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Happy Star Wars Day! Here’s a sketch of a Jedi!Finn costume based on this outfit of John’s, which literally made me gasp aloud because all that drapey swishy fabric just screams Jedi!

I’m in a film costume history class right now, so I got really excited thinking about all the materials and whatnot. The leather sleeve is of course from the mangled Dameron jacket, and maybe the belts are salvaged from that material too. The drapey grey over-piece would be more of a soft, woven, matte fabric. The inside would be kind of satiny and dark, but would seem understated and subtle until it catches light in a really pretty blue violet. Also, I gave him some form of shoes that aren’t boots since I imagine the poor guy is tired of wearing them by this point, lmao.

Dean was a shameless little bitch and he knew Sam loved it.

Sam, the respectable lawyer he had been dating for two weeks now, after they ran into each other in a coffee shop.

“Dean-o, you’re up next.” Crowley grinned at him, and Dean just winked back, checked his image in the mirror one more time – his lips were exceptionally pink without anything on them, the black button down he was wearing was way too tight, and his black panties were satiny and left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

“Yeah, I’m ready”, he gave back and Crowley gave the sign to Michael, and a second later Dean could hear the first chores of Warrant’s Cherry Pie. Smirking confidently he walked out on stage, all the way until he was standing in front of the screaming female audience, one hand over his crotch, thrusting forward, looking at them as if he’d like to fuck each and every single one of them, winked before turning back, going to his knees, and then lying down on stage, hips grinding against the stage, lips snarling.

Then he crawled over the stage, opening his shirt while doing so, turning his back to the audience, allowing two of the ladies to tug his shirt off. They were cheering and throwing money at him by now, Dean blew them a kiss before he looked at a short haired, curvy lady and wriggled his finger to make her move closer. He grabbed her hair and moved his crotch as if she was sucking him off, and she went along, moving in sync, until he pulled away.

For his finale Dean made the way back to the centre of the stage, touching himself as much as was legally allowed, raking his nails over his abs, grabbing his own ass before tearing the panties off so the only thing he was wearing was an equally black G-string. The girls were squealing and screeching, desperately trying to reach him to push money into his barely existing underwear.

Dean smiled smugly. He collected his money and left the stage after his song was over.

Dean was a shameless little bitch and he knew Sam loved it.

Sam, the respectable lawyer he had been seeing (fucking) for two weeks now, after they ran into each other in a coffee shop.

Sam showed up when Dean’s shift was over. He was talking to a group of girls that had seen him dance earlier, and they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. At least until Sam walked up, broad-shouldered, 6’4 tall and jaw line sharp enough to cut. Dressed in a perfectly tailored suit with tie he just didn’t seem to fit in here. They looked at him as if they weren’t sure what to do, because Sam didn’t seem to see them, his kaleidoscope eyes were fixed on Dean.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit tomorrow.”

Dean blushed furiously. The girls almost jumped back, glancing back and forth between Sam and Dean, suddenly not sure what they wanted more: Touch Dean or be touched by Sam, but the look he was giving them was enough to make them disappear into thin air.

If Dean hadn’t been so focused on Sam he might have wondered where they went.

“Car, now”, Sam commanded. Dean nodded obediently and followed him. Sam was such a respectable man it turned him on beyond measure. He was also possessive as fuck and dominant enough to satisfy a part of Dean he had to keep hidden most of the time.

When he sat down in Sam’s Mercedes he smiled over at him.

“How was the trial, honey?”

“I won, darling”, Sam gave back, and leaned over to kiss Dean. “I hate it when these girls look at you like that.”

But Dean grinned only, knowing Sam didn’t really hate it.

“No, you don’t.”

“Well, I’m expecting my own dance once we’re at my place.” Sam looked over at him, eyes sparkling.

“Oh, I’m gonna make it good for you. But that won’t be cheap.”

“Don’t worry about money, boy”, Sam gave back, and Dean shivered, he would never get enough of being his boy toy.

Because Dean was a shameless little bitch and he knew Sam loved it.

Pink Silk

Tina Goldstein doesn’t do sexy, that’s Queenie’s thing. No one is going to convince her otherwise.
Some Goldgraves I cooked up in about a day. Please excuse any mistakes, this is unbeta’d. 

Tina Goldstein doesn’t do sexy. That’s Queenie’s thing; Tina does practical, sensible. Her pants and skirts are long enough to come to her ankle and her blouses mask rather than flaunt her small breasts and soft tummy. Queenie tells her she’s hiding with her clothes, her face crumpling into a little frown that breaks Tina’s heart. But she can’t do sexy like Queenie can. So yeah, Tina is hiding, but it’s because she can’t pull off the fabrics and the cuts or force things to sit on her body the way they do on Queenie’s. Tina has accepted that.

