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Trans women *are* female. They need feminism which fights against the sex-based oppression of females. As victims of sex-selective abortion, fgm, child marriage, abortion restrictions, lack of access to birth control, increased maternal mortality rates, etc. trans women need feminism to center their needs as females as much as afabs of any other gender identity. Trans women need feminism more than anyone. It's stupid to form a political movement for afabs instead of anyone who uses she/her.

I agree completely anon. Thank you for such an eloquently put statement

( I understand that this is sarcasm and my reply is also supposed to be sarcastic in case anyone couldn’t tell. Trans women don’t face sex based misogyny but they still experience both sexism and transphobia in case y'all were wondering)

The Duenna: from the Royal Collection at Windsor, published December 31 1838: a wonderful John Doyle political cartoon with Lord Melbourne depicted as a type of Spanish governess (in drag of course) standing between a pissy-looking Victoria and John George Lambton, First Earl of Durham, who is serenading Victoria outside her window. 

According to Wikipedia, Lambton’s decision as Governor General of British North America, with regard to the Lower Canada Rebellion prisoners, “encountered stiff opposition at Westminster, and he lost the support of the Prime Minister, Melbourne, whereupon he published his repudiation and resignation 9 October 1838 and set sail for London on 1 November.”

Soooo it looks like Lambton was trying to win himself back into favor with the Queen and Melbourne wasn’t having any of it!


Seriously, I would like to play this game!