Yes. It’s true. I, a well-known therian, am anti-myself. It’s been hard to come to terms with–but after so many people have continuously pointed out how I “hate mentally ill ppl” and how my FAQ clearly implicates I am anti-otherkin, (most likely due to my stance on respecting artists) I feel it was necessary to make this post. I’m sorry to have let you down, ‘kin community. :’(

An Intro Post, Eh?

Hello, and welcome to “cdnpoli A/V Snark”, a blog dedicated to snarking about and riffing the best and the worst of Canadian politics.

Most posts will be sarcastic responses to political ads and media, hence the “A/V” part. However, it’s safe to say that sometimes, snarky comments about people’s policies and actions will come without anything prompting them in particular. Moreover, sometimes, audio-visual content will be presented without commentary (or even any implicit snark).

This blog serves no real, great purpose. It’s mostly here to keep my main blog’s followers from being inundated with bad humour and lazy jokes about a country and political process they often don’t understand. (I can’t say I blame ‘em all for not understanding – Canadian politics can even be a mystery to me at times.)

So, yeah, that’s about it. Enjoy your stay, eh? :)

(P.S.: By the time this is posted, the writ will have probably been dropped. I hope to bring you bad jokes about that as soon as I can.)

Fence Post Staff Kidnapped By The Onion

The Onion editor who kidnapped us just left to buy some ravioli. We are writing this on an Onion computer, which we will probably not have the chance to use for a long time.

It started when we wrote this article criticizing The Onion, calling them unfunny and exposing the way they stalked the Area Man and publicly revealed his personal information. They attacked our offices, trying to break down our walls and forcibly remove the Area Man from his safe place of refuge.

They failed, that time.

But, just like their namesake vegetable, The Onion insists upon making people cry–especially those who question their monopoly over the world of satirical journalism. They wanted revenge.

This morning, we came into work, unsuspecting–all of us except the intern, who had taken the day off to go to the beach. We were going to get mad, but then we remembered that not only did we not pay her the full value of her labor, we didn’t pay her at all, so who were we to demand that she come in to work today? The chief editor was sipping on a triple-organic wheatgrass tea tree smoothie, while my coworkers diligently designed a new, innovative Pepe and I, while working on a story about Turkey, patiently reminded her that there could be no ethical consumption under capitalism. All in all, it was a pretty typical day.

Then came a knock at the door. It was someone telling us we should vote for them for City Council, since unlike their opponent, only they had won “Employee of the Month” at IHOP in December 2006. Little did we know they were really a reporter from The Onion. They forced their way inside, grabbed the chief editor and her triple-organic smoothie, and signaled for their backup army, who were hiding inside trashcans like the trash their writing is, to flood the premises, blindfold and handcuff us, and throw us into the van. The Area Man was allowed to walk free, but only on condition that they could report on his activities whenever they wanted.

And now we’re trapped here, in a seemingly comfortable office, but without food, water, or the freedom to engage in the noble art of quality journalism. Unless we are freed soon, or the intern decides to carry out this newspaper’s great work in our absence, you’re unlikely to see any reporting from us within the next month.

update: fixed the eyes comment, in my efforts to go ‘radicool’ with the design I accidentally got one feature right lol.

Producers: Look at all the money we’re making with the power of nostalgia and franchise milking!

Um, sir, but what about the generalized misinformation and inaccuracy in a sequel to a movie that had been instrumental in teaching the masses about mammals’ relationship with therapsids in the 90s? W-what about the kids?

Producers: Aaaah fak’em.


The Iran deal as explained by Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, and people who actually know about it

In case you missed it, the White House struck a deal with Iran to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons for the next 10 years. If you’ve been watching cable news, there’s been no shortage of pundits yelling past each other about how awesome or awful it is. But honestly, how many of us can say we truly understand how it works?

Often, when major issues are brought to the American public, marketing people trot out celebrities to scare you into changing your mind on an issue. In this satirical video, movie stars Jack Black, Natasha Lyonne, Farshad Farahat, and Morgan Freeman are here to scare you

What makes this video different is that the celebrities get fact-checked by people with experience.
Trevor Noah on Backlash Against Him; Reminds Us That People Are Continual Works in Progress
Now, it seems as though Trevor Noah is finally starting to get it.

You should not like what you did back then, because that shows that you’ve grown. If you’re still doing it, that’s a scarier place to be. So that’s a great thing for me. When I get a chance to look back and go: ‘I was an idiot.’” –Trevor Noah

anonymous asked:

Some "trans allies" have excused Eminim's transphobic statement about Caitlyn because he always does this. Does that not open the door and create a double standard when we judge others? Because that's who they are,and if they say it's "satire" it must be? 😒 I swear these "allies" some times… I corrected a few and they whined and said they're not allies anymore because I "bullied" them. Wow.

I’m sorry you went through this anon *hugs*. Just to catch everyone up (bc I honestly hadn’t heard about this either):

Eminem does NOT get a pass, he really never should for any of his horrible garbage he calls rap, but especially not here. And I’m really having a hard time identifying what makes this “satire”. He’s not trying to make a useful political statement, he’s just being transphobic & transmisogynistic in the most predictable ways possible. This is bullshit. And any “allies” not willing to listen to actual trans people explain trans issues is no ally at all. I’m sorry my friend!!!