Update for June 27 - July 3

Satirical comic about SPJAirplay. I know there are some mixed opinions about the organization. But this pretty sums the essence of this entire conflict.

Those who wanted discussion vs Those who never wanted any discussion

Millenial Math Textbook

1a) You make $15,201 each year (after taxes). The condom failed last night because abstinence only sex ed didn’t cover the fact you can’t use oil based lube with latex condoms. If the cheapest 2 bedroom apartment in the city is $750/month + $200 utilities and you need to feed your young family for $240/mo, how much is left over to put in your gas tank to actually get to work to make the money in the first place?

1b) So you have $76.75 spending and gas money left each month. When you see this figure, you have a panic attack at work. Luckily, you qualify for Medicaid and can see a therapist (incidentally, your baby gets WIC, which is why your food bill is so low). However, to see a therapist about your panic attacks, you must take a $9/week pay cut to have time while the clinic is open. This would bring your spending/gas money down to $40.75. Also, your girlfriend just started menstruating again after your son was born and is asking you to pick up tampons, and your parents want to know when you’re getting married. Do you go to therapy?

1c) Your girlfriend wants to go back to work. You can get her a job at your company, adding an additional $15,201 to your yearly income. However, childcare costs $11,500/year, and you would lose your medical benefits, which are the only thing keeping you employed since you started having panic attacks. Is it worth it?

Fuck Idioms

Play in traffic - more people to behold your joy.

Don’t look both ways - just get to the other side.

Count your chickens, and your eggs - love them for their uncertainty. 

Live in glass houses - throw rocks.

Speak louder than any action.

Cross that bridge in your mind - before you come to it.

Bite off more than you could possibly chew - wash it down with fruit-juice. from barking up the wrong tree.

Cry over spilt milk - that cow bled white for you.

Make long stories longer - paint a picture with just a single word.

Steal your own thunder - have a taste of your own medicine. Pull the wool over your own eyes.

Jump corners - be the best of just one world.

Burn the midnight oil in broad daylight.

Be a blessing in plain sight - undisguised. 

Fuck Idioms.

Roommate: *looks at blueprints, scenario situations, stacks of bullets, several dates of possible large gatherings of Black people, sticks of dynamics, hate speeches and letters to media, website full of hate speech*

Roommate’s thought: Okay… he’s taking duck hunting a little too serious.

Roommate’s Reaction: Well, he planned it for six months. I didn’t think he’ll like… snap. Come on… it’s not like I had a crystal ball or anything. 

P.S. - This is satire. Sorta.


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