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What's Saoionyi's opinion of Sato? Are you friends? Maybe besties?

We were friend.


What you did was wrong. Extremely wrong. And then you involved Mahiru-chan and because of you she was killed. And even now you refuse to acknowledge that what you did was far worse than what Kuzuryuu ever did.

So no, I don’t think I can see you as a friend anymore.

I-I’m sorry Hiyoko-chan…I know that because of me…I’m sorry…

new fun and hip au:

Mahiru is able to stop Sato from murdering Natsumi by walking into the music room beforehand. Mahiru literally drags her out of the room before anything bad can happen. She’s so emotional that she’s able to confess to Sato. They both have a good cry and Sato is also able to confess all of her feelings towards Mahiru. Natsumi realizes in this moment that ‘’hey i’ve really hurt them and i need to deal with some internalized issues’’ and has her own good cry with Fuyuhiko (tbh he started tearing up a lil too and broke his record) and Peko. 

This prompts Fuyuhiko to try even harder to properly express his feelings and care towards Peko, and through more tears and a lot of effort, his relationship with her and Peko’s own well-being improves. Fuyuhiko also attempts to become a better big brother, mellows as a person, makes friends with some of his classmates and decides to give up his heirship to Natsumi, because he never really wanted to become the next clan leader anyway and she had the yakuza qualities much stronger than he ever did. Peko is set free from the responsibility of being a hitwoman and is able to slowly become her own person and find value within herself with lots of love and support behind her (she also starts hanging out with Mahiru, Sato and a bunch of other female classmates and they spoil her and it’s precious).  

Sato and Mahiru are loving girlfriends (the cutest ever) and double date with Peko and Fuyuhiko somewhere down the line. Natsumi become a badass clan leader (possibly with an equally badass girlfriend?), yet has learned from her mistakes and has become a somewhat nicer person. There’s no despair and the tragedy never happened. 

Fuyuhiko can reach for his own dreams and learn how to show positive emotion without feeling the burden of family honor and being forced to become an instigator of violence. He never has to depend on his family, or anyone else ever again and is allowed to be sensitive and caring. Peko will never have to kill anyone again and is no longer doomed to exist as a tool. She’s allowed to be as soft and gentle as she wants. Fuyuhiko gives her space, although he’s always there when she needs support and also buys her a puppy.

When they’ve both properly healed and found themselves, they grow a precious relationship of mutual adoration, trust and support. They always make sure the other is 100% comfy in their relationship and date for many years. Their love matures like a fine wine and their bond as individuals and as romantic companions is unbreakable. They’re each other’s best friend, not one totally dependent on the other for worth and protection, but both perfectly bonded together in mutual, healthy affection. They basically become that couple who can show intimacy just by knowing what kind of socks the other prefers and slow dance in the kitchen or some shit. 

Basically, everyone is happy, and it’s all sunshine and rainbows (mostly).

Also, did I mention Sato lives and is forever in love with Mahiru? They hold hands, share pajamas, go on cute dates and Mahiru helps out with Sato’s mental health and everything becomes A-ok. Mahiru travels the world for her photography and Sato is there alongside her. Sato is so, so proud of her. They have albums full of photos of them in different countries being cute. Sato proposes in the world’s romantic way. Their wedding is the most beautiful event known to grace the face of the mortal earth. They live happily ever after. Sato brews coffee for Mahiru every morning and Mahiru makes them breakfast and they cuddle while they have cute bedheads and it’s 👌

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Toshiko Sato?

I’m so sorry for answering this so late! I was on mobile and must have missed the notification ‘:)

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  most of the time with Owen, but often enough I just really want her to have a girlfriend (one that isn’t a murderer would be nice tbh)

friendship them with:  my brotp is Tosh and Ianto. I also think her and Jack are great together :))

general opinions: SO MANY. Tosh is so sweet and strong and BRILLIANT, she deserves the world, and certainly not some of the things she had to go through. She risked everything to save her mother and then was locked away by UNIT because she managed to build something SONIC. She is probably the best person out of everyone on the team, when has she ever done something to willingly hurt someone else? She deserves a lot more respect, appreciation and love than she gets.

I have so many feelings and thoughts about her, I can’t even put them all into words.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you….

From Sato Takeru photobook ‘ALTERNATIVE’

Takeru × Taka Cross Talk<1>


On a calm night, several months after the travel to South Africa, at the counter in a cozy little sushi bar in Tokyo, were Sato Takeru and Taka, the vocal of ONE OK ROCK.

Since Taka was born in April and Sato in March, they are in the same year in school. And they say flatly about each other that ‘He is my boy friend, my girl friend, my closest friend, my husband, and my wife’. This statement shows ‘the closest friend’ is not enough to express their relationship; something is lacking; something is wrong.

One is an actor, the other is a musician. The stage where they perform is different but holding each other in respect, they have shown their problems and inner thoughts frankly to each other.

