Update for May 16-22

Wasn’t inspired by anything this week, so more general satirical cartoon.

Many times on the net I’ve seen feminists insisting they are THE equal right movement. This took forms like

  • Claiming they are already taking care of male’s problems (often adding that the source off all male’s problems is patriarchy)
  • Claiming the any critique of feminism is attack on idea of equal human rights
  • Similarly to above claiming that any woman not supporting feminism doesn’t want equal human rights
  • Disregarding egalitarianism, MRA, humanists and other gender/equality movements 
  • Ridiculing or attacking people who identify themselves as pro-equal rights but don’t identify themselves as feminists, especially if those not-feminists are women 

The simples way to determine whatever you speak with somebody believing in equal rights is by determining whatever they believe in the equality of supporting equality.

And feminism is not an equal rights movement. It is a women’s rights advocacy movement with branches that also support equal rights, more or less. And it’s all fine, everyone can and should have own representatives defending their rights.

But I truly mean everyone.

Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James

What does it mean for someone to be an asshole? The answer is not obvious, despite the fact that we are often stuck dealing with people for whom there is no better name. We try to avoid them, but assholes are everywhere—at work, at home, on the road, in the public sphere—and we struggle to comprehend why exactly someone should be acting like that.

Asshole management begins with asshole understanding. Finally giving us the concepts to discern why assholes disturb us so, philosopher Aaron James presents a provocative theory of the asshole to explain why such people exist, especially in an age of raging narcissism and unbridled capitalism. We get a better sense of when the asshole is best resisted and best ignored—a better sense of what is, and what is not, worth fighting for.  [book link]

Ten Ways Men Oppress Women with Their Everyday Behavior

Manspreading and manslamming are just the beginning! By now, you may have heard of “manspreading” –when a guy sits with his legs apart on the subway to assert his dominance — and “manslamming” – when a man doesn’t get out of the way of a woman on the street and they run into each other. While these are definitely very important women’s issues, there are still so many more we need to be talking about. Here are ten words for even more ways men are constantly oppressing women:

1. Broplimenting: This is when a guy says something nice to you without asking for your consent first. Men should always ask. “Do you consent to me complimenting you?” before saying anything nice or else it’s assault. No, nonverbal cues don’t count – he still has to ask for explicit consent before offering that kind of affection.

2. Mansulting: This is when a man says something really mean to you. You know, like, the opposite of a broplimenting. Mansults are worse than insults because each one is another brick being added to the fortress of the patriarchy that surrounds you every day no matter how hard you try to fight it with hashtags on Feminist Twitter.

3. Bropen-mouth chewing: When people see man chewing with his mouth open, most think that it’s just him being rude — but that’s just because most people aren’t educated on women’s issues. Social-justice scholars realize that feeling the need to display the crushing and grinding of food is actually a sign of dominance over the lesser being that you are consuming. Especially if it’s meat because eating meat is sexist because women need to show solidarity with animals because that’s how the world sees us anyway (like animals) and we have to be their friends. (I am only interested in dating vegan men who make sure they have chewed and swallowed all of their food before we return to talking about how many microaggressions there are in the restaurant. It’s so rowomantic!)

4. Mentoring: You’ve heard this word before, but unless you’re as educated and culturally aware as I am, you have probably never thought about how sexist it is. Why isn’t it “women-toring,” huh? I’ll tell you why. It’s because we live in a society where people think men are the only ones who can give advice. Seriously, I hate when like my boss or my dad tries to help me out or give me feedback and acts like it’s because he has more experience when really we all know it’s just because he thinks that he is better than me because he is a man and I am a woman. I fight against this by refusing to take advice or direction from men and smearing anyone who tries to offer it in a Jezebel post. I just did this with my boss, actually, and guess what? He fired me! Just more proof of sexism in the workplace.

5. Sleep Manpnea: Men snore because they have to keep imposing their existence on us even while they are asleep. It is of course different from women’s snoring. When a woman snores, it’s because she has been manterrupted all day and needs some way for her voice to be heard. By the way, if a man ever tells you that your snoring bothers him, what he really means is that he is uncomfortable with the idea of women being heard.

6. Mantroduction: If a man introduces you instead of letting you introduce yourself, that’s because he wants to control your identity. If you are out with a guy and he says “This is my girlfriend …,” leave immediately. Sure, he might have just been trying to be respectful, but don’t feel bad for him. That would mean he doesn’t understand his privilege and you don’t want to be with someone that dumb and out of touch anyway.

7. Manspiration: This is when a man tries to inspire you with a story from his own life as if he has any idea what your life is like as a woman. Now, while that’s unacceptable, it’s also past time to recognize that men and women are equal and exactly the same. Sometimes guys say this makes no sense and is contradictory and ask me to explain, but that’s an example of …

8. Manterrogating: This is when a man asks you to explain anything or questions anything you say. This is included but not limited to being asked to explain contradicting lines of thought or provide any actual facts or evidence to support your claims. A real man knows the only acceptable thing to do is to blindly accept anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth rather than to continue gender disparities by manterrogating her.

