I only had one goal in mind when I began GQotD, and that was for the aim of this blog to be pointed solely at anything and everything Grumps related.

That said, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the sorrowful news of Satoru Iwata’s passing this weekend.

Iwata had a hand in crafting many beloved videogames that brought so much wonderment and happiness to an entire generation of Nintendo lovers. Because of this, his death feels less like that of a familiar corporate spokesperson and more like that of a childhood friend.

As someone who steered a ship as massive and admirable as Nintendo’s - through both calm seas and rough waters, victories and defeats - it goes without saying that his passing is truly untimely and tragic. 

His legacy is one that will undoubtedly never be forgotten; the number of imaginations he has touched is immeasurable. 

“Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone.”

Now, let’s get back to grumpin’. 

Thank you, Mr. Iwata. My childhood wouldn’t have been as great without you. Iwata sprite done by @dreweyes. #perlerbeads #perler #hamabeads #hama #beadsprites #pixelart #pixel #art #nintendo #NintendoRegram #ninstagram #igersnintendo #igerspokemon #mario #ness #earthbound #splatoon #kirby #8bit #16bit #thankyouiwata #thankyou #satoruiwata

R.I.P Satoru Iwata. A legendary man that stood as the president of Nintendo through several years through the good and bad of the company’s history

“This man contributed greatly to works such as EarthBound, Kirby, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, the Wii, the DS series and the Wii U, not to mention his contributions to creative, straightforward, and intelligent communication, as he spearheaded projects such as Iwata Asks, Nintendo Direct and the transition into a digital E3. Video games owe him more than many folks might realize, and I consider the man a genius in his way. ” -One of his co-workers.

Statement by Masahiro Sakurai: “The president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata has passed away. He was my former employer, but even when my situation and location changed, he was always the most understanding [of me and my work]. A hard worker and a virtuous man, he always supplied me with quick, fair guidance. I believe that he was the greatest leader I could have imagined. May you rest in peace.”

No amout of words can describe how upset fans from around the world are about his passing he will dearly be missed by millions. #nintendo #satoruiwata #iwata #Rip