satoru iwata

Remember when Iwata spent three weeks alongside the Melee team debugging the gameplay so they could make their deadlines

Remember when Iwata cut his pay when the Wii U was losing fiscally to make sure nobody on his team had to suffer on behalf of those losses, because he believed the system couldn’t make it without everyone’s participation

Remember when he ported Pokemon Stadium’s battle system in a week without reference sheets

Remember when he originally helped work on Mother and basically helped the series exist

Remember when he compressed Pokemon Gold and Silver to even less than half its original size to fit in Kanto, something the original dev team didn’t even think was something they were gonna do or even could do themselves

Remember all those goofy montages he went out of his way to make fun of himself for so we could laugh

Remember how he refused to let Nintendo become active on the mobile market, effectively having made the company truer to core principles of videogames than most

Remember how people actually hated him and how he had to return from work tired every night probably having to keep this in mind

He was only 55

We lost someone legit

We’ll never forget you Iwata


Please Take A Moment To Remember Iwata-san

11 July marks the third anniversary of the death of former Nintendo Co., Ltd. President and CEO Satoru Iwata. Please understand that the next 24 hours will be spent playing the games he helped create instead of writing about them. Thank you for the memories Iwata-san.

“There is a copy of the NES game Golf in the firmware of every Switch system”

Me: Oh haha, what a weird thing, probably some remnant from the debugging process -

“Since that was a game that Satoru Iwata programmed himself, this could have been intended as a way of saying that Iwata is spiritually a part of every Switch and is watching over and protecting every system.”


Hidden Tributes

It is said that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, not only an outstanding game, but also an endearing tribute to beloved and gone-to-soon Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata (and possibly Robin Williams).

If you go to the Outskirts Stable, you will find a kind NPC named Botrick. He looks quite a bit like Iwata, especially since he has glasses, which are rare for Hylians.

You might think that this is just a coincidence; however, when you talk to the Iwata look-alike, he tells you about a fabled creature that is seen up on Satori Mountain.

When you get up to the peak, there is a beautiful area with a pond and a cherry tree.

On certain nights, you will see the Lord of the Mountain there swathed in an otherworldly glow.

Could this be a representation of Satoru Iwata’s spirit? Well, look at what the description in the compendium for the LOTM is:

…and Breath of the Wild director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, said in an interview with The New Yorker, “When Iwata passed away, there were moments we’d come up with an idea which we’d be excited to talk to Iwata about. Then we’d remember he was no longer here. The sadness runs deep. This is approaching spiritual talk, but we had the sense that he was watching over our work.” Crying yet?

Well, it is also speculated that Breath of the Wild holds a tribute to Robin Williams as well. As is well-known, Robin was a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda; so much so, that he named his daughter Zelda after the game. He also made advertisements for Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword. His daughter, Zelda, was also the MC for some of the Symphony of the Goddesses concerts.

The first possible tribute is this guy at Foothill Stable that resembles Robin:

The second is the researcher at Akkala Tech Lab. He has a humorous, quirky personality (like Robin) and his name is Robbie, which is an out-of-place name in the game.

The third is the King of Hyrule, King Rhoam, who resembles Robin the way he looks in the OoT 3D commercial he did. Additionally, King Rhoam starts out as a humorous old man and later reveals himself to be a spirit. He also has a daughter named Zelda.

One more thing to note is that when Link stands on a certain bridge, a man, who thinks Link is suicidal, stops him and talks him out of jumping to his death. Some think this is also a heartbreaking tribute to Robin Williams.

*BRB crying*


With miiverse at an end, I’d like to reflect on a place that personally made me grow as an artist and a person, a great community of people who loved video                                          games, art, and communicating.
               From my very first and last, with some favorites inbetween.
                                           Goodbye, Miiverse.


So, after getting a tip from one of my buddies, I kept an eye out for “A Mountain with a Blue glow” in Breath of the Wild. And sure enough, while looking around for Koroks, I eyeballed the phenomenon not that far off, at Satori Mountain and went to investigate.

And I found The Lord of the Mountain.

It’s like some crazy, otherworldly, eldrtichian, two-faced Owl-Horse. It looks like it has beyond max stats for a “Horse” (I could hammer the run button while on it and it would never get tired) and it’s mad fast.

Of course, it might have been a case of “Look, don’t touch” because when I went to register it at a stable, they freaked out saying everyone would be cursed because I took it from the Mountain.

…I think this being is an Easter Egg that’s in memory for the late, great Satoru Iwata? I mean, there’s the whole “Spiritual-ness” to it, as well as it’s description saying “Legends say this holy creature is a reincarnation of a sage that died on the lands it now protects” (Of all the legends in the gaming industry, I’d say that it’d be fair to call Mr. Iwata a “sage” and “dying in the lands it now protects” could be referencing that Mr. Iwata died while still excelling in the industry and his career?). But the biggest thing I think that confirms the connection is that last line: “It’s sometimes known by its other name, Satori.

Now, I’ve played A LOT of the Zelda games. And I don’t just mean “played.” I mean, PLAYED FROM FRONT TO BACK 100% COMPLETIONIST STYLE. And I don’t recall a character with a name “Satori” anywhere. But “Satori” could be a name-in-a-name type deal!



SATORu Iwata

See? If this connection is true, and I’m not just doing bonkers “seeing what I want to see” dumbness, it might be the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen in a Videogame.


Rainbow Cloud, the final course in Pokemon Snap is a rather unusual one, as it only contains one Pokemon for the player to capture a photo of: the ever elusive Mew. While some previous Pokemon may have required special steps to uncover them, Mew is visible from the very beginning of the course, but prevents good photos from being taken until a variety of steps have been performed to remove its shield, stop it from turning invisible, and get it to hold still long enough to capture a good picture. This final course acts as a trial of sorts, and can only be uncovered if the player takes photos of a signs scattered around each level- often ensuring that Mew is the most difficult, but also the most rewarding, Pokemon the player can photograph.