satire and parody


Characters will also respond to the player’s gender identification, which includes male, female, and “other.” After choosing one of these options, players can specify if they are cisgender or transgender. 

wow thats some real ass social satire mixed with video game parody, good job South Park! 


The Admin hasn’t been feeling well as of recent, so only two small hauls from Mournhold right now. I really can’t wait to get back to Vvardenfell, everyone in Mournhold is stuffy and suspicious.

From the Argonian Pawnbroker:

1 Scroll of the Fifth Barrier: 156 Septims

3 pieces of Bread: 1 Septim each

Total Savings: 159 Septims!

Then, just across the road at the Mournhold Magic Shop…

1 piles of Fire Salts: 100 Septims

3 Diamonds: 250 Septims each

3 Pearls: 100 Septims each

Total Savings: 1150 Septims!

The total savings from both hauls in all was 1309 Septims!