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blog 12/4 - Gosei gathering

The Goseigers gathered for the first time in a long while! Well, the first of the so-called end of year parties is with these guys (^^)

It’s about the first time the three of us gathered in a year. I can’t even remember the times before that. LOL

Not to mention that it was hurriedly decided the day before that we’d meet up… That’s just like the Goseigers. LOL

I ate chanko with everyone.

It was for the first time in a long time for these two too.

Actually, I worked at a chanko restaurant when I was a high school student (even though I’m so thin) LOL

The miso chanko pot from such a popular shop was extraordinarily delicious!

We drank well, we ate well, we laughed well
There’s nothing else that brings this sort of happiness~

Of course we talked with Mao and Rika-chan too through email and phone calls! Not only that but we went as far as to contact everyones’ parents. LOL
Everyone’s parents were moved more than anyone else that we were having a Goseiger gathering ( ̄▽ ̄) LOL

Although it’s been a long time, it really healed me. It’s these lovely Goseiger meetings that help me from staring too hard at my own things.

Well then, I guess we had a New Year’s party!

Of course we’ll try to plan more!

We are angel.