ok but when Maggie joins the Superfriends

  • Kara is her bestie and they bond over teasing Alex and their love of food. Maggie loves cooking when Kara is around because she never has to worry about leftovers and the way to a young Kryptonian woman’s heart is through her stomach and now Maggie can do no wrong. like she is an official Danvers sister the first time Kara has her wold famous lasagna
  • Winn reminds her of her little brother and she lovingly teases him all. the. time. and she kicks his ass at every single game they play. like every one. but Winn is relentless and is always making a game out of the dumbest things and challenging her because “it’ll happen one day Sawyer”
  • James is like the older sibling she wishes she had growing up. he’s the one she always turns to for advice. and James is always going to her to fix up his motorcycle after it gets jacked up from his Guardian shenanigans and instead of telling him she would have to be an idiot not to know she plays dumb and pretends to believe all of his lame over-thought excuses

May I remind you that Yuuri dipped (a very much taller) Victor with his hands only holding onto Victor’s neck and stretched out leg. This dip was spontaneous, fun and had so much unspoken trust. Yuuri’s upper arm strength is incredible and I don’t think anyone ever lead Victor in a dance before so yes, if I was Victor, I’d be very very very intrigued by this lovable drunk Japanese skater who made me have the time of my life. This was the one night when Victor (and Yurio and Chris) said screw etiquette and proper social skills, with drunk Yuuri leading, they’d gladly follow along (with a reluctant Yurio of course).

Sometimes my chest hurts when I think about what an amazingly complex character Asami is.

Writing any kind of fic involving her takes this into account, but when you’re trying to take her from canonical point A to canonical point B and you have to stop and consider the sort of…background narrative she’s had going on, it’s really astounding.

I mean something simple, like “she snapped at Korra in Reunion.” And yes, Doylism tells us that it was Bryke’s way of showing conflict and contrasting Korra’s reaction to her versus Mako.

But then you dig a little deeper at character motivation and bias and it’s a lot different. It’s this person who had one person in her life she could count on after losing her mother at 5, and everything she thought him to be was a complete and total lie. And Hiroshi even went a step further and tried to fucking kill her. So we see her with utterly no one in Book 2, clinging to some semblance of “family” (or really just some semblance of a constant in her life) in Future Industries, only for it to blow up in her face with a business partner that betrayed her.

But Book 3 comes, and we see her actually beginning to trust in the relationships around her, putting her company on hold to commit herself to Team Avatar…to Korra really. We saw her taking herself out of the equation even, especially in the Book 3 finale, to be the complete unconditional support (rather than voming her emotions and making Korra deal with it).

And then Korra leaves for 3 years. I’ve written before about how it was really the last 6 months of this that got under Asami’s skin–knowing Korra could have written her like she did Tonraq (though she was actively deceiving everyone), and still, based on her wedding dialogue, feeling guilty for even having resentment (which…fair. Korra was in a lot of pain and acting in a self-destructive manner, and Asami saw that).

But the point is, Korra gets back after Asami was canonically isolated this whole time (she and Mako were talking as though they never see each other despite living in the same dang city), after what was 3 years of Asami throwing herself into this infrastructure and once again clinging to Future Industries as her only source of comfort (this time, to greater success). Plus she’s the CEO…she can control it.

Like, how to even touch her trying to make amends with Hiroshi because of her extreme loss? And just when she thinks she might have a perspective on that, the man dies.

If I have one wish for the comics, and I have many, it’s that this comes up. Asami has to have trust issues–we’ve seen them. And there has to be a very large part of her that can’t truly trust Korra is staying in her life. Everything and everyone she’s ever trusted in has been torn away from her.

Maybe my real wish is that Mike read chapter 9 of RRaU?

But it’s just, it’s all there for the taking. They have a character that’s just packed with so much potential whatever way they want to push her, and Asami is a character meant to be pushed.

I…I need to lie down.

New fic: “Half the Pieces”

It’s the fall of the Earth Empire, and out of the destruction love does bloom!

This fic follows Asami and Korra’s journey, filling in the gap left by the show that takes place just before Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding. Why *does* Korra sound as though she’s only talking to everyone for the first time in two weeks? How *is* Asami handling her father’s death? These answers are bound to be fluffy.

And I’ve just posted chapter one…

Asami I: Another Game

Asami’s new assignment by President Raiko leads her to take unexpected advice from her father.

Read it here!

It will be alternating PoVs between Asami and Korra. Asami kicks things off with a chapter that takes place during 4x09, but Korra’s next chapter will open after Kuvira’s surrender. Yup yup.


