satisfactory edits

when I first wrote this essay, I thought it was pretty badly done but consoled myself with the fact that I had to do 4 essays That Day and I did the best I could with the time I had, and besides, we were only doing workshops that day and it was due two weeks later, after spring break, so I could definitely do better on a rewrite with that time!

and here I am, the last day of spring break and the day before it’s due, just starting to edit it

Portal facts

-Judging by what we know of the timeline, Chell is a true 90s kid

-During the scrapped story where multiple personality cores would accompany you throughout the story, you were able to pick them up and throw them around, which would get a reaction. During a later version with Wheatley as the deuteragonist, players could throw him around the same way. However, there were problems, such as the fact that playtesters would lose or drop him, and the fact that it didn’t actually occur to anybody that they could throw him around. This was completely removed and in the final version, the player cannot drop him during most sequences.

-The original co-op storyline would have Atlas and P-body try to find human artifacts, aka looking for objects the humans used in an attempt to make them more human, like mugs, or a comic strip called Dorfeldt

-Which they would bring back to GLaDOS, and all three of them would puzzle over it until she (GLaDOS) made a satisfactory edit

-There’s cut dialogue from this which you can find in the files

-Want You Gone has a cut verse beginning with “When I was a potato”

-Moon rock costs (according to a google search) $50,800 per gram. $70,000,000 worth of moonrock is about 1378 g, or a little more than 3 pounds.

-A sign in the 80s segment of Aperture asks you to not test if you are allergic to lunar sediment and/or starch

-Therefore, we can conclude conversion gel is almost entirely starch, and very ittle lunar sediment