted a modest amount of patrons. Most of the clientelle were laborers or merchants, capping off the end of a difficult work week with a few rounds of cheap ale and eloquently grunted discourse.

The mood was relaxed and sleepy until an unusual looking patron entered the scene. With slow, measured strides, the newcomer crossed the sticky wooden floor and made his way to the bar. The volume of the establishment’s muddled din dropped significantly, and many suspicious eyes seemed to track him as he moved across the room.

Both his hair color and skin tone held a significantly darker hue than most of the area’s locals. His hair was long and swept back, saturated from sweat. His short beard was thick, covering his cheeks and jaw.

Pushing six and a half feet tall, there was no denying that the stranger stood out. Everything about his appearance seemed imposing. He wore the dark leather attire that one might normally associate with sneaking, but his stoic posture and piercing gaze seemed to bely an unsettling level of self confidence. The dark colors seemed to slim his figure, but a closer look would reveal the startling amount of muscle mass concealed beneath his obscuring coat.

In addition to his size, there were other factors that seemed to make this individual look intimidating to others around him. Perhaps it was the fact that his black clothing seemed immaculate in an otherwise filthy and tattered environment. Perhaps it was his subdued air, somehow hinting at a volatile temperament that was barely kept in check. However, the most likely reason was probably that he was the only person in the room who actually held their chin high. More than anyone else present, this stranger had enough pride in himself to defy the urge to slouch.

Resting his weathered palms on the bar’s countertop, the newcomer actively ignored the collective attention he recieved. “Pint of Amber Ale, if you’d be so kind.” His assertive voice was unsurprisingly deep, but carried a more energitic, outgoing cadence than expected.

The aging barkeep quickly obliged the order, looking up at the imposing patron with bemused surprise. “You got it, boss.” He reached down for a clean glass, then hesitated. “You uhh… just one pint’s enough for ya? You ‘ave the look of a bloke who’d be better off with a Norn-sized mug in 'is hand.” A nervous chuckle followed his words.

The stranger just maintained his flat gaze, letting a few seconds pass before answering. “Just one pint is plenty, thank you.”

Without any further commentary, the barkeep hurried to pour the mug for him, a few extra beads of nervous sweat decorating his brow by the time he was finished with it.

A nearby haggard patron nodded politely to the stranger, standing a few paces down the bar and otherwise keeping to himself. Dressed in the simple attire of a textile laborer, the unassuming man had a length of bandage wrapped around his head, completely obscuring one bloodied eye socket.

The newcomer soon returned his attention to the barkeep (after enjoying the first sips of his drink.) “Quiet clientelle you have here,” came the bland observation. “Everyone must be too weary for much jubilation.”

The barkeep nodded along to the sentiment, idly drying a glass with a filthy looking rag as he did so. “Apparently so, 'guv.”

The stranger sighed to himself quietly before speaking again, putting extra emphasis on certain words for some reason. “Not sure what has them so down. Could be the soot that stains the stones.” He then flicked a slightly annoyed glance to the barkeep, awaiting his answer.

The barkeep’s expression seemed to light up for a second in realization, before immediately returning to its usual gruff nonchalance. “Right… sommin’ like that.”

“I think I’ll settle up.” The stranger added, reaching inside his coat pocket for a few coins, “But I’ll take a shot of the Screeching Reserve before I go.”

The barkeep nodded and quickly hurried to prepare a shotglass for his customer, filling it with the contents of a near-empty whiskey bottle. After a nervous glance to check that no one else was watching him, the barkeep slid a tiny piece of folded paper under the shotglass’s base so that the condensation would stick it to the glass’s surface.

After dropping sufficient coin on the counter, the stranger knocked the shot’s contents back and pocketted the note. It all happened in an instant, using a very quick and discreet example of sleight of hand to slip the folded note into his sleeve. The passed note would have gone completely unnoticed to anyone who wasn’t watching for it specifically.

“Six watch over you.” The stranger nodded once more as he set the empty glass back on the counter.

“Yeah, you as well.” Came the response.

With that, the stranger turned to leave, walking out with calm strides just as he had entered. The bar’s door shut behind him with a quiet creak as he made his way back into the street.

Once thirty seconds passed, a disguised Reed Ingrams looked up from his spot at the bar. He itched at the bandage that had covered one of his eyes and had mussed his hairstyle beyond recognition. Sparing a glance towards the nervous bar keep, he dropped his own payment and made his way out to tail the departed stranger from a safe distance.

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in ur answered french fry question "spray with coconut oil" coconut oil is very unhealthy!! please dont eat it. my friends dad who is generally fit, had to go to the doctor because he got sick from eating it and he was at risk for a stroke. if you actually do ur research and look up the saturated fat content in coconut oil, it is VERY high, and the good fats are very low. opt for coconut oil, avocado oil or olive oil. Low in artery clogging saturated fat and high in heart healthy good fats.

Well first of all I said I just sprayed the pan with coconut oil not the actual fries. Coconut oil spray is different than regular coconut oil. Can you prove that ONLY the coconut oil is the reason for him being sick? Was he eating like 5 tablespoons of it a day? Eating too much of anything isn’t going to be good for you. Coconut oil is 2/3 medium chain fatty acids which act more like a carb than a fat when metabolized by the body. They are also naturally occurring which makes them A LOT better than the artificially made hydrogenated oils that create bad saturated fat. Not all saturated fats are created equal. I have done a lot of research actually and you can easily just look on the nutrition label for fat content. Coconut oil is not bad for you when used in small amounts for cooking. Thank you for your concern though!

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how do you edit your instagram pictures?? im obsessed!

i’m working on a blog post explaining it in full rn! basically i up the brightness, down the saturation and warmth, and use the russ row or moon filters from afterlight xx

Isn’t my home amazing? Oh, I know! I should give you a tour!

please forgive the foggy weather and back-lighting but I’m about to log off and couldn’t be bothered to wait for the in-game day to start over hA //slapped I did edit the brightness and color saturation a bit though

Wind’up Haurchefant’s level is now 24! and it is now 1:33 AM!
I should not be awake I’m logging off now I promise.
probably gonna be on tumblr mobile tho

…whoever can tell where in Ishgard I took this, 1) congratulations and 2) I’m so sorry

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Chio: She looked down at the scars on her arm and growled."Humans can be such dicks at times."

Anemostrovilos: She takes out healing water from her hair, saturating bandages in it and wrapping her arm up. Humans are interesting creatures, sometimes. But what can we do but keep purifying Mama.

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I have wanted to play videogames and put it on youtube for like 5 years and now I might actually be in a place to do it. I was worried that, at this point, youtube is super over-saturated with that, but then Shia LaBeouf told me to do it, so here we are. Are there any sick tips you can give to a faggot?

do it and continue doing it until you succeed or you can fuck up and drown


“I love when I see a movie and it’s like you’re not even in the theater, but you’re right there with the characters, in their world, and going through the experience with them. That’s what I hope to take away when I watch a movie, and I hope that’s what people experience when they see a film – any film – I’m in.”