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KAZUZU! ♥ tell me.. how was it with that stranger? i passed out around 6 XD damnit..though it was so funny with him XD tell meeeeeee <3

Mimiii~♥ Nothing much happened after that actually. You were still here when he talked about the death, and then he said things like he’s too drunk to function anymore..and didn’t talk much anymore, at some point he said he’ll go to sleep and that he will come by again.. that dude was hilarious though.

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Thats what i thought too. Time for me to approach you. SINCE YOU'D NEVER DO THAT. -sobs- I missed talking to you. Besides that I'm ... good I think. How about you? ♥

I never even see you around! And i hardly approach anyone since i’m a lazy butt ehem. But i still missed you ;; -huggles and squeezes- Good, you think? -blinks- Doesn’t sound as if you’re sure. I’m okay,..lazy sunday so my mood is.. sunday-ish too..