Day 08 - Most overrated book
Día 08 - Un libro sobrevalorado

La Chica del Tren de Paula Hawkins 

De todos los libros que he leído recientemente, La Chica del Tren, me parece uno de los más sobrevalorados. No me malentiendan, no me pareció un mal libro pero simplemente no pude encontrar ese algo que lo convirtió en un bestseller. La historia tiene tres narradoras. La primera es Rachel, una mujer desempleada, alcohólica y obsesionada con su exesposo, que toma el tren todos los días para aparentar que todavía tiene un trabajo. Durante esos trayectos observa por la ventana a una pareja, que ella llama Jess y Jason, y les inventa una vida perfecta. La segunda es Megan, el nombre verdadero de Jess, que tiene un pasado bastante complicado y una vida no del todo perfecta. Ella es la victima del asesinato cuyo culpable estarán buscando durante toda la novela. Y por último está Anna, la nueva esposa del exesposo de Rachel. Al final todas estas historias convergen para descubrir quien es el verdadero responsable de la muerte de Megan. La prosa de esta novela es bastante sencilla y directa, a veces demasiado; las narraciones de las tres mujeres, que eran personas muy distintas entre si, sonaban casi siempre iguales. El misterio estuvo bien, no estaba claro quien era el culpable durante buena parte del libro y los personajes me parecieron bien construidos, con sus defectos y sus virtudes. El final no me convenció del todo, me pareció un poco precipitado y no del todo bien explicado. Para resumir, me pareció un libro entretenido pero no un libro original ni muy emocionante. 

Frases del libro

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 29

“You don’t have to do that, I can meet you outside.” I said, not wanting him to have to stand in this little hallway waiting.

“Baby…go.” He said, there was no room for argument.

Nodding, “Okay.” I said with a smile, appreciating how he cared for me.

I quickly walked into the tiny bathroom and went right to the mirror. At least I didn’t look like a mess. Opening my purse and taking my compact out, I blotted my face as my mind wondered back to everything I had just experienced. Once again, another first for me.

Jared had picked a good time to do all of that since it was the tail end of the night for most people in the restaurant. As our dinner was just starting many other around us were leaving. I was grateful since I would hate for someone to have the experience of dining at such a beautiful restaurant and having it ruined by witnessing what absolutely HAD to be obvious.

Thinking about not only being in public but in plain view while I experienced a mind blowing orgasm was beyond exciting and the longer I replayed our evening, the more I felt my body stir again. Never in my life had I been with someone I felt so comfortable being with and letting my inhibitions go so completely. I would follow wherever he decided to lead me, I trusted him that much.

With a little swipe of lipgloss across my lips, I gathered my things and started for the door, thankful we would be heading back to the hotel or at the very least somewhere private. How Jared managed to control his own needs through that dinner was beyond me but I was sure he wanted a little relief soon too.

Opening the door, I saw Jared standing exactly where I left him. I thought I’d be greeted with a smile but I wasn’t. His expression was serious.

“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned.

Grabbing my wrist, he quickly pulled me into him then turned us, pushing my back to the wall. With one side of his body holding me against the wall, he grabbed my hand. With his hand over mine, he brought it to his rock solid cock, making damn sure I was well aware of what he wanted.

With his lips just barely against mine, he looked me straight in the eyes. “It’s my turn now, baby girl.”

Placing a small kiss on my parted lips, he pulled his body back as he glanced down the deserted hallway. Seeing that it was clear, he led me by my wrist to a storage room at the end of the hallway. Not another word was spoken as he pushed open the heavy door then felt around for the light switch.

The storage room was dark and dingy even with the light on, housing extra tables and chairs as well as the extra plates, silverware, tablecloths and napkins. Anything you would need to run a restaurant.

As the lists of “firsts” were stacking up for me, I wanted to hopefully give him a first too. As he tried to push the door closed then lock it, I walked over to a table that was set up in the corner. It had a few boxes on it that I moved to the side. Quickly grabbing a folded tablecloth, I laid it down. This would be perfect.

Glancing over at Jared, his back was to me as I heard him finally lock the door. Quickly pulling the skirt of my dress to my waist, I pulled my panties down so they fell to my ankles. Spreading my legs, I turned away from him then laid my upper body on the table, locking my wrists behind my back.

When he turned around I wanted to give him one hell of a view which I know was made even hotter by the Swarovski crystal of my anal plug sparkling under the dim lights. Showing off his gift would definitely get his attention.