9. Manpacking: Similar to manspreading, (where men sit with their legs apart on the subway and take up too much room,) this is when men bring large backpacks onto the subway that take up too much room. Before you dare manterrogate me and ask why it’s a gender issue when women can have large bags too, check your privilege and realize that the only reason women have backpacks is for makeup and other items they need to measure up to the standards imposed on her by the patriarchy. If you see a woman with a large backpack taking up space, the only person you should be mad it is yourself for imposing that backpack on her with your unrealistic standards of beauty.

10. Mensoring: This is when men censor their cool partybro bro-time stories around women because they don’t think we can handle anything offensive. Seriously? Treat us the same! It’s not like we’re easily offended or anything! —

Katherine Timpf is a reporter at National Review

omg guys this really happened

Me: *walking down the street*

White male: Hey baby why don’t you suck my dick

Me: Your dick is small

Everyone else within 2 miles: *starts clapping*

White male: o no

Mistakes in MBTI Typing

INTJ - It’s the villain, they’re always so evil and trying to take things for their own benefit!! 
INTP - Oh look, they love science! Pretty clueless too but in a cute way. Also wears glasses and is nerdy. 
INFJ - Ah a psychic hermit mystic who is idealistically dreamy but also a romantic that speaks in metaphors…
INFP - They always want peace and doesn’t like fighting or arguments. 
ISTJ - Boring. No comment 
ISTP - This one isn’t social and doesn’t speak a lot, but a computer science geek. Good at building things. 
ISFJ - I love this person! She’s so beautifully caring and kind and never says anything mean! Perfect~ ^-^ 
ISFP - The quiet, shy person but with a lot of talents and a way with art and words
ENTJ - A natural leader but also have temper tantrums like ESTJ and really rude. Constantly brags about world domination and how everyone must obey them. 
ENTP - Some classclown that talks so fast and really rebellious 
ENFJ - So genuinely nice and warm!!! Just. Really. Wonderful!! This person always understands you and everything!
ENFP - Lol so random! But they’re really hilarious, even though all they talk about are unicorns 
ESTJ - He always have arguments with ESTP and often has a lot of temper tantrums. What a rude dude 
ESTP - Wow they only jumped off the roof yet survived and they want to do it again?! Unfortunately enjoys sex and is notorious for a lot of crime like robberies 
ESFJ - It’s always the mom! Or people who want to act like moms. 
ESFP - The popular kid, obviously! Always in the spotlight, famous, and flirty. But aren’t all of them popular anyway? Therefore all of them ESFPs. 


Have you ever watched a disaster movie and asked yourself, “how does this modern woman facing imminent death in the zombie apocalypse find the time to keep her armpits looking so fresh and hairless?” Perhaps you and your dog have enjoyed a night in with the television on, when you turned to her and asked, “wouldn’t she be more comfortable fighting vampires in yoga pants and a pair of sneakers? Those boots have no arch support!” Or maybe you’ve found yourself screaming in a crowded movie theater, “did the aliens steal all the bras?! Where are all the bras?! Dear Zeus, if you must make these women run for their lives, at least allow them their supportive undergarments!!!”

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or just your everyday life, we know Smart Girls like you are out there saving the world!

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Awarding Charlie Hebdo cartoonists with a major literary award for freedom of speech is not just some niche literary controversy; it’s evidence of Western white culture’s misguided understanding of freedom in relation to denigrating minority cultures. Fear of “censorship” does not give anyone, especially Charlie Hebdo’s old white French male cartoonists and editors, carte blanche to remain culturally ignorant, promote that ignorance in garish cartoons, and then win a damn award for it.

An update for May 9 - 15 period.

Satirical cartoon about latest Femfreq video with hilarious fragment where Anita Sarkeesian talks about questioning mass media, when she is the one mass media incredibly favors.

https://archive.is/1Fa4Y#selection-263.0-263.152 the fragment

Also related, recent news regarding whatever Gamergate is a harassment campaign http://gamer2002.tumblr.com/post/118967718721/gamergate-isnt-a-harassment-campaign-states


Sensational recycled clothing art by Guerra de La Paz

Guerra de la Paz is an artistic collective of two artists of Cuban origin, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Working in Miami, Florida, since 1996, the duo seeks to use innovative and unconventional materials. They are oriented towards the world of textiles recycling clothes through compositions by volume. These “sculptures”, yet very aesthetic, are not provided meaningless and often reinterpret classic works or deliver social or political messages, not hesitating to criticize the consumer society.