15 Satirical Paintings Perfectly Illustrate The Insanity Of Modern Day Society - TruthTheory
By Luke Miller Truth Theory Russian artist Vladimir Kazak certainly knows how to use the shock factor when it comes to his illustrations. Kazak himself …

Above “We Are All Robots”

“On The Subway”

“A Modern Cemetery”

“The Robot is Dead”


Satiric Drawings by Pawel Kuczynski

Some of the new works by Polish cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski (featured previously) who has been rewarded with more than 100 prizes and distinctions creating thought-provoking illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues through satire.

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When Yankee Doodle went to town a-riding on a pony, he was being a poser. The British wrote the song ‘Yankee Doodle’ to ridicule Americans’ lack of class. The term 'macaroni’ described those sophisticated, worldly, and upper-class people with a stylish sense of fashion, so when that Yankee simpleton (doodle) put some random feather on his hat and called it classy (macaroni), it was just a failed attempt at trying to look cool. Source
Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president
He may lack current first lady Michelle Obama’s upper arm strength, but he makes up for it with a nice head of hair.
By Jenni Avins

Tuesday night (July 26), Bill Clinton, the husband of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to honor his wife’s historic achievement. Bill’s stately-but-approachable appearance and middle-of-the-road fashion choices make him a terrific candidate for the supporting role of first spouse of the United States. (He was also the 42nd president of the United States.)

He may lack current first lady Michelle Obama’s upper arm strength, but he makes up for it with a nice head of hair.

I love that this is a thing. Good job, everybody.

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If Commercials Were Truthful

Okay for fuck’s sake tumblr here, let me help you out.

Parody - A comedic take on something, usually exaggerating aspects of a genre or work, intended primarily for humor, not always well-meaning or from a good place but generally is.

Satire - Similar to a parody but focuses on negative aspects and is meant to point out unsavory or undesirable aspects through exaggeration combined with humor and is somewhat critical. Satire does not mean lecturing the audience or cramming a moral down their throat. Something portraying and exaggerating the negative and undesirable aspects of something is still satire even if it doesn’t shove the point down your throat and even if it has an overall comedic tone.

Deconstruction - Subverts elements of a genre or of a story, usually resulting in a very different story. Darker and edgier if the genre or story is usually light hearted or positive in tone.

Spaceballs is a Parody.

Borat is Satire.

Evangelion is a Deconstruction.