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Like usual Chopper wears many hats. From slicer, to gunner, to navigator, to scanner and now infant care. To his credit though he does try and succeed with only his usual gruffness as a cost.

Of course if you ask him he probably thinks HE is the the owner of the Ghost crew and they are all PETS (Except Hera. She’s clearly his mom.)



 I just feel...alone.

Time for a new headcanon. Sometime late in Asami’s life, a statue of her is built in Republic City, in recognition of her endless contributions. It’s built a ways across from the statue of Korra in the park. I’m not exactly sure what direction that statue is facing, but I like the idea that it (the statue of Korra) is facing away from the city, perhaps out on the water. This would mean that the statue of Asami is built out on the water on a little island, or some such, where she’s looking back towards the statue of Korra, but also importantly, back over the city she helped to build and rebuild. Perhaps the statue shows her holding some designs/engineering plans, as she surveys that city and her life’s work. So, we’d have two statues of two women who shaped Republic City, the world, etc., commemorating their legacy.



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