So she wonders to herself how the hell Queenie convinced her to do this.
The satiny little number staring back at her in the mirror is merely sleep ware, apparently. It’s a pale pink, silky and cool to the touch. The top is nothing but a pair of straps so thin Tina will probably snap them and a bodice that barely covers her nipples. It ends just below her navel. The bottoms aren’t much better, hugging everywhere and they’re so short Tina is sure her butt is falling out of them. 

She looks ridiculous. You can see how small her tits are, can see the slight paunch she bares. It’s humiliating. Biting her lip, Tina fights away the tears, telling herself she’ll just send them back, that Queenie just wanted to help. That its her own fault she looks so stupid.
She’s so caught up she doesn’t hear the footsteps or the door as it creaks open.

Tina jerks with a shriek, whipping around and covers her chest with her hands, the colour in her cheeks becoming a blush and a tear falling when she blinks. Percival stands in the doorway to their bedroom, all muted colours and shadow in the dim light, his dark eyes roving over her. He sees the tear fall, and immediately that little crease forms as his brows crinkle.
“Darling, what’s the matter?”

He’s in shirtsleeves and trousers, feet bare and hair tousled. The top buttons are undone on his shirt, revealing the line of his collarbones and the muscling of his pectorals. Tina would find herself staring if she wasn’t so embarrassed. Percival strides forward and catches her wrist in one gentle hand, calloused fingers resting against her pulse point. He isn’t much taller than her, but he ducks his head to look into her eyes.
“Tina? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

She shakes her head, doesn’t trust herself to speak as she pulls away and begins to strip off the pyjamas.
Percival’s voice is soft, almost sad, “What are you doing?”
“T-taking them off… I look ridiculous.”

His breath catches, and out of the corner of her eye she can see the pained expression flickering across his face. Slowly, Percival reaches out, stilling the hand that is yanking down the ridiculously thin strap.
“Tina, you look stunning.”

Tina starts, looking up at him and worrying her lip. Percival’s eyes are earnest, and there’s an agony in them Tina only sees when she feels poorly about herself. Percival shuffles closer and Tina lets him draw her in, pressing her nose to his neck. He smells like his aftershave and a heady scent that is all Percival, dark and rich and musky. When Tina nuzzles her face into the side of his throat, Percival chuckles. The sound rumbled through her, followed closely by the vibrations of his words.
“You’re beautiful, sweetheart. So beautiful.”

Warm hands wrap around her back, his arms locking and body beginning to rock side to side ever so slightly.
It reminds her of that time long, long ago when she was nothing but a trainee, wet behind the ears and as green as grass. They’d been on a case involving a little girl, Chief Auror Graves and junior Auror Tina Goldstein. Tina doesn’t think of it much, tries not to remember what the kid had looked like in the end when they’d rushed her to the hospital. All Tina remembers is that the little girl died, and she had wept. And steely, stern Percival Graves had taken her into his arms, wrapped them around her and locked her in, rocking her back and forth as she sobbed.

Tina doesn’t sob now, but Percival rocks her back and forth all the same, humming some ancient lullaby she only knows snippets of.
They stand there, rocking back and forth for what feels like a long time. They stand there until Tina has gathered enough courage to stand on her own again. Wiping away the tears, she tries to offer him a smile. Percival gives her one in return, sad but genuine. Then he gestures to her clothes,
“Do you still want to take them off?”

Tina glances at the mirror; the fact that every little insecurity and flaw stares back at her is almost enough to crack the tentative measure of control she’d just wrestled back. Tears are welling up again, and then she sees Percival. He’s gazing at her with such longing and adoration.
Percival’s hands twitch at his sides, like he aches to touch. To hide it, he runs his right through his hair again and stuffs the other deep into his pocket. A lock of dark hair falls into his eyes for a moment, before he runs his hand through his hair again. Some little flame of affection lights itself in her belly, burning brightly as if in revenge for being snuffed by misery.

Does she still want to take off the pyjamas?

In the back of her head, Tina remembers Queenie’s giggle, the way she’d whispered in her ear when she first pulled out the wretched things.
He’ll love it, Teenie.
Tina glances in the mirror, frowns and bites her lip, and then shrugs her shoulders.
Percival’s grin is blinding. He pulls her in again and twirls her around so quickly her hair fans out and the room spins. Tina shrieks, laughing, as they waltz towards the bed, lips locking.
Later, when the fabric is laying crinkled and forgotten on the floor and Tina is in Percival’s arms, she’ll think to herself that maybe she can do this whole sexy thing. All she has to do is believe she is. 

lunchmonkey64  asked:

Hasbro's pre-release publicity shots always make transformers look so sturdy and glossy/satiny. Mine do not look that good. Do they oil them up like bodybuilders, or what?