Because I was facing away from him, I didn’t see his face when he turned around but I did hear his deep intake of breath, almost like as if he got the wind knocked out of himself.

“Jesus Christ…” I heard him say to himself as he came closer to me.

Stepping directly behind me, his hands roughly grabbed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart.

“You never cease to amaze me, baby girl.” He said quietly, dropping to his knees behind me.

I could feel the brush of his jeans against my skin as he dropped to his knees. Roughly grabbing my cheeks in his hands he pulled them open, fully exposing my center to him.

With an deep inhale, pulling in my scent, he whispered, “You are so fucking beautiful…”

His soft breath against my hot pussy sent shivers dancing across my skin. Leaning forward, Jared licked my slit from my clit to the glass plug, the tip of his tongue circling around the crystal head of the plug then back down to plunge into my opening.

“Ahhh, Sir…” I moaned, unable to bite my tongue back any longer.

Immediately pulling back he warned, “Not a sound.”

His stern voice was a quick reminder of where exactly we were. Diving right back in, he lapped at my pussy. My hands gripped the tablecloth beneath me as I pushed my hips up to give him a better angle. I was on the edge, wanting so desperately to cum again, this time feeling his cock inside me but I also didn’t want him to stop either.

Feeling him tear him mouth from my pussy, he quickly stood up. Wordlessly kicking my legs wider, I heard the sound of his zipper as he pulled it down and let his jeans fall to his thighs. He was standing so close that when his cock sprang free, it landed on my ass warming the skin below it.

Leaning slightly over me he warned again, “Not a fucking sound.”

Not waiting for a reply, he pulled his hips back then plunged full force into my drenched pussy. The sudden intrusion knocked the wind out of me with anal plug adding more pressure than I realized.

My arms were still laced behind my back but as he grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking my upper body off the table, my hands flew to the surface to brace myself. It was a struggle to keep quiet as he pounded into me, his occasional low shallow grunts the only sound in the room.

“Sir…..Please” I begged, my body at the tipping point.

Suddenly, we heard the jingling of keys then a loud bang on the door.

Oh. My. God.

I jumped as it registered people were on the other side of the door and trying to get in. Pulling out so fast that I didn’t even notice, Jared already had his pants up by the time I turned around. Quick pulling my panties up, I smoothed out my dress and grabbed my purse just as the door swung open.

Grabbing my hand, Jared pulled me towards the doorway as two very stunned waiters stood there with their mouths dropped open. I had no idea how we were going to get out of this. I know we looked guilty or at least I know I did.

“Thank you!! We were stuck in here!! Thank you for finding us!” Jared said loudly, patting one of the men on his back as we walked between them. “She thought it was a restroom..”

Rolling his eyes as he pointed to me.

“Stupid me!” I said with an obviously uncomfortable laugh, “Thank you!”

Never letting my hand go, Jared quickly pulled me down the hallway, nodding to the hostess as we walked out of the restaurant, making our escape. That was a close one, holy shit.

We were about a half of a block down, waiting for the streetlight to change so we could cross when we both glanced at each other. Both of us busted out laughing still shocked we made it out of there like we did.

Jared turned to stand in front of me, “Oh boy..” he laughed as he started to fix my hair, smoothing it down.

“That bad?” I laughed, opening my purse to find my compact then handing my purse to him to hold as I assessed the damage.

Yes, yes it was that bad. My hair was a disheveled mess and sticking up everywhere from when he grabbed it. If there was any suspicion of what we were doing, it was definitely confirmed when the waiters saw me. I really did look freshly fucked.

“Oh my god, Jared!” I giggled trying to tame it down while looking at my flushed face and neck.

The light changed and I continued to fix myself as we walked, his hand resting around the back of my neck directing me so I didn’t misstep. Once across the street I was done as Jared handed my purse back to me. Putting my compact away, I expected him to take my hand again but he didn’t. He left it securely around the back of my neck.

“That was a close one, baby girl.” He said as we waited for another light to change.

“Yes it was…I couldn’t believe it!” I laughed, wrapping my arm around his waist, “I thought for sure they were going to run out after us.”

“Nah, they got better things to do. Besides I’m sure we weren’t the first.”

“Always an adventure with you, isn’t it…”

“You won’t ever be bored, that I can pretty much guarantee, baby.” Jared laughed, pulling me close to kiss my temple as I snuggled into his side feeling happier than I could have ever imagined.