okay so i guess this is gonna get pretty long?? im not here to yell, im just gonna try and reason with you. 

i guess i’ll start with: you love chris right?? and you love darren?? so no matter what, you want them to be happy right?? im both really big fans of them personally, and who they’re dating doesnt matter to me. they’re their own people and they can decide who they want to be with. now, im not denying the fact that if chris and darren /were/ dating (they arent) that it wouldnt be hot. because of course it would, and i’d support their relationship. but the thing is, that can’t happen, because darren isn’t gay, so it’s not possible for him to reciprocate feelings (if chris had any towards him) ((he doesnt)). i think as their fans, you should respect whoever they’re dating and support their relationship, because they’re happy, which should make you happy, right?? darren has mentioned many times that he is straight, and chris has admitted to meeting darren’s girlfriend and darren even once said (faintly) “this is my girlfriend mia”. i don’t think chris/will or mia/darren are pr is because of this reason: pr pretty much means, the relationship comes out of absolutely nowhere and is shoved in everyone’s faces. both sides of the couple constantly announce how in love they are, and tell everyone that they’re dating. thats how pr works. but with chris/will and mia/darren thats not the case is it?? personally i feel bad for both chris and darren, because if they were to say they’re dating someone all the time to prove that crisscolfer isnt real, then people would say, “oh then its pr”, but if they dont say anything at all then people think the relationship isnt real. so either way they’re trapped. the reason they arent in any interviews together (besides the one from early on) and are reluctant to take pictures together is exactly because of the fandom. they are definitely aware of the fantasies made up in fans’ heads that they’re dating, and im sure it makes them both uncomfortable. it is so unbelievably disrespectful to hate on their personal relationships and call it fake. because you can’t say you’