Various reasons! For a little over a decade, from Energon to halfway through Combiner Wars, they would use airbrushed/photoshopped/touched-up images of the toys, to give them a shinier look, though untouched photos made using production samples of the figures also existed and would often be used online. One my favourite examples of the “dishonesty” of this is this Universe redeco of Vector Prime - airbrushed on the left, untouched official pic on the right:

*brown noise*

Today, the images used toys’ packaging, which are usually the earliest official promo images released online, are actually CG renders of the toys, rather than photographs of the finished product. But again, official stock images do exist that get used online. Compare Titans Return Galvatron:

Another common occurrence in publicity shots in the past, which is something that today we tend to only see when toys are in-person at Toy Fair, for example, is that the figure could be a painted prototype, rather that one cast in coloured plastic. As such, the all-over coat of paint can make the figure look much more glossy than it will be in its finished state.

Sneak Peek - Alex/Maggie Actually Talk During Their Prom

So I need to pass out because I have shit to do tomorrow, but here is a sneak peek of my fic that is basically the scene of Alex and Maggie actually communicating that should have existed. I’ll finish it tomorrow and post it. Enjoy.

Alex had never understood why people liked this - slow dancing had always seemed to awkward, to close to another sweaty body, swaying to slow and creating a tense silence conversation wasn’t allowed to break.

But this. This was different.

Throughout the song - Alex was definitely going to have to download it later - their bodies had slowly drifted closer together, as if a string had pulled tight around them. With her forehead leaning against Maggie’s, Alex could feel every inch of the other woman’s body pressed against hers, feel the satiny texture of the beautiful tux, feel Maggie’s fingertips resting lightly on her back.

Here, now, time didn’t exist. They were in a world all their own and Alex never wanted the moment of peace to end.

But end it did. The song came to a close and Maggie stepped back, her fingers coming to rest on Alex’s hips. “I have some more songs prepared, but how about we have a drink first?”

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The Signs As Literal Supernatural Quotes
  • Aries: "I think you pissed off my sandwich."
  • Taurus: "What kind of house doesn't have salt?! Low sodium freaks!"
  • Gemini: "She made us try on her panties. They were pink. And satiny. And you know what? We kind of liked it."
  • Cancer: "I would love to have the sex with you."
  • Leo: "Dude, on my car. He showed up naked.. Covered in bees!"
  • Virgo: "I'll interrogate the cat."
  • Libra: " No, God's not on any flatbread."
  • Scorpio: "Cas! Get out of my ass!"
  • Sagittarius: "I like to think it's because of my perky nipples."
  • Capricorn: "Fight the fairies! You fight those fairies!"
  • Aquarius: "And on Tuesdays, we're teddy bear doctors."
  • Pisces: "Gay love can peirce through the veil and save the day."

Very Unusual Elbaite - Otjimbingwe Farm 104, Karibib District, Erongo Region, Namibia

While the coloration and form start off ‘normal’ enough with medium pink tint and equally normal, elongated prisms, the situation changes radically at the terminations where the normal pink abruptly ceases and weird black terminal zones with fuzzy, brush-like textures appear. There are actual hair-like prisms at the tips of the various crystals. Luster is glassy on the pink and satiny, fuzzy on the black.

Okay, so people wear those satiny bomber jackets indoors as part of an outfit all the time now

I don’t think it would even be odd to see someone take off a heavy winter coat to reveal one underneath, and then wear that thinner jacket as part of an indoor outfit

It seems to serve a similar function as a blazer or a cardigan

Can this also be true for similar jackets, like a pleather or leather bomber jacket or some other lightweight, fashionable jacket? Because I love lil jackets and want to get more mileage out of them, and i feel like they pull together an outfit so much better than nearly any sweater can – but i always feel like wearing a jacket indoors in place of a sweater (or under a coat) looks affected and silly 


A noble mother sits upon a fine leather chair, cradling her only young child to her breast. The antique Victorian chair is placed purposely by the dwindling fire; the marigold flames send a tired glow over the arm of the rustic seating; the light highlighting the depth of the buttons which recede into its back. It was a fine space that is filled with austerity and intellect, but for today that was not its purpose.

