I was tagged by @cupcakecana and @kylosexbang (actually they were different tag games but they were really similar so i just put them together)

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you would like to get to know better

Name: Carmen

Nicknames: Carmen, Carms, Arribas

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 166 cm

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Spanish

Orientation: Straight

Favorite fruits: Cherries

Favorite season: Summer

Favourite scent: vanilla 

Favorite books: A Hundred Years of Solitude, No Longer Human, Los Abel

Favorite flowers: Cherry blossoms

Favorite animal: Tiger

Cat or dog person: DOGGIES

Coffe, tea or hot cocoa: coffe, coffe is life

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Average hours of sleep: 7

Favorite fictional characters: Lavi, Kanda, Chuuya, Dazai, Lucy, Juvia, Xerxes, Mikasa, Will Herondale, Arya Satrk… I got too many to choose I’m sorry

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: Italy and Japan

Blog created: Three years ago more o less

Numbers of followers: 550

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