o quantus tunc illis mentibus ardor concubitus, quae vox saltante libidine, quantus ille meri Veneris per crura madentia torrens! lenonum ancillas posita Saufeia corona provocat et tollit pendentis praemia coxae, ipsa Medullinae fluctum crisantis adorat.

“How great is the eagerness for sex in their minds then, what a voice with the desire for dancing, how abundant a torrent of pure lust runs over their moist thighs! Saufeia, with a reward being offered, challenges the brothel-keeper’s slave girls, and she takes the prize for shaking her ass, then she in turn worships the undulating surges of Medullina.”

Juvenal (c.55 - 127 AD) Satire 6.317-322

Juvenal is describing the celebration of Bona Dea (the Good Goddess), which was a female only ceremony.

Hillary & Donald: Separated at Birth?

The two candidates who love to hate each other are surprisingly alike.

By Chelsea Handler and Susanna Wolff

She’s a diplomatic wonk in a pantsuit; he’s a foul-mouthed billionaire. Could two candidates be more different? Actually, they could. From their age to their millions, their hair color to their home address, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a startling amount in common. And if you think about it, it’s even sorta kinda funny. To guide us through the highly intersecting Hillary-Donald Venn diagram, we invited two of the funniest writers out there: Chelsea Handler, the comedian and host of the Netflix talk show “Chelsea,” and Susanna Wolff, the CollegeHumor editor turned TV writer. Of all the absurdities of this election, what if the real absurdity is that our choice this fall isn’t much of a choice at all?

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Vic Berger and Tim Heidecker’s epic RNC special is terrifying and hilarious (For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/147607693726/vic-bergers-hilarious-edit-of-donald-trump)

When Someone Calls Me A Feminist
  • Me:*sighs*
  • Me:*slams down phone with tumblr open* woW I am so offEnded because I don't want to be treated like garbage I must hate all men and think woman are superior in every single aspect. I'm now going to throw bras at you and talk about how horrible society is to women and how men can't get raped.
  • Person:...
  • Me:brb I'm gonna go collect my period blood while I free bleed because men created tampons so women can rape themselves

It’s official - senior figures in the Democratic Party have been colluding to throw the result of the Presidential Primary from the get-go, because their Wall Street backers are terrified of pro-working-class candidates achieving high office.

I mean, of course, for them It’s Tricky - electoral fraud is hard to pull off. Bernie can’t help it if he has to Walk This Way to publicise socialist ideas! But, you know, as Hillary said to Latino Americans as she voted for the TTP and asset stripped Puerto Rico, It’s Like That.

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