The mother strokes her babe’s hair softly, a satiny, gentle hum of a rhyme from a memory escapes her rouge lips. Huh, what a strange occurrence to happen – a high nobility family who felt more than greed. But we’re not here to judge but merely observe; to observe a particular conversation between this noble mother and her noble heir…

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Satin Conditioning

I had no idea what my wife was up to. We have been married for almost 10 years, over which I suppose, like a lot of couples, our sex life had slipped quite a bit. So when she put on satin sheets on our bed, I assumed she was trying to kick it up a notch and rekindle the romance. The first night on the slippery satin sheets, as I began to kiss her neck and try to get on top of her, she gently but firmly pushed me off of her and said, “We never really talk anymore, let’s just talk for a while OK.” Being completely naked as she insisted I Be, from the first day I married Her, I found that the satin sheets really felt nice against my bare skin. As We Talked my wife gathered up the folds of the satiny top sheet and began to slowly and lightly slide the slippery layer back and forth over my penis and balls, moving slowly up to my stomach and chest, setting a slow deliberate pace of pure teasing. I wasn’t complaining, when she suddenly switched her demeanor and began asking me questions, questions which she hadn’t ever asked me before, such as, Had I ever Cheated on Her, Did I Ever Think about Cheating. All the while, she gently kept up the slow deliberate pace of the silky sheets sliding over my involuntarily extending penis and stomach. She asked me if I knew what a Female Led Relationship was, If I knew what Femdom was and if I would be willing to Submit to her Sexually and Totally if it meant a lifetime of Unending Sexual Bliss and Increased Desire. One thing for sure was that she was constantly whispering & encouraging me to just relax. I wasn’t sure where she was going with all of this. She had been doing this now for a solid 20 minutes as she questioned me, and strangely, as sexually excited I was becoming, because of the slow pace of her light stroking, I was actually getting quite relaxed. I found that it was also getting hard to think, as I found myself answering All of her strange sexual questions truthfully, as “no, I’d never cheated” “yes I’ve thought of it, finding other women naturally attractive”. As much as I didn’t want to tell her that, because of her eternal satin sheet stroking, I felt Compelled, as If I couldn’t Resist. Every time I answered one of her questions, she would tell me to relax but then quicken the pace just a bit, and tell me” Good Boy”… As quickly as she sped up the pace, she would slow it back down again, resuming the light, slow velvety teasing of the satin sheet over my now rigid erection. I was getting light headed, as this was going on for an hour or more, that she was keeping this stimulation up, and even though I was absolutely Rock Hard under the sheet, I was somehow strangely becoming quite sleepy, between the stimulation and all of her questions. Rhythmically She continued the silken teasing, ever so slowly, ever so lightly… Finally telling me what a “Good Boy” I had been, answering all of her questions, and that now, since I was so obviously relaxed, I should close my eyes and focus more on the feeling, of the palm of her hand, sliding up and down, up and down, and let myself sink deeper into the satin covered bed. I found myself becoming more and more relaxed, it was more and more difficult to concentrate and think of anything else besides her satin covered hand on my Hyper-Sensitive Raging Joystick, and the soft satin feeling of the sheets underneath my body. What I didn’t realize, as she had begun doing this to me, in what I had thought would surely lead to intercourse sex, was slowly and surely, I was carefully & deliberately being hypnotized by the sound of her voice as she encouraged me to relax. I found her words were becoming harder and harder to focus on, as I helplessly slipped down under her feminine spell, into a trance. My mind was now swimming in alpha waves as she began to weave her magic into my vulnerable subconscious, telling me over and over, how I “Loved” being put into this state by her, and how I would now associate satin, with obeying her words, and how the feeling of satin on my stomach and chest would always unconsciously slip me into this trance, this state of hypnosis, And how when she caressed my erection with the satin, I would be unable to resist her questions and would feel compelled to always answer her truthfully. As her words and her will penetrated into the deep recesses of my mind, she leaned over into her nightstand and took out a pair of her satin panties from her drawer and a small atomizer. She sprayed her satiny panties with a lavender perfume. Taking her perfumed panties, she placed it directly over my face, totally covering my nose and mouth and instructed me to continue breathing in and out just like before. The Smell of her ambrosial pussy, mixed with the intoxicating lavender perfume immediately filled my nostrils and the deepest recesses of my mind. She told me that this smell of lavender or the smell of her vagina, would immediately begin to take me down, deeply under her spell, instantaneously, and that all she would have to do, would be to spray her lavender mist into the air and I would helplessly fall, just as deeply into hypnosis as she had me now. She told me that I also wouldn’t remember any of this when I woke Up.