How is Sato Takeru in the eyes of Taka, who knows Sato Takeru’s real face best? And how does Sato talk about Taka? In what point are they attracted to each other? What differences do they have? What do they feel empathy for? —

The twenty-five-year-olds started drinking and talking face to face, after they toasted with a glass of beer, eating their favorite sushi.


-How long have you known each other?


Sato: OK, then let’s start with our encounter. I came to know ONE OK ROCK from a co-star in a drama. I was scouted when I was in the second grade in senior high school, and made a debut in a mid-night drama in the third grade. And one of my co-stars told me. He was an actor and singer at the same time. He said, ‘In my class in high school, there is a member of a rock group ONE OK ROCK and the vocal of the group is an awesome singer and super hot. Why don’t you try listening to them?’ If I remember right, we were in some fast food shop. We both listened to a song together eating hamburgers, sharing an earphone. The song was ‘Do you know a Christmas?’ (a self-produced indie CD) It begins with Taka’s vocal, and the moment I heard his voice, ‘This guy is terrific! What a good singer!’ I thought. I remember that clearly. And then, I heard that ONE OK ROCK would hold a live concert at the school festival in Taka’s high school and went to see them. It was when I was in the third grade in high school.

Taka: I didn’t know Takeru was there, right?

Sato: Of course. We’d never met each other yet. But the moment I saw the live concert, I thought, ‘Really cool, these guys! What’s this!?’ Not only the songs but their performance was super cool. After that I became a fan of ONE OK ROCK. In those days, Ryota and Toru, the members of OOR, were living in the dormitory of Amuse (a production company), when I myself was getting busy at work and commuting from the dormitory. So I talked to Ryota and Toru, ‘Seriously, OOR, so awesome!’ (watching the documents) Well, OOR made a major debut with ‘内秘心書’ (released on April 25, 2007) , right? I watched its PV and thought, ‘Really cool!’ and started to go to their live concerts and kept going afterwards. So probably, on Taka’s part, he may have realized, ‘A man named Sato Takeru often comes to see us’, but suddenly, things took a mysterious new turn LOL

Taka: As I recall, when we did a live in SHIBUYA-AX, Takeru came to greet us at the back stage for the first time. I was rather shy of strangers, but I was really happy as he said, ‘I like ONE OK ROCK’. And I felt a little excited and said, ‘Thank you. Let’s hang out soon.’ And we exchanged our phone numbers, probably?

Sato: No, we didn’t, no. lol We didn’t at all. We didn’t meet for a while after that. I had a long term I’d been just another fan of OOR. The next single after ‘内秘心書’ was ‘努努-ゆめゆめ-‘ (released on July 25, 2007), and after that, ‘完全感覚Dreamer’ (released on Feb 3, 2010). Probably it was around the time of ‘完全感覚Dreamer’ that we made friends, right?

Taka: Oh, did we? How old were we? In our twenties?

Sato: We were over twenty at least. Well, what I remember is that I was on speaking terms with other members of OOR to some extent, but I never talked to this person at all. His performance was really cool, but I didn’t know what kind of person he was as a human, so I felt kind of distance between us a little. Then one day when I was shopping in Harajuku, I happened to see you.

Taka: What? I don’t remember at all.

Sato: Taka was extremely modest at that time, you know. Since a mutual friend was there, we talked a little and I found him low-profile. After that we came across each other several times but, anyway, it took us a very long time to make friends. lol And finally we got over our shyness and started to talk to each other. Since I’m a fan, I repeatedly said, ‘OOR, seriously terrific!’ and Taka replied, ‘Thank you’. lol

-When did it happen?

Sato: I don’t remember at all.

Taka: Was it when ‘Kamen-Rider Den-O’ started?

Sato: Much later. At the age of twenty, or twenty-one? No, it might be when I was nineteen. Ah, I have no idea. Anyway, we came to eat out together and we ate hot pot saying, ‘Winter makes us lonely, right?’ lol We both got lonely easily, I guess. And then we suddenly started to meet regularly. Was it the chicken hot pot restaurant in Nakameguro?

Taka: Yes, yes. We often went there.

*It may take some time before I post the next part.
 Please be patient m(_ _)m

Tenno no Ryoriban Cast Interview: Ito Hideaki


Impression of Sato Takeru-san

I met him twice before the shooting and I thought he was enthusiastic and a hard worker.
When I met him again after we started shooting, I was surprised that he had improved skills in using knives for cooking very much.
It is said that peeling potatoes is so difficult that it is learned in the graduation process, but as you’ll see several times in the drama, (Sato) Takeru peels it as if he were a professional cook.
I heard that he had been practicing it giving up non-shooting days, so I thought again that he’s really a hard worker.
He is younger than I by around a dozen years, but he inspires me.
He is really a good actor.