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Control - Chapter Five

Too Far

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Artwork by @juustozzi at the bottom :)

Toshinori’s tail flicked from side to side as Recovery Girl pulled the needle from his inner elbow, pressing and taping a wad of gauze to the red pin-prick. Turning, she returned to her desk and tucked the drawn blood vial into a small travel sleeve.

“Be careful with that,” Recovery Girl advised, handing the vial to Naomasa and nodding as he tucked the vial into his breast pocket, “I doubt All Might wants his blood drawn again any time soon.”

Toshinori snorted and grinned, rubbing the small bandage, “No, thank you.”

Smiling softly, Naomasa gently pat his breast pocket, “I’ll take care of it.”

A small movement by the supply closet caught Toshinori’s attention.

Isamu was up and about, helping reorganize Recovery Girl’s medical supplies. No longer wearing a hospital gown and shorts and aside from the small dark circles still lining his eyes, he moved around with ease in a casual t-shirt and slacks.

He’s in good spirits, Toshinori thought, watching Isamu carefully stack boxes along the back shelf.

“Isamu, dear,” Recovery Girl called out.

Isamu looked up from his stack of latex-free glove boxes, “Yes?”

“I think Detective Tsukauchi is just about ready for you,” Recovery Girl said softly.  

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15th Generation Tweet Regarding to Naanya’s Graduation


なーにゃの卒業公演終わりましたっ! おめでとう〜 可愛いピンクのドレス なーにゃの全部が大好きです\(^o^)/ 素敵な卒業公演でした♪ 『女優』への道頑張ってね!!!! 私もAKBでもっと必要とされる人に なれるように頑張ります 本当におめでとう!!!!!!!!!!

Naanya’s graduation stage has just ended! Congrats~ I really love Naanya in that cute pink dress\(^o^)/ it was such a spectacular stage♪ Good luck on reaching your goal to be an actress!!! I will do my best too in to be someone important in AKB. Congrats!!!!!!


なーにゃの卒業公演に出演させて頂きました。 天使すぎる!( ;  ; ) 4枚目とか姫だもんな いや、こんなカワイイ子見たことないよね。笑 アイドル大和田南那は終わったかもしれませんが次は女優として輝いてるなーにゃが見れますように

I was allowed to make an appearance at Naanya’s graduation stage. She is really like an angel( ;  ; )At second thought I thought she was a princess but when I think about it again, there’s no one as cute as her. lol

This is probably the end for the idol Owada Nana, but I hope she’ll be shining as an actress


南那卒業おめでとう。 明日から約束をしないと南那に会えない事が想像できないです。 どんくらい一緒にいたかな。 2人だけの時のノリがすごく好きです。 これからもよろしく。また長電話しよう。

Nana, congratulations for your graduation. I can’t imagine the days when I can’t make an appointment with you or the days when I can’t meet you (whenever I want). That makes me wonder just how long we’ve been together? I really like the time we spent together. Let’s keep in touch after this. Let’s have a long phone talk again.


同じチームになってから凄く仲良くなって、お姫様のような可愛い笑顔でまわりをパッと明るくしてくれるなーにゃがずっと大好きだよ なーにゃと一緒のチームになれて、同期で出会えて本当に良かった 4年間お疲れ様!卒業おめでとう!!

We became really close since we’ve been put in the same team, I always love Naanya who can cheer her surrounding with her cute and princess-like smile. I’m glad that I’m in the same team and sae generation with Naanya. Thanks for your hard work in this 4 years! Congratulations for your graduation!!



初めてのチームで 不安でいっぱいの時、 






Nana, congratulations for your graduation. 

When I was just promoted to a team and was filled with anxiety

She gently reached me

and that really helped me

A lot of things happened in this 4 years

I’m glad that we are in the same generation

I’m glad that you were part of the 15th gen. Thanks for your hard work.


出会って4年、数え切れないほどの思い出と時間の中で、思い浮かぶのはなーにゃの笑顔ばかり。ずっとずっと大好き。(;_;) 本当におつかれさま、卒業おめでとう。

4 years since we met each other, there are a lot of memories of us but the only thing I can remember is Naanya’s smile. I love you now and ever. (;_;) Thanks for your hard work, congratulations for your graduation.


なーにゃちゃん卒業公演でした。 明日からもうアイドルじゃないなんて全く実感わかないけど、 女優さんのなーにゃちゃんもすごく楽しみ!! これからもずっと大好きです

There was Naanya-chan’s graduation stage. I don;t know how it feels to see Naanya not as an Idol, but I’m looking forward for her to be an actress! I love you forever and ever


なな卒業おめでとう! 💖

この4年間たくさんたくさん一緒に笑ったな〜 😂




Nana, congratulations for your graduation! 💖

We laughed a lot together in this past 4 years~ 😂

I will always love Naanya 😍

Thanks for your hard work in this past 4 yars!

I will always support the actress Nana✨

Control - Chapter One

Starting Line 

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku pinched his lip in thought, nervously twirling his pencil in his other hand. His attention not on his finished quiz lying on his desk but on the classroom door.

All Might…

Four days and Izuku hadn’t been able to visit him once. School work, training, and Aizawa-sensei’s cautionary warning to not bring undue attention to Recovery Girl’s infirmary prevented him.

“All Might needs his rest, and you need to focus on your studies,” the erasing hero stated, keeping Izuku after class on Monday, “All Might will bounce back just fine without students’ hovering.”

Despite Aizawa’s own brand of reassurance, Izuku could not help worrying.

His gaze slid from the door to Bakugou’s back in front of him. Izuku furrowed his brows thoughtfully.

Hands in his pockets, Bakugou leaned back in his seat. His shoulders were stiff, irritation and unspoken frustration boiling under the surface. He knew, of course…

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Tashima Meru G+ / 2016.12.06

Good Evening ☆

Today, I had a rehearsal for FNS Song Festival!

I met Morning Musume。’16-san’s Sato Masaki-chan ❤︎

まーちゃん^ ^

Maachan^ ^
Last time I called her Maachan, and of course this time changeably it was Maachan(o^^o)


During the Summer FNS, We did a Idol Medley
I haven’t seen Maachan in a long time,
I’ve wanted to meet her again since back than…
I’m glad we managed to plan a meeting (♡ˊ艸ˋ)♬


Moreover… I’ve talked to Odachan for the first time(o^^o)
We used “chan” mutually and talked in casual speech, so I felt as if the distance between us got smaller fast(๑´∀`๑)」


We went to Karaoke together(๑・̑◡・̑๑)
The two of them are talented singers, my heart was pounding as we compete(。・ω・。)


We sang Momusu’s songs and passed the mic between us, and sang together.
It felt a little like a miracle *laugh*

あっ。会いたかったも一緒に歌いましたよ( ´艸`)
Aa. I want to meet them and sing again ( ´艸`)

The two of them had work., so even though we only met for a short time It was so fun 💕

I definitely want to meet them again…


Model: Rose, Calyx, Vase

Designed by: Naomiki Sato (rose), Kade Chan (calyx), Lee Armstrong (vase) 

It’s been some time since I made another origami piece, I haven’t been really having a good month in general so it ended up being kind of slow. These roses take quite a bit some time to make, but it ended up helping me keep my mind off things for a little while. 

I usually don’t make a lot of single sheet origami, mainly because I just feel like I can’t make them really well (because I suck at it). But the roses look nice with harmony paper.