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I have 4 ferrets and 2 of them are too gay to function. When they first met they immediately started sleeping all cuddled on each other. They clean each other and when one moves from a hammock, the other follows to cuddle ridiculously. I just can’t.

I joke about the fatter rat being the ‘Femmey bear’ cause he is obsessed with nest building and Bones is the punky younger dude and they play fight and lick each others peeners and cuddle and squeak when things are too rough man its crazy whats with all these gay ass rodents

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Dude, i still remember reading that in high school and bawling when Simon got killed/died. I was like omg mai bb. That story is SAD. and of course no one else in the class cared.

OMG I KNOW! I remember watching the movie in english class back in school, and I was like genuinely interested in the story and how the two types of society (one with rules and one with “freedom”) will work. And everyone else was like “Whatever, this is boring, do we have to watch it, can’t we watch some stupid comedy instead?”, stupid annoying daft people.

I mean I’m kind of shocked how so many of the kids lost their whole sanity in the story, I mean I’m not gonna justify that killing Simon was alright, but they’re still kids on an island and they wanna kill stuff and think he’s a monster (though I really think they became blind there for a minute), they thought they had to protect themselves to survive. BUT killing Piggy and attempting to kill Ralph was just for the sake of it, I mean Piggy was just fricken expressing what he thinks AND THEY KILL HIM! AND THEY BROKE HIS GLASSES AND THEN STOLE THEM!

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Small cosplay world!! I can't find the pic I took of you cause its prob on my computer (I'm on the hubby's atm) but whooah that's awesome! :3 And I remember when you ran into the Game Grumps people and being like omg if that Jon fangirls in character I will die, and then they did! So happy to watch...I was going through your cosplay tag. Very awesome.

I totally remember you now omg that is NUTS what a great moment that was though

and AH THANKS FRIEND, I wish I had more recent stuff I only got a few photos at the last con -sniff-

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Hey! I found you through my friend who follows you and started following you. You are so awesome and it seems like we have a lot in common! I reblog you all the fickin time man!!! Anyway. I thought you'd like to hear the sound of awesome that it streaming throughb my dash right now that is you!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!