Kill la Kill normal highschool AU – Ryuuko catches a cold and Satsuki “takes it upon herself as Student Council President” to take her her homework (she just wants to see her). Ryuuko’s mother (is still alive) was just about to bring her daughter some tea, so she makes Satsuki go up and hang out with Ryuuko and have tea too. Satsuki leaves the homework on Ryuuko’s desk, and they just sit there in silence. Ryuuko asks Satsuki to read her a story, and Satsuki’s like “well do you have a book?” Ryuuko pulls out some Richard Scarry story book and sets it on her lap. Satsuki sighs and starts reading, and when she finishes the page, she goes to flip it but Ryuuko interrupts with “no you have to show me the pictures” Satsuki’s just “what are you five” but turns the book around so Ryuuko can see. Ryuuko ends up falling asleep.