Iconic Samurai - Namika Sato

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Early 30′s

Namika Sato was born to - then subsequently abandoned by - a poor family, and anybody who’d ever met her parents would’ve likely bet that she’d die poor too. Orphaned before the age of 10, she became a government ward of one of the largest cities in the Golden Province - and as was compulsory for all orphans under the care of the state - was obligated to procure an education in law, in ethics, and in government.

Growing up alone bred a strong desire to protect those who would share her fate into the fledgling warrior, and picking fights with bullies became a regular occurrence in her life. Where many might have grown cold, Namika became a beacon for good. This attitude did not go unnoticed - neither did the fact that she won most of the fights she picked - and after her compulsory education ended, she wound up enlisted in a program that taught young men and women the art of war.

She found her calling in wielding a naginata, and riding horseback, and after making a name for herself as one of the strongest warriors in her class, received an invitation to become a member of Lord Onda’s most prestigious soldiers - The Kensei.

At first, Namika took to the work like a duck takes to water, and she found great joy in working among the company of men and women of great honor, and skill. Until one day, her lord issued a command with which she took issue. Lord Onda had trusted in a small company of Kensei - among whom Namika placed - his plans to cement his already considerable power in the senate through subterfuge. She challenged the order - finding it a wholly distasteful use of he personal skill - and then subsequently found herself on the wrong end of the blades of soldiers she once thought of as siblings.

Forced to fight her way to freedom, Lord Onda placed a bounty on her head - a kill on sight order for any and all able bodied men and women in the province - Namika Sato now finds herself in an exile of sorts, dreaming of the day that she may return home to correct her sullied reputation, and take the head of the lord tho dishonored it.

Signature Equipment: Namika fights almost unarmored - wearing only flowing robes which conceal a modest breastplate. She wields a naginata to great effect, and is more than proficient with a longbow - even on horseback. With her she always carries her wakizashi (short blade) - to be seen without a weapon is to be caught unawares by a foe - an act for which she refuses to be known.

Allignment: Lawful Neutral - Namika’s temperament fluctuates - some actions she takes may be deemed unnecessarily brutal to some, or far too lenient to others. Every choice she makes is dictated strongly by her personal moral code, which almost always includes upholding the law.

Preferred Method of Dealing: Diplomacy.

Image comes from the 2008 movie: Ichi - directed by Fumihiko Sori, and starring Haruka Ayase as Ichi.