The next morning when I awoke, things were pretty much as they usually were, we had breakfast, coffee and both went off to work as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred the night before. In fact, my memories of what actually transpired the previous night were to say the least very hazy. To me, I felt satisfied as we had a normal night of sex (when in fact, nothing had happened). That evening, we both spoke of our day, again just the normal routine of a long married couple. As we headed for bed, I undressed and slid in between the satin sheets. It slowly occurred to me how good the satiny sheets felt against my bare skin, but for some reason I just put that out of my mind as I saw my wife exit the bathroom and walk towards the bed. She was wearing a long peach colored, satin, floor length satin nightgown and her perky breasts where quite obviously aroused. This struck me as very unusual as well, for a fleeting moment, as my wife had always been a flannel pj’s kind of girl. However in one fluid motion, She slipped on top of the bed covers and slowly pulled down the sheet that covered me. As her eyes scanned slowly up and down, Looking at my naked body for what seemed like an extended period of time, she began to smile and told me what a great body I had and that I had quite a package too. Then crawling right over top of me, her silky nightgown caressing my body as she did so, She kissed me in a way that was oh so sexy. Laying down next to me on the bed, she then took a handful from the hem of her satin nightgown and began gently rubbing my stomach, chest and nipples with it as she continued gently kissing me. I couldn’t help but to close my eyes, her affection felt so nice. Rather immediately my mind went blank and I felt as if I’d been hit by a tranquilizer dart and couldn’t move. Sensuously she began to speak of how nice it was to have me next to her, able to relax so deeply, so completely… As she continued her soft barely recognizable hypnotic incantations, suggestions and whispers, she gathered more fabric of her satin gown and began to now slowly stroke my extremely happy cock into the slippery, satiny folds of her velvety gown. And very much like the previous night her interrogation and gentle questioning began. “Have I ever had submissive fantasies”… “Have I ever fantasized about her being with another woman?” “Have I ever cross dressed”. Her questions came slow but deliberately, always followed by a unhurried caress, of her satin kindnesses to my Joystick and balls followed by a “Good Boy”. After I Guess about an hour of questioning, again like the previous night, she reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out the same aromatized panties that she had used the night before (and worn again that day) which she then sprayed again with lavender and placed over my face, covering my nose and mouth; with a simple instruction from her “breathe in deeply and sleep” It was the last thing I remembered. The next several evenings of going to bed, turned out to be exactly the same, the evenings were filled with my wife’s kisses, strangely relaxing affections and hypnotic interrogations, while the day’s normal routine progressed as if nothing was amiss, Except now my wife began to dress differently, during the day. It seemed like she had a different color NEW satin blouse for every day of the week and alternated between wearing a suit, always with a satin blouse, or a satin skirt with one of her silken blouses. One of the commonalties of all of her blouses, were they were all long sleeved, but, the sleeves were very billowy and she wore them all low cut, so the gorgeous cleavage of her breasts could be clearly seen. Another strange thing was how I was beginning to feel, when I saw her dressed in this way. I had this peculiar and overwhelming feeling of wanting to please her in any way that I could, as if a light switch had been thrown. Seeing a glimpse of her breasts in her sexy satin blouse, I felt like I would do anything for her, and I wanted to pamper her with everything before she uttered a word of desire. However, she didn’t seem to notice this attentiveness and surprisingly didn’t take advantage of the condition - just seeing her in her satin blouse would put me in. And did I mention how seeing her around the house in her satin blouse, would rather quickly result in a massive throbbing Hard-On in my pants while I cossetted her. I hadn’t felt this way since I was a teenager! (Little did I know, And for some reason it never dawned on me, that in all of this time, I hadn’t cum in days).


As The Days and Weeks passed, the same nightly hypnosis routine went on at bedtime, and I found out I had more energy than at any time before. Obviously I was getting incredibly restful, rejuvenating sleep each and every night, and My Wife was to thank for that. As I Verbally expressed my gratitude daily for her incomprehensible assistance with my sleep hygiene she slowly began to ask me to do more and more things around the house, things that I’d never really done before. I always was the type of husband that would hold up my end of keeping things neat and clean, she had primarily been the one who did things like cleaning, laundry, dishes and such. She was now expressing a desire, that I sweep and mop the floor before I left for work, or request “sweetie, could you just empty the dryer and fold whatever is inside.” Of course I wanted to please her in any possible way that I could, She was my Princess. Her tone slowly changed as the days passed, until she really wasn’t asking me anymore, it was more as if she were expecting me to do all these things and more. Any thoughts I very rarely had about being disagreeable or over-burdened, were quickly eliminated from my mind, as she seductively caressed the satiny sleeve of her blouse against the side of my face and neck, as she advantageously asked me again to do whatever she wanted. To say that this simple but effective affection immediately put out of my mind, any thoughts of objecting, would be an understatement because I would obediently and immediately do whatever task she instructed.

Occasionally, During the course of the day however, concerning thoughts would intermittently enter my mind. Deep down, I knew my wife was subjugating and programming me. It had been only about three months since she first placed the satin sheets on our bed and had begun what I knew was her subliminal conditioning of me. She was Absolutely “Training” Me, I knew this….why didn’t I mind? That’s the question that continued to trouble me. I was being selfishly manipulated by her glorious intoxicating femininity, and for some reason I didn’t mind. Eventually I would have to talk with her about this. I decided that as soon as I got home tonight, before I would let her seductive feminine whiles get to me, I would make her explain herself, “Why” she was skillfully and quite successfully doing this. I felt like the first time in a month, my head had cleared from the silken satin fog that my wife had sensuously infused deep into my easily exploitable mind.

