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Like usual Chopper wears many hats. From slicer, to gunner, to navigator, to scanner and now infant care. To his credit though he does try and succeed with only his usual gruffness as a cost.

Of course if you ask him he probably thinks HE is the the owner of the Ghost crew and they are all PETS (Except Hera. She’s clearly his mom.)



 I just feel...alone.

The Legend Of Korra - Book 5 :Legacy

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Chapther 04_ Change


 arriving at Reiko’s house, his employee took me straight to the office where the president was talking to the owner of the Iron Industries, a competitor of the Future Industries .

- Mrs. Sato. - Says the men .

-Logan Law … Kind of a long way from home, dont you think? -I dont like him or his sister , Vicky. Not because they are my competitors, but because of the fame that the duo have to play dirty. Logan gives me a crooked smile.

- Asami. Join us. You’re here for your company, right?- Reiko says, rising from his chair.

- Yes sir. In fact, I’ve been thinking about a project for the expansion of the city and ….

-Sorry, little princess, but you’re a little late.- Logan interrupts me with a teasing little smile.

-Asami, I just signed a contract with the Iron Industries. They will start expanding the city early next week. I believe Mr. Law will have no problem working with a mind as bright as yours.-  Reiko straightens her glasses.

-Do not worry, Asami, I’m a good boss.- Logan gives me a crooked smile again

-What do you mean, Reiko?- I asked incredulously. -Are you suggesting I work as Logan’s maid?- I cant believe  this

-Well, Asami, the project belongs to the Law brothers. If you want to join, you will be a partner, but the final word will be from Logan. -I notice the President knows nothing about the Laws. I suppose he only signed a contract for a simple, cheap, quick project. A mirage.

-I’m sorry, President, but I’m not going to work with Logan Law.- i say before walk way out of the office. 

Not too mature on my part, I know. But I was really speechless, Reiko probably must have made a cheap deal with the Laws, and anyone who works in the construction business knows that cheap does not mean insurance.
While I really hope I am wrong and somehow miraculous, the Laws have started to work honestly


-Hey, Asami … There’s not just Republic City. If Reiko wants to work with a mirage, let him do it, after awhile he will see how wrong he has when he sign that contract with Iron industries - Said Korra after hearing the details of my meeting with the president.

- What do you suggest?- I ask.

-We can go to Zaofu, talk to Su, after all, she’s the one fixing up the mess there. I think she might need some help. - she holds my hand - Or you can try a partnership with Varrick on projects in the water tribes. Or even … on the infrastructure of Ba Sing Se. There are countless possibilities. - Says Korra, smiling.

-Yeah … You’re amazing, you know that?- I say touching her face and she smiles again.

-Do not worry, okay?- Korra says, bringing his face close to mine, touching our foreheads. I shake my head positively and force a smile.

-You do not look very well, Asami. What happened? -Says Tenzin approaching. I pull away from Korra awkwardly.

- IT IS…

-It’s okay, Asami. He already know.- Korra takes my hand again and gives a little smirk.

- You know?- I ask confused.

-You girls really  think they’d be able to hide this from me ?“ - Tenzin also gives a little smirk. - Do not worry, Asami, you dont have to worry about that.- He says, putting his hand under my shoulder.

I smile, relieved. I am not surprised that Tenzin supports our relationship, I am surprised that he seems to know of our relationship even before began real existence.

-Asami is in trouble with the company. Reiko has signed a contract to expand the city with a rival company of Asami. - Korra takes control of the conversation by telling him what’s going on. - I suggested to her that we should go to Zaofu and then to Ba Sing Se in the intention of sign some contract

- Is a good idea. And while not as grandiose as the expansion of Republic City, these small contracts will keep the company. And Korra, you can see how things are in Ba Sing If in the midst of all this governmental change of the kingdom of the Earth.

-What do you think, Asami? -Korra asks, staring at me.

-Let’s go to Zaofu and then to Ba Sing Se.-  I answer and everyone smiles.

>> 6 months later<<<


And the more months go by, the more I realize that this is definitely not my place. Six months have passed and so far, nothing has been resolved.

