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The stickers finally came. These are gonna end up EVERYWHERE! Loads available PM me if you’re interested in getting your hands on some. #art #artist #stickers #illustration #despicablemay #generalelection #toryscum #jeremycorbyn #theresamay #artoftheday #artivism #stickerbomb #graff #graffiti #revolution #uprising #paint #politics #politicalcartoon #streetart #streetartist #satire #memes #meme

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“They Live” by The Dude Designs

Stephane Charbonnier, Georges Wolinski, Bernard ‘Tignous’ Verlhac and Jean Cabut KILLED because of the drawings they made. Plus the 8 other people that worked with them. (I haven’t found their names… but when I do I will post them as well.) I’m disgusted, outraged, and saddened by the fact that people continue to PAY WITH THEIR LIVES because of the beliefs of others. Freedom of speech is a right, and respect is not a one way street. Anyone who says this was a measured response to posting SATIRICAL CARTOONS, regardless of their subject matter, has a serious and fundamental flaw in their understanding of respect, compassion, and human decency. Je suis Charlie Hebdo.

An hiroglyphic epistle from the Devil to Lord North.

“My D(ear) Ld

(Ewer) Pol——cal Con(duck)t h(ass) (knot) only made a (grate) Noise upon (ear)th (butt) has set (awl) Hell in an upr(oar). T(hare)s hardly a S(tête)(man) in the (plaice), and we have a good (man)y of them, but (looks) upon it (ass) uni(form). The o(pen)ing of (ewer) (last) Budget w(ass) in m(eye) o(pinion) a (masterstroke indeed (witch) (yew) may easily (mask) over with the Old Phrase Pro Bono Publico. No (body) (can) stig(mat)ize (ewer) L——d(ship) as a griping (minister) nor (can) any (1.) say (yew)ve in this Point laid a t(axe) on the Bowels of the Poor. T(hare) are sever(awl) Articles m(eye) L–d in the Way of Eating (witch) might illustrate (ewer) Good Will (toe) the public, the quant(eye)ty of Meat (witch) is Consumed by the Common (people) Is the Occasion of t(hat) scorbutic or Scurvy Di(sword)er (witch) affects the English Constitution. T(hare)(4) an Xcise laid upon flesh of (awl) sorts would (bee) the best (ant)iscorbutic in the Whole Materia Medica and (ass) (ewer) L–d(ship) is (knot) very (car)nally Inclined (Eye) (don)t doubt (butt) (yew) will shortly b(ring) such a (bill) in(toe) Parlia(men)t. (Fish) and .F(owl) (2) my L–d are of a very viscid Nat(ewer) and are apt to enrich the Blood of such (ass) ought (toe) (bee) kept low, a T(axe) on these Sorts of Food Would in (Time) p(rope)rly dilute & thin the Corpore(awl) (deuce)s [juices] and the Common (people) would (knot) t(hen) (bee) (awl) (toe) (gate) (hare) [altogether] so (saw)cy (ass) (toe) oppose the Measures of t(hare) (ministers) and per(suns) in power (awl)so a Smart dut(eye) on Bread (mill)k Sm(awl) Beer, (Water) &c. For wh(eye) should the Vulgar have any Thing (toe) Eat (butt) Grass Without paying Tri(boot).

(Ewer) Constant Friend & Ally


Published in Dublin, June 23th 1779.