The 12 step process

Step 1: run for president
Step 2: say whatever the hell you want to garner free air time
Step 3: make up cute names for the people running against you
Step 5: use adversarial government to gain an edge
Step 6: get elected
Step 7: learn that being the president isn’t as easy as you thought
Step 8: golf
Step 9: disown your kids for revealing that you used an adversarial government to gain an edge
Step 10: tweet your frustrations about FAKE NEWS
Step 11: consider pardoning yourself
Step 12: America is now great again


Another reason to love Blaine Gibson.

“If politics were an episode of a daily-soap:”

“Martin wants Angela’s job no matter what, but she’s still pulling all the strings. What they both don’t know: The mysterious Russian Vladimir has a dangerous plan. Meanwhile Donald is scheming and fires his colleague James. Emmanuel has other problems: He’s in love with a much older woman. Will it work? And what is evil Beatrix planning next?”
The FCC is Investigating Stephen Colbert for His Hilarious Trump Takedown

Unless you live in a tree (and really, who could blame you now?), you know that earlier this week, Stephen Colbert eviscerated Trump in part of his “Late Show” monologue.

Trump supporters, who insist WE’RE “snowflakes”, flooded CBS with complaints. Because Colbert is on the public airwaves and not, say, basic cable, the FCC has opened an investigation and is promising to take action should Colbert’s bit meet the SCOTUS threshold for “obscenity”.

SO much has transpired this week–the Comey hearing, the Russian hack of French moderate Macron, the horrifying anti-LGBTQ Executive Order Trump signed yesterday–it’s hard to know where to focus.

It’s not that the FCC investigation is more important than the other stories; it’s that its implications are deceptively vast.

By any reasonable standard, Colbert’s words fall under protected free speech, even on public airwaves. Let’s note that the target, Trump, is a self-confessed multiple sexual assailant, is under active FBI criminal investigation for colluding with Russia, and recently settled a $25 million lawsuit for fraud.

He’s ripe for satire. He’s a fair target. And, ostensibly, he’s the POTUS.

As such, there’s no fucking way Colbert’s words merit an FCC investigation.

The outcome has far-reaching implications for satire and, as such, free speech, under this administration.

Pay close attention and, if you can afford it, become an ACLU member if you’re not already. Or donate when you can.

As a friend of mine who’s a political scientist likes to say, “Totalitarianism always starts with words.”