“I told you, that our plan would work,” said Barbara. She was our neighbor of the past 3 years. Diane, my wife and her, had become Best Friends since her arrival in our neighborhood. Barbara was attired in a long black satin gown. My wife was sitting next to her on the couch. Both Ladies were totally absorbed watching the plasma TV on the wall in front of them, which was showing videos of our Private Hypnosis  Conditioning Sessions. I was in total unbelief. Thankfully they didn’t see me yet, so I hid behind them at the corner by the kitchen. Barbara then laughed mischievously, “This shows just how easy it is for a sexual fetish to be instilled deep into a man’s mind. See, He succumbed to the satin, just as I knew he would. “It was helpful that whenever he bought you gifts over the years, they tended to be satin nightgowns Hmmm? Without telling you, and after of all these years of you not figuring it out, he has always had a satin fetish”

Barbara had found seducing Diane was quite easy, She was such a sexual & sensual woman. As with a lot of women she met for the first time, she could always tell which ones had bisexual interests or curiosities. It wasn’t long into their burgeoning relationship that they began to formulate a plot for how to deal with me, Diane’s husband of 10 years. They both decided that divorcing me wouldn’t be the right option, financially speaking and in total honesty, My wife still loved me. She had just come to realize with Barbara’s help, that sexually, I wasn’t enough for her. I had politically & morally conservative ideals, I would never go for a polygamous relationship which included Barbara. Hence, the two Ladies had concocted their plan. Diane would very discreetly begin hypnotizing her vulnerable pussy whipped husband, taking him further and further down a road of submission & subjugation to the point that he would do Anything just to continue being wrapped, enveloped and seduced into her hypnotic silken web. Then she would introduce Barbara as her Lover, who would then Also easily assume control over the helpless husband. Once I was fully ensnared & subjugated by these 2 satin women, I would never again be able to resist whatever their will and desires would be.

Barbara, although not a professionally trained psychologist or a formal hypnotist, had developed an interest for hypnosis at a very early age. She remembered seeing an old Sherlock Holmes black and white movie as a child in whom the feminine villainous, Hypnotized Sherlock Holmes who became obedient and pliable. Those images were indelibly imprinted in her young impressionable mind. Barbara said she would practice school yard hypnosis on the boys and girls, and found with a lot of practice she became quite good at it. She could almost put anyone under a trance, given the right circumstance and enough time, often without them even knowing what she was doing. Through high school & on into college aside from the boys she would influence with hypnosis, there were plenty of male professors & teachers that would fall under her irresistible femininity. It was with her first serious college relationship with a boyfriend who had a fetish for nylons and high heels, which she uncovered during one of her sessions of putting him deep under her spell. She began to do research on the subject of fetishes, discovering that for the most part, a fetish was purely a male phenomenon. It usually began & was developed as part of boys early childhood development, which associated whatever the object was, with a state of sexual arousal. This was a Breakthrough for Her. Barbara easily put 2 and 2 together and determined that boys were self hypnotizing themselves every single time. The fetish object made an appearance in their lives & further deepened & imbedded into their brains the associations with arousal. As in my case, satin was my unconscious fetish of choice, or really, not my choice. At some point in my early childhood, she was sure, a sister, aunt or even my mother had a long satin nightgown that had unintentionally started my fetish. As all fetishes that men have, it would be a compulsion, an addiction that nobody could break & be easily exploitable.

If a woman could figure out what their guys fetish was, Then they could Truly “Rule” Them. If women would just listen to what their men told them. If a man said “leather gloves turn him on” he probably doesn’t mean they turn him on a little, it probably means that he would do ANYTHING if his Goddess wore them & that his Helpless State of Arousal as a result of those gloves would be enormous. With many men Barbara explained, the fetish is stronger than most woman ever realize. Of course no woman wants to hear or believe this. But if it isn’t acknowledged, the man lives in a secret world of leather gloves and internet porn that involve leather gloves, and the woman lives in an oblivious state that her man isn’t fantasizing about her and other women without leather gloves on.

