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I feel like Korra and Asami would never actually fight, like they’d just banter. and anything they’d “fight” about is stupid little things like “Korra Naga can’t sleep in bed she’s bigger than the bed” and “Asami you got grease all over the couch” and that they’d have that like nauseatingly happy relationship

i think a lot of people are afraid of having a real modern day avatar series because who would do anything with computers around but pls consider the following

  • waterbender and earthbender street artists using ink and sculpture art to protest hella classism in a dystopian ba sing se 
  • metalbender teens who work in republic city garages to create hoverboards 
  • zero electric waste thanks to lightning-bending 
  • airbenders and metalbenders working together under sato industries to create flying cars
  • air nomad-fire nation exchange/abroad programs
  • non-bender hacker kids impressing the hell out of their bender friends
  • fire nation kids sending snapchats from ember island to air nomad friends, who answer back with snaps of wherever they’re traveling
  • intense water tribe challenge videos (elaborately pranking elders and friends around the village)
  • air nomad kids shouting “do it for the vine!!” before one of them leaps into a gorge or smth
  • earthbender volunteers helping dig out villages after volcanic disaster in the fire nation
  • a viral video of the latest avatar going penguin sledding and absolutely eating shit, like, a minute in

@waverly-earp sent me: five times Korra was distracted by Asami (also here on ao3)



“Asami?” Korra called out, looking around the warehouse that she’d been pointed to from another Sato Industries employee. “Are you in here?”

It was strangely quiet, she’d expected to hear the whirring of machinery or something. By the look of it Asami was building another plane.

She was nowhere to be seen however. Korra was about to give up when she noticed a light on in the back office. She made her way to it, careful to be quiet and peeked in to see Asami had fallen asleep on the desk. Not even her yells had awaken her which meant that Asami had probably stayed up all night working on something again.

Korra smiled softly at Asami, shaking her head in fondness. “And you say I overwork myself.” She chided lightly. She went to shake Asami lightly to wake her up but her hand stopped partway and instead she found herself lightly running her fingers through Asami’s hair that had pillowed out around her. It was soft to the touch, how Asami got it that way she’d never figured out even though they were dating now.

The waviness of it meant that sometimes the hair would catch on her fingers, sliding through them before dropping back on to the desk. She hadn’t meant to get so caught up in watching the strands so when Asami opened her eyes and quietly said her name Korra jerked back and ran into the wall.

“Korra?” Asami said again, sitting up with a yawn, “What are you doing?”

“Uh, nothing. I’m not doing anything.” Korra darted her eyes to the side, “What are you doing?”

“Um, waking up?” Asami said, bemused, she stood up and walked over to Korra, resting her hand on Korra’s forehead. “You don’t feel hot, you okay though?”

“Oh I’m more than okay.” Korra flashed Asami a grin. “I’m here to take you out for breakfast.”

Asami hummed pleasantly, “Breakfast with the Avatar, I’m honored.”

As Asami took her hand Korra glanced over, watching Asami’s hair flutter behind her with the wind. As such she nearly ran into the doorway.

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BK: In the episode “Reunion,” Asami is seen reading a magazine while waiting for Korra. Originally we made it a fashion magazine, with an ad featuring Ginger wearing a feather boa. We all know Asami likes fashion, and I think we thought the ad would be funny, but when it came time to approve the artwork, I found it vapid. Asami is an industrial magnate–she would have her own ad in the magazine! So I came up with this recruitment ad, using a prop designed by Joseph Aguilar. Angela Song Mueller fleshed out the characters from a sketch I did, and S.L. Lee, PhD, translated the following copy for the ad: “Ladies, Future Industries wants you! Are you interested in an exciting and rewarding career? Come on down to one of our recruitment offices and schedule an interview. We offer expert and entry-level positions. Don’t wait; come and seize your future!” Republic City background design by Christine Bian. Painting by Melissa King. [x]


Day 1/7: “Test me, I am so much more”

(The reason I choose these ladies for this phrase is because, when we first meet them both, we are somehow not that interested in them, thinking they would be just a one-episode character. Still they develop so much from their “cockiness” and by the end of the series we see almost a different person. Both Suki and Asami are strong leaders who will take no shit from no one and will take you down in 3 seconds. So that’s why these 2 gorgeous ladies are here.)