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Be My Valentine

Some Valentine’s Day fluff for the OTP that tops all.

“I’m not doing it.” Satoshi hated Valentine’s Day. All the girls would give him embarrassing gifts like stuffed bears or roses and he couldn’t just throw them away, not after his mother got wind of it when she got a call from one girl’s parents. Now he was forced to accept them. But he still got rid of them in the politest way possible; he’d give them to the little kids in the class down the hall when no one was looking.

Suffice to say he didn’t like the holiday and this year was worse; he had to do something more humiliating.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at his son. “I’ll increase your allowance.”

“Nope,” Satoshi replied with just as much firmness. “Besides I can just ask uncle Itachi if I really want something.”

He cursed his brother for spoiling his son and tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. Sasuke was parked in front of the school and had turned on the child lock to keep Satoshi from running out. Sitting beside the grumpy child was a bouquet of roses, chocolates, and a small bag of his infamous cookies. “You know, I’m not asking for a lot. All you have to do is give it to Hinata.”

“First of all, I’m not in Ms. Hyuuga’s class so it’d be weird going to her class. Secondly, I don’t want anyone to think I have a crush on her.” Satoshi blushed as he thought of the teacher everyone liked. To be fair, there were many times he wished he was in her class instead since she was much nicer than Mr. Sabaku. “Thirdly, she’s too nice for you. You’ll scare her off.”

Sasuke’s eyebrow twitched. “Name your price.”

The older Uchiha had met the kind and stunning beauty while at a back to school event at his son’s school. His ex-wife was at a work conference so he went in her place. At first he thought she was another parent but quickly realized his mistake when he saw her name tag. She was easy to talk to and he was disappointed that his son wasn’t in her class but rather his old high school rival’s. However that didn’t deter Sasuke from coming around more often which Satoshi found embarrassing.

The young boy liked how balanced things were before; his mother usually helped with fundraisers while his father would take any field trip chaperone duties. Now he felt smothered by Sasuke’s presence. His father was taking part in everything which unfortunately his mother happily accepted. Satoshi cringed as he remembered the so called sugar cookies he made for the bake sale. No one could stomach finishing one but Ms. Hyuuga offered to buy them all. He suspected she did it to spare his feelings but his father fell even more enamored. The only other person who looked displeased by their interaction was his teacher.

“A two night sleepover with Shikadai and Inoichi at your house. We’ll have pizza, ice cream, and soda, watch scary movies all night and go to the arcade the next day.” Satoshi sat back, confidently smirking at Sasuke. Irritated by the mirror image of him tauntingly smirking, Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

“No scary movies and I’ll let you camp outside,” he offered. “And you can’t tell your mother.”

“One scary movie and you have a deal,” Satoshi countered.

“Fine,” Sasuke. “But if I find out you didn’t do it, I’ll tell your grandmother you’d love to join her for tea with all her friends.”

Satoshi shuddered. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his grandmother; it was her friends he disliked, they would pull at his cheeks and tell him all about their granddaughters that had crushes on him. He grabbed Sasuke’s gifts after he turned off the child lock and slammed the door close. “Careful with those!” Sasuke shouted.



Satoshi stomped towards the car and threw his backpack full of valentines inside before getting in. He hadn’t had a chance to drop them off so he was stuck with them. Sasuke looked at him expectably, contributing his foul mood to all the fangirls he had to deal with. “Well?”

He huffed and looked at him. “You forgot to sign your name on the card,” he said slowly. “So she thought it was from me. Ms. Hyuuga thanked me for them but said that I should’ve given it to someone my own age.”

“What?!” Sasuke asked. He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten something so simple. Groaning, he slumped over the steering wheel.

“And Mr. Sabaku wanted me to give you this.” He handed him the sealed note and Sasuke opened it. As he read the contents, his face darkened. Crumpling it and throwing it out the window, he felt more determined than ever.

“What did it say?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sasuke replied quickly. “When’s your next bake sale?”

“We’re not doing them anymore. People got food poisoning from the last one.” Satoshi had discarded the baked ‘goods’ as soon as he entered the building. He liked Ms. Hyuuga too much to let her suffer.

They both stared at each other for a few seconds. “It must’ve been Lee’s blueberry muffins,” Sasuke surmised. Satoshi felt like banging his head against the car window. “Well, keep me updated on any events they need parents. I think you have a field trip to the zoo next month for all the third graders.”

“Yeah…” Satoshi sighed. “But I think we have enough parents signed up so you don’t have to-”

“Well it doesn’t hurt to make sure,” he replied as he started the car.

While waiting behind the school bus to move, Sasuke turned his eyes to the right and saw Hinata laughing alongside another teacher. They locked eyes and she waved at him. Captured by her smile, Sasuke hadn’t noticed that the bus had driven off. It took the honk of the car behind him to shake him from his trance.

Sasuke waved blissfully at Hinata before driving off with goofy smile on his face. Satoshi crouched down in his seat, his skin crawling at the thought of his father acting like such a dork.

What was in the note? Eh, you decide.


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I’ll hold on to your share of your feelings too
Like I’m climbing stairs, I’m heading for the top
It’s painful and difficult, but I endure it
Drawing the figure of myself that is basking in cheers