1) Hertfordshire Regiment Territorials rest during Summer Camp on the eve of the outbreak of war. 

2) A battalion of the Warwickshire Regiment parading in Hitchin market square on the way to war in August 1914.

3) Men of the Hertfordshire Regiment at summer camp in late July c 1914.

4) Jack and Walter Satterwaite pose for a photo in c 1914. Jack was kiled in action in April 1916, Walter was seriously wounded, dying as a result in 1962.

5) Jack Satterthwaite and his platoon in 1914.

6) The first Armistice Day parade in Letchworth Garden City c 1920.



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When Sansa Stark flees the Vale with Jon Snow, she makes an alarming discovery. Another revelation might help her deal with her unexpected situation.

Words: 1159, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of An Honourable Man

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