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when this blog began back in March of 2014, nothing was expected from it. ironically, this blog was the manifestation of a post (that post is here) from earlier that month and this blog was created to share some laughs among some bored friends

a couple of these friends reblogged some of the posts on the blog and the blog suddenly went viral, with a bunch of people asking “when are you going to make more?”

so what is this blog?

looking back -and i didnt necessarily plan this - the blog had three distinct stages

  1. relatable humor blog (problems 1-120)
  2. nuanced perspectives of life from straight white boys (121-350)
  3. humor/character driven, non-linear story development (351-1000)

i had no idea what the hell i was doing through the first two stages. sometime during the second stage, I asked myself, “hmm…this blog focuses on teenage masculinity…how do other people see teenage masculinity and how do I, literally, show that one can become better?” the answer to this is the product that you see today. i wanted to develop a humorized abstract of masculinity through the eyes of a straight white boy instead of continuing to callously satirize white boys. so the product you see today is a result of that. i wanted to keep this blog as ambiguous as i could and I wanted other people to form their own opinions of this blog so, as good artists do, i didn’t say anything. 

the ask above was the last ask that I saw in my inbox this afternoon and i have seen this ask probably over 500 times over the history of the blog. so to answer the question….the answer is both. the blog is supposed to be like this in order to invoke a sense of levity, but also to create a reality that is true for some straight white dudes, and in my opinion, it is what made the blog unique. 

why even do this?

I have been on tumblr since 2012. I have seen a lot of shit. from francieum, the club penguin blogs, badgoku14, and the sandsverse blogs - I wanted to bring something different to tumblr - i wanted to poke fun at straight white boys, but i wanted to be entirely realistic and spot on as well. There’s a reason why there isn’t a “Gay Black Girl Problems” and that’s because not many people can relate to what a gay, black girl goes through day in and day out. Straight White Boys are everywhere, and for that reason, many people can, at the least, relate to being in the presence of a straight white boy, and if i could do that with clever, realistic humor and didn’t demonize white dudes, i knew that the community would be better off for it. additionally, there are few, pure content creators on this site anymore. I know a lot of people use this site as an escape and look for humor to cheer them up, so I thought that I could give back and help people when this site helped me laugh when I was feeling down

who are you?

the wait will be over very very soon

therealracetrackhiggins  asked:

Okok so your post about how u can tell when a smutty fic where one character is a trans guy, is written by a cishet writer, really reminded me of how annoyed i get when cishet writers really badly write queer/trans characters facing homo/transphobia. Like reactions to a character coming out are painfully stereotyped and trope-y?

cishet person writing a trans character:

The giant plot-device creature approached the heroes. TransBoi stood, and rushed towards it in an attempt to save the nearby citizens from impending doom. Alas, despite his years of Hero Experience, he didn’t stand a chance against the enormous creature. It roared, flinging TransBoi’s small body across the city block with one firm backhanded slap. TransBoi slammed into a brick wall, instantly crumpling to the ground in pain.

“NO!!” shouted Cis Love Interest, fearing the worst for TransBoi. With one final strike, Cis Love Interest slays the creature in a fit of rage. He begins to make his way over to TransBoi, who is bleeding very badly.

“Are you okay?” asks Cis Love Interest, cradling TransBoi in his big, beefy arms. “Let me remove your clothes– I have to treat your wounds.”

TransBoi stares up at his beautiful beefcake with a look of horror. “No, you can’t–” he begins to protest, but it is Too Late. Cis Love Interest has already begin to remove TransBoi’s shirt, revealing the ace bandages covering his delicate transgender chest.

Cis Love Interest gasps, alarmed.

TransBoi begins to cry. “I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you this, but I am… I am not a Real Boy. I am transgendered…. you must hate me now. After all, who could ever love a Freak like me, born in a Girl Body? I’m disgusting.”

Cis Love Interest shakes his head. “I’m disappointed in you, TransBoi. Ace bandages, really? You should know better.”

TransBoi blinks his massive doe eyes. “W-what? You mean… you aren’t completely revolted by my existence?”

Cis Love Interest chuckles and shakes his head. He begins stroking TransBoi’s dainty face with his big meaty yaoi claw. “No, TransBoi. I love you, no matter what parts you have. And because I am a Good Cis Ally™, I know what a binder is and I want to buy you one.”

TransBoi is shocked. Even though he’s been transgendered for so long, it never occured to him that he could wear something other than ace bandages. He smiles, slowly. He is so grateful that Cis Love Interest accepts him. Overcome with joy, he kisses Cis Love Interest passionately, on the lips, using tongue, sexily.

