Me: “Let’s talk about bi women today. Bi women are grea…”

Bi men: “no, we need to talk about men right now. We cannot talk about bi women without talking about bi men because that is erasure and not inclusive. Being bi is supposed to be inclusive of all genders so why aren’t you being inclusive of men? We need to talk about men. What about the men? Bi men are so great. They are even better than women I think. Bi men are so great. Reblog this if OP is a biphobic misandrist who forgot to include bi men in their activism. Did you know that bi women are privileged over bi men because they have more media representation and I clearly do not know that fetishization and objectification are not evidence of privilege? The media representation designed to incite violence against bi women is totally making you privileged over bi men (:”

Me: “…great.”

What is derailing?

The Young And The Furry (part 7) Now having won her…”disagreement” with Butternut and retrieved Boris from the pub by his ear, hissing and scratching, Chub-Chub reflects: Chub-Chub: “A good male cat doesn’t just happen. They have to be created by us. They are a lump, like a doughnut. So first you gotta get rid of all the stuff his mom did to him. And then you gotta get rid of all that macho crap they pick up from Tom’s in the alley. Then there’s my personal favorite, the male ego… May I present my doughnut, Boris.” Boris: “This seems right…interesting wallpaper.” Announcer: “Has Chub-Chub finally found true love or is Boris just another cruller in a bakers dozen? And what of Butternut and Dust Bunny? What of Jr? All will be revealed in tomorrow’s dramatic conclusion of The Young …And The Furry”

anonymous asked:

you do realise that the whole blue ivy joke was meant to be offensive, it's literally talked about in the show!!! they picked blue ivy for the because it's a hugely well loved baby and the plot point was that the tweet was supposed to outrage people! it wasnt about race it was about popularity. the joke wouldnt have really been as shocking if they chose Chris Pratt's baby or something, because no one would know who it was. but everyone immediately knows who Blue Ivy is

I am aware of the context but that does not excuse the offensiveness.


I am SICK of the assumption that people offended by material intended to be offensive don’t ‘get it’.

no, we do.

I am allowed to be offended and outraged at a ‘joke’ about a child being molested and the fact that you aren’t say more about you than me, especially since you can’t even own up to your opinions with an account attached.

Das ist der Andreas. Der Andreas stellt gerne Leute auf seiner Facebookseite bloß. Das macht er immer ganz gerne, besonders wenn zuviel Kritik oder Spam auf der Pinnwand seiner startnext-Kampagne aufkommt. Dort kann er nämlich keine Leute blockieren. Das macht der Andreas sonst total gerne! Erst einen Screenshot machen, seinen Anhängern zum Fraß vorwerfen und noch nicht mal die Chance geben sich zu wehren.

Dann nennt er seinen Kritiker auch noch “Dummerchen”. Das ist wirklich nicht nett und irgendwie auch nicht fair und auch überhaupt nicht clever, wenn man es selbst noch nich mal schafft den Namen des Angeprangerten einen Beitrag lang richtig zu schreiben.

Und man sollte anderen auch nicht vorwerfen Facebook nicht richtig bedienen zu können, wenn man da selbst nicht der hellste Stern am Himmel ist (ein Beitrag dazu folgt irgendwann mal von uns).


Satirical Illustrations by Steve Cutts Depict The Harsh Truth About Modern Society

London-based illustrator and animator Steve Cutts composes satirical images, which challenge and critique modern’s society’s capitalistic nature. Often portraying “the rat race” in his work, Cutts composes vibrant, edgy images, which reveal the harsh truth of humanity’s enslavement to money and technology. Sometimes shocking, and other times borderline grotesque, Cutts aim is to expose humanity’s addiction technology and  its unhealthy mental and physical conditions.

What the signs probably have in their smoothies
  • Aries:their ex, toilet paper, grapefruit
  • Taurus:4 year old birthday cake, a bathbomb, bananas
  • Gemini:their best friend, the murder weapon, pineapple
  • Cancer:a cinnamon roll, clouds, hair ties
  • Leo:their ego, Iggy Azalea, strawberries
  • Virgo:yogurt, banana, strawberry, ice
  • Libra:succulents, Donald Trump, misogynists
  • Scorpio:slut shamers, vodka, raspberries
  • Sagittarius:an entire pizza, needles and yarn, Meagan Trainor
  • Capricorn:glitter, satan, ice cream
  • Aquarius:egalitarians, drugs, aliens
  • Pisces:water, salt
The Egalitarian In The Lunchroom (a parable)

The Egalitarian In The Lunchroom (a parable)

Recently, a self-described egalitarian tried to school me on his school of thought, which he thought I’d been unfairly impugning. He described egalitarianism this way: “To use an analogy like you it would be more like one person has a vegetable garden and another person has apple trees. Egalitarians would say give them each a loaf of bread to have a nice lunch.” He summed up what he saw my…

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I will not take you seriously in an argument if you do these things:
  • use “autistic”, “faggot” or “retarded” as an insult
  • use the terms “tumblrina”, “SJW” or “special snowflake” unironically
  • are anti-self diagnosis, make fun of triggers, or think that nonbinary genders are “made-up”
  • >use this format
  • call yourself ”pro-logic” or “anti-bullshit” (because if you do that, you’re probably very much anti-logic and pro-bullshit but also anti-self awareness)
  • ”unpopular opinions” or “I’m everything tumblr hates” (guess what? you’re unpopular because you’re a bigot)
  • think that “corruption in video game journalism” is a real problem
  • ”I don’t care about the dictionary definition of feminism!” *proceeds to quote the dictionary definition of egalitarianism, even though you probably don’t follow the definition*
  • defend bigotry as “freedom of speech” but don’t think that freedom of speech applies to people who disagree with your bigotry
  • “feminazi” (or any reference to the Holocaust)
  • ”replace “cis/straight” with “black/jews/gay/trans”!
  • post outdated memes as a reply instead of a real argument
  • claim that a source is invalid just because it disagrees with you, or claim that an obvious troll blog is real because it would give you proof of “the toxic SJWs”
  • blatantly contradict yourself
  • defend bigotry as “satire” when you don’t even know what satire is