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chowder is probably? really good at rubik’s cubes? like give him 30 seconds and he can probably solve one for you no prob. his family is casually competitive about rubik’s cubes and probably most likely has an entire display shelf in their house dedicated to em. chowder has a few sets of speed cubes lying around his room, a pyraminx, classic, the master cube, etc. that he’s collected over the years. fidgeting with a rubix cube occupies his hands and whenever he goes home for breaks, at any given family event? rubik’s cube being passed around.

at first holster was like “no way bro” and spent a good ten minutes messing up a rubix cube classic to make it “e-Yextra hard like my–” “holtzy, no.” but chowder’s just ;) 22.42 :) chaotic good :)c

Prompted by this post, I present for your consideration 30 Days of Wolf 359 - or, as @personalinsanitymoment dubbed it, “Wolftember.”

Starting Wednesday, September 1, we’ll have a prompt a day for the entire month. Do them all, do a few, whatever makes you happy! Check under the cut for a text version of the list for anyone using a screen reader or who has issues reading the graphic for any reason. And for ease of seeing everyone’s responses, make sure you use the tag #wolftember.

Have fun!

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