Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president
He may lack current first lady Michelle Obama’s upper arm strength, but he makes up for it with a nice head of hair.
By Jenni Avins

Tuesday night (July 26), Bill Clinton, the husband of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to honor his wife’s historic achievement. Bill’s stately-but-approachable appearance and middle-of-the-road fashion choices make him a terrific candidate for the supporting role of first spouse of the United States. (He was also the 42nd president of the United States.)

He may lack current first lady Michelle Obama’s upper arm strength, but he makes up for it with a nice head of hair.

I love that this is a thing. Good job, everybody.

History Wednesday: The First King is...Donald Trump?

I know it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out! 

The First King is shrouded in mystery, but we know part of his ideology involved:

1). building walls to keep out the dangerous outside world,

2). persecuting minority clans like the Asians and Ackermans, and

3). separating classes and not caring for refugees.

…sound familiar?

Now, this isn’t concrete evidence. But you must admit, the resemblance in ideology is uncanny. More uncanny are these photos: 

There’s something about their eyes…

Certain Titans (Reiner’s and Annie’s in particular) resemble their shifters. What if, after building three yuuuuuge walls divide the poor from the rich and keep out those he despised, King Trump commissioned the same scientists behind his hair to transform his enemies into a species even more terrifying: the Titans?Thus the world began to fall, and President Trump hired Mike Pence to remove the memories of the people. But since Pence ignored all but white, genetically consistent people, the memories of the Asians and Ackermans survived. As he led a crusade against the clans, Trump thirsted for a Titan body of his own. He then injected himself with titan serum and became the Titan we see today. 


Ted Cruz’s anti-Trump RNC speech gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment (For more info, visit Joe.My.God.; For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/140352320611/ted-cruz-gets-the-bad-lip-reading-treatment-and)



Quintessentially Victorian periodical Punch, the illustrated ‘London Charivari’ of political satire and middle-class humour, celebrates this week its 150th anniversary, first published on 17 July 1841!

Here are a few choice examples from Punch issues of the 19th-cen, some great as art, others as comedy, and others as artefacts of a historical world we can best imagine through small windows such as these:

  1. ‘A Passion for Astronomy’ [Dec. 1, 1866]
  2. John Bull on the potential for French invasion (poodles vs. English bulldogs) [Nov. 12, 1859)
  3. ‘On the Trail’ + accompanying verse [Feb. 24, 1883]
  4. ‘Extremes That Met’ [March 14, 1874] – and read my full article on middle-aged and aging women in 19th-century fiction HERE, hosted by the FWSA-UK!
  5. ‘Interconjugal Whispers’ [Feb. 25, 1882]
  6. ‘Popping the question’ – from my selection of Punch puns and one-liners from April Fools Days across the years [here, the week of, pub. March 25, 1865]!
  7. ‘The Height of Impropriety’ [Aug. 8, 1891]
  8. #MuchVictorian (racist, imperialist) punny jokes, ‘Easy French Translations’ [Feb. 21, 1863]
  9. ‘Punch’s Advice to Ladies’ in re crinolines near fireplaces [Feb. 21, 1863]

See many, many more in my #Punch tag on this blog, and browse the whole of the c19 Punch collection through any of these resource pages [1, 2, 3]!