As the two Ladies watched the video of the my hypnotic sessions, they decided that tonight would be the right night where Barbara’s involvement would be “Introduced”. Little did they know, I was coming up with thoughts of my own for the evening. I would confront Diane about what she was up to, sexually manipulating and hypnotizing me the way that she had. Barbara and my wife were setting the stage for the final round of their satin conditioning plan that they’d put into effect. The satin sheets had already been cleaned, ironed, placed on the bed and sprayed with lavender. They were both attired in shimmering satin evening wear just waiting for me to arrive home later that evening. My wifes nightgown was a gold satin concoction that she knew was one of my favorites. The satin of this gown was pure liquid satin, she noticed when she wrapped the folds of this particular gown around my cock; the effects of which were immediate and I was a “Goner” she told Barbara. Their Satin Evening Wear Shimmered and Shone in the sunlight as they both excitedly discussed their devious preparations. Both women had concealed into their robe pockets, a pair of frequently worn - aromatic panties and a small bottle of the lavender perfume. The plan was that Barbara would stay hidden in the bathroom until I had been fully put under My wife’s Hypnotic Spell. Diane knew, the moment I came upstairs & saw her in her gorgeous feminine gown, I would soon helplessly fall under her Total Control, from all of the post hypnotic suggestions that she had Fully Anchored into my Mind Over the Past Few Months. My wife needed to be Fully Prepared she said, revealing that I had called earlier and sounded as if I had somehow been able to pull myself a bit out of her hypnotized subjugated, seductive state. She said that I wanted to talk about what had been happening in our relationship for the past few months. Very carefully & cautiously I backtracked my way out the house the way I had come in. I had two hours before I was expected home, And I Needed a couple of Cocktails to Relax & Collect my Thoughts, So Off to the Local Bar I Went.


As I entered the house I made sure to close the door firmly & loudly, I was the Man of the House. When My wife heard the front door shut, called out to me. “Up here sweetie, in the bedroom”.

“Diane, we need to have a talk” I said, as I moved up the stairs towards the bedroom. The whole house smelled of lavender. I entered the bedroom and saw my wife standing there. She was bathed in light as the sun was setting and streaming through the bedroom window, reflecting on every satiny fold of her sexy gown. I averted my eyes, knowing that if I took her All in (What Gorgeous Breasts), Something Would Happen & I wouldn’t be able to confront her with what had been going on. I knew, if I even looked at her, the world would fade away, as it had every other night over the past few months. I had to figure this out, before it was Too Late. Diane, I know you’ve been mentally manipulating me. I feel like I’m being trained like a circus animal and I can’t let this continue!” She spoke softly, “Darling, of course we can talk, come over here and sit down, I’ve wanted to explain Something to you for a long time now” As she spoke, she gestured towards the bed by lifting the hem of her gown and sweeping it dramatically as if she had a wing of satin. As much as I had tried not to look at her or her breasts in that gown, this caught my full attention, she was So Beautiful. I strangely felt a slight shift of my attitude. It was like when the dentist first turns on the nitrous, you still feel the same, but there is a sudden shift towards relaxation. Slowly I walked towards her & I couldn’t help noticing the stronger smell of her intoxicating perfume, Lavender. As I approached, she smiled & gave me an embrace, slipping the satin hem of her nightie, under my shirt as she held her large firm breasts against me. All of Her previous psychological conditioning HELD. As soon as I felt her satin caress against my back & then my belly, as she pulled my shirt off of me, I knew that any resistance would be futile. My body trembled with sheer delight as her silky nipples danced across my chest with a satiny caress. Somehow instantly my pants & undies were down around my ankles, and I was being instructed to step out of them. The next thing I knew Diane was guiding me down, onto the bed. She spoke as she continued the satiny assault on my senses, “Sweetheart, All of your questions will be Answered, but first you need to Relax. You know you want to Relax, So just let go !!! Close your eyes & just listen to the relaxing sound of my voice. That’s Right, Take a little hypnotic nap my Darling as we finalize your subliminal conditioning my Love, Clear Your Mind.” We? Had I heard her right? With what little sensibility remained in my alpha wave drowning mind, I stuttered.

“What do you mean WE?  But I already Knew the answer to this of course.

Barbara then quietly & strategically then entered the room as my wife invited her in, But there was nothing that I could do. Barbara slowly sat on the bed on the other side of us. She was ready with her pantie in one hand and the lavender perfume in the other. “By WE, she means Us” Barbara Clarified in Soothingly. I unconsciously tried to sit up, but between the panties being held firmly over my nose & the satin caresses from my wife on my Oh So Needy Erection, I was paralyzed, unable to think or even move. Barbara was now upon me, holding her lavender infused panties firmly onto my nose while Both her and my wife encouraged me to Breath Deeply and Relax. “Don’t Barbara’s Panties smell wonderful my wife inquired. “Breath and Sleep” Barbara whispered in an assertive voice. It was the last thing I remembered as All lights and consciousness went out. Barbara then said to my wife, “You’ve been a wonderful student, better than I could have ever imagined, but now, it’s time for the professional to finish your husband off. “ Barbara then invited my wife to get naked, as she began caressing my cock and balls, with just her fingertip, as my wife watched. Very lightly, very rhythmically she explained as she Teased my Desperate Throbbing Hardness. Barbara then warned “See You must be very careful, the way he is breathing through my gym panties, his sexual arousal is much greater. You need to be very carefully there are no accidents, Don’t Allow Him Orgasm.” Stroke – Edge – Deny – Repeat!!!

Barbara then commented that I was still on the edge of consciousness but Totally & Deeply Hypnotized. “Well, Studmuffin….you wanted to find out what’s been going on, now you are going to. There isn’t anything you can do about it anyways, but we would like you to know what has and will KEEP going on. As your wife and I chat, you are going to find yourself getting more and more relaxed, sinking deeper into the satin velvety feel of the bed. You have been such a Good Boy these past few months as your wife has been weaving the web of her feminine spell deep into your Psyche. You’ve shared such wonderful information about yourself and it has been quite helpful in capturing you under Our Spell, and I say “Our Spell”, Because I have been instructing your beautiful, Intelligent wife how to properly weave this spell of sexuality over you. The recorded videos she’s secretly taken over these past months have been truly instrumental & your conditioning has been custom tailored to all of the wonderful answers you’ve honestly given us. First you should know that your wife and I have been Lovers for quite a while now. It is nothing you could have avoided, we are perfect for each other & have no plans of stopping. In fact, you are now in the current state you are in, because your wife couldn’t bear to Leave or Divorce you & I Now See Why Big Boy. So we’ve decided to make you our submissive, subjugated Sex Slave. Deep in my mind I heard these words and felt a sense of panic…. I struggled to shake the satin cobwebs from my vulnerable, receptive brain; the lavender scent on Barbara’s panties had begun to wear off. Deep in my mind I felt like I had to run, to escape whatever these two sadistic vixens, had planned for me. Barbara astutely saw the changes as they spilled over me. She laughed mercilessly, why do Guys always try to struggle when they know escaping from a Hypnosis This Deep is Impossible. Barbara picked up the pace of her Teasing Fingertip Ministrations to my Sensitive, Bursting Hard Joystick. This resulted in a Long Deep moan escaping from my lips. Barbara began again, “that’s it try to struggle, try to resist. It is good that you do this now, even if it only shows you that you won’t be able to resist or escape our Hypnotic Spell over you.”

Suddenly Barbara was liberally applying some sort of aromatic Lavender Oil all around my Desperate Erection, while Instructing my wife to Mount My Face. As a savored my wife’s aromatic intoxicating flavor as I was instructed, Barbara explained that the oil she had applied to my Manhood was Actually a “Male” Desensitizing Oil.

As Barbara reaffirmed to me, Just How Much I cherished and craved the flavor of my wife’s vagina, She told me that I just couldn’t get Enough & she instructed me to lick faster & with more Desire. It was my Duty to Give my wife Glorious Orgasms in this Way. Strangely I found that My wife tasted better than she ever had before & within moments she was filling my mouth with incredibly yummy orgasmic juices. After a brief rest Barbara told my wife that she wanted to be eaten to a Blissful Orgasm while feeling, Imprisoning and Subjugating my Seven Inches Inside of Her. It was as if I was dreaming, Barbara commanded me “Not To Cum” as she quickly mounted my Raging Joystick, which she had just cleaned off with a warm washrag & my wife crawled Up between our Open, Spread Legs. The next thing I knew, I was Slipping inside Barbara’s Tight, Wet, Velvety Paradise. Out of my mind in Utter Ecstasy, Barbara Again reminded me of how much I Wanted to obey her Commands, And Not Explode Inside of Her. As I Throbbed & Pulsated in her Unbelievably Divine Womanhood (Balls Deep) My wife licked, nursed and suckled her Lover to a Powerful Orgasm. As her Vaginal Muscles Rhythmically Contracted & Released in Juicy Hot Wet Spasms Around my “Captive” Hyper-Sensitive Manhood, I found that I was both Unable to Move & Unable to Climax. Barbara’s Orgasm Lasted for an Eternity, but Finally it Subsided. My Wife Surprisingly commented on what an incredible view she had, between our legs & that ”Only” my Balls were Visible. Then Licking Barbara’s Juices off my balls she Kissed my balls & eagerly stated that she wanted to trade places. I Lost track of “Time” as Barbara and my wife traded places with each other throughout the evening. During the next few hours while they nursed on and pleasured each other, I Learned and Fundamentally Accepted that Ladies Were Designed and Created to Orgasm Freely and Frequently (Multiple Orgasms), While Males Should Never be Allowed to “Waste” Precious Energy, Passion & Desire in Orgasmic Eruption. Male Orgasms Are to be Harnessed – Managed – Denied - Subjugated, Thus Perpetually Increasing the Healthy Natural Male Libido & Desire. A Win-Win Barbara Said, for Both the Male and Female…

Barbara and My Wife Successfully, Psychologically Programmed Me Over The Next Few Months To Be:

Always Ready …

Always Willing …

Always Pleasing …

Always Attentive …

Always Obedient …

Always Subservient …

Always Hungry & Desiring …

Always Happy & Contented to Be Under Their “Total” Feminine Control …