At least things in Zeofu look better. According to Bolin in one of his letters, Korra and Asami are in the city working along with the Beifong family in the maintenance of several points of the city. This, in an attempt to reconcile Kuvira’s mess by using much of the city’s platinum in the construction of the weapon.

As if all my worries were not enough here in the council, the last letter I received from Bolin said that Korra and Asami are a couple. What do you mean, a couple? I know they have come a long way in recent times. They became great friends, but a couple? Bolin also said that the two will be arriving in Ba Sing Se soon. Great! That way I can prove that this story of them dating is just an unfunny joke from my brother.

As for the problems of the city … Much of the resources were diverted to supply and finance the battles and research of Kuvira. As the economic advisor had said, the Earth Kingdom is literally broken.


I arrive at the hotel where Korra is staying and the receptionist accompanies me all smiling to her room. I knew that she would arrive in town in a few days, just as Bolin had warned her in the last letter she had sent. I just did not think I’d be here anytime soon.

-The avatar is in this room, sir,- the receptionist says, withdrawing. I knock on the door.

-Hey, Mako, what a surprise. - Korra says when opening the door - Come in!

-I heard that Avatar was here in the city and I decided to pay a visit.- Korra hugged me smiling.

- Korra, you saw mine …

- ASAMI! I exclaim, surprised to see Asami coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. They look at each other and look at me. Bolin was right. They are together.

-Hey, Mako …- Asami says.

- So it is true? Are you together? - I ask, sounding more outraged than I would like.

-Mako, I know it’s not easy for you, but-”

-Of course it’s not easy for me. - interrupted the girl - You two … This is not natural.

- Natural? - Korra starts looking annoyed - What is natural for you, Mako? Two girls together is not natural, but two girls fighting for the same boy seems super natural to you, is not it? Korra’s words disarmed me instantly. I said bullshit …

- No of course not. I expressed myself poorly …. It is difficult to see my ex …. It’s …. I have to go. I say leaving the room.


- Is there a problem, Mako?- Rubi asks, entering my office. The meeting I had with Korra and Asami hours before did not leave my mind at all. It was all very confusing …

- Mako? - She approaches.

-My two ex-girlfriends are together now. - I say with a transparency that surprises me.

- What ? She sits down on one of the chairs in front of my desk with a curious countenance.

-A couple … My two ex’s are dating …- I say, staring at her.

- Uhm … Damn it!- I kind of understand that …

- You do? - I respond in surprise

- Yes! I had a boyfriend who broke up with me to be with your ex.- She shakes her head.

- Wow, how lucky are we, huh?- She forces a smile. -I dont know what to do. I like Korra and Asami. I want them to be happy, but the idea of ​​the two together … Dont get me wrong, but that does not come into my head. -I say head down.

-Uhm … I think someone’s got their pride hurt. - she laughs and I can not contain a smile - It does not mean that you have prejudice or something, it’s just that your pride took a nice punch in the face. - We laughed.

-Yeah, I think you’re right. - I confirm. My male ego is in coma right now

-You need to remember that first of all, they’re both your friends. I’m not telling you to ‘drool’ 'the relationship of the two, just be friendly.

Friendly … Rubi was right. I have no reason to be rude to them both. I think they will have enough disapproval to face it. I must be friendly, I just need to figure out a way to do it. As I told Korra at Varrick’s wedding, I am and will always be the reinforcement of her. Even though I did not swallow their relationship yet I still needed to be friendly and show that I was there to help my two friends if they needed me.

PS:Mako fans, relax him will not be homophobic. I just believe it must be difficult for him to notice that two ex are together, but soon everything will be fine

Time for a new headcanon. Sometime late in Asami’s life, a statue of her is built in Republic City, in recognition of her endless contributions. It’s built a ways across from the statue of Korra in the park. I’m not exactly sure what direction that statue is facing, but I like the idea that it (the statue of Korra) is facing away from the city, perhaps out on the water. This would mean that the statue of Asami is built out on the water on a little island, or some such, where she’s looking back towards the statue of Korra, but also importantly, back over the city she helped to build and rebuild. Perhaps the statue shows her holding some designs/engineering plans, as she surveys that city and her life’s work. So, we’d have two statues of two women who shaped Republic City, the world, etc., commemorating their legacy.



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