“I love you too, Cis Love Interest” whispers TransBoi.

And everyone clapped.

micaxiii  asked:

can you recommend any ZaDR fics?

OKAY, NOT GONNA LIE, I’VE BEEN MAKING A LIST??? CAUSE WOW <3 I’ve been reading them a lot lately and I HIGHLY recommend:

Dig Your Own Grave and Bury The Hatchet

This one is my fuckin favorite. I believe it was the second one I REALLY got invested in?? But I LOVE how they portray Zim and Dib and how the chemistry happens and I… IM SO SAD IT WON’T UPDATE FOR A LONG WHILE OTL It’s written so well and the satirical shit both boys throw at one another is amazing?? By far my favorite v/w/v I want everyone to read it //cries. And here’s some other nice ones!

Polaris - This one took me a bit to get into but it got interesting as the story moved along, especially when shit starts goin down. I do like the slow ass burn to the eventual ZADR and the other characters are pretty interesting :> I finished it within like…2 days cause I’m a trash bag hungry for more. 

Challenge - NSFW, an AU where Dib’s a sex worker and Zim is actually a great Invader with actual bros. I really??? Like sex worker AUs???? I made one with fuckin Usopp/Sanji back in my One Piece phase, BUT THIS ONE!! I loved how beautifully written it was. It was my first ZADR fic that like set me off on this journey to read more. I really relate to Zim in this one like…goddamn. 

Here and Now - Just finished this one and I… I gotta say I liked the angle this one went with (As you can see this is the writer for Challenge) and I’m. Fucking. Alive. lol, I love the direction for Zim’s character, particularly in one of the chapters when he discovers something, sort of a revelation and it’s just… Goddamn. I also love the chapters where they text to one another v/w/v <3 It’s a really sweet one!

Goodbye to a World - A VERY interesting one I also finished today! I’m captivated by what the fuck is gonna happen next cause damn does the shit hit the fan in this one. Very great for the writer’s FIRST FIC <3 I enjoyed ;w; Also has some art in there too v/w/v 


That’s what I’ve read so far ;w; I’m currently looking for more to read and I can update this as I go along ;> I’m so excited, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve gotten so into a series I’ve actively searched for fics to read as well. It’s ..intense. My otp is so strong rn. 

whispers semi-passive-aggressively into the guzma tag……

all you artists are all great and talented and i appreciate all your contributions and i usually always reblog them but are some of you (or tbh? half of you) not aware ya boi is not actually pasty white?? bc no he is not. he is at least half native alolan :^) pls see his mother and official artwork

Soulja Boy Gets Paid Handsomely To Embarrass Himself

Soulja Boy was paid $50K by a Japanese printing company to promote the imitation money industry.

“We fuck with Soulja cause we know he gonna make people believe we got problems,” a person close to rapper Lil Yachty admits.

“We gave him 5 stacks and an eightball and he was making videos about coming to kill Yachty in 2 hours. He’s a professional.”

Sources close to Soulja Boy says that while the “Crank Dat” rapper hasn’t seen a music check since “Malia Obama thought weed was only a contraction,” he’s earned a “respectable” income from fledgling rappers and businesses that pay him to promote them through ridiculous social media stunts.

“It’s sort of like reverse marketing,” says one source. “Like when he lied about buying the house…if he had said it was a nice house blah, blah, no one would care. But people went the extra mile to look at the listing on AirBNB to prove him wrong. Now it has 12 potential buyers.”

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anonymous asked:

what is the book that youre reading?

its called “The Love Interest” by Cale Dietrich

its such a cool story. its about this camp for male teens who are trained to become the perfect “love interest”. the boys trained there make girls fall in love with them so they can get informations etc. and this book follows a boy whos chosen to win over this one girls heart. but hes not the only one whos trying to win her heart. the organization chose two boys, the Nice and the Bad Boy. and now the girl has to decide if she wants the good or the bad boy. but the twist is … the boys start developing feelings for each other

New Rapper Mulls Which Gang To Be Extorted By

Bompton OG C Me extols the benefits of a Blood gang platinum package, including a complimentary Draco

“Alright Cuz, like I said. We offer a combinissive package.”

“Do you mean comprehensive?”

“Yeah you know what I mean. Anyway, get up with me.”

Compton OG Lee-Locc daps up rapper Handspring Crank and leaves his rented condo.

It’s the Georgia native’s first trip to Los Angeles, which as a gangster rapper, means one thing: choosing which gang to be extorted by.

“I like what they had to say. They’re offering on demand security, a couple visits to the hood per month, and a photo op with Tookie’s nephew,” Crank says while peering through the thick pamphlet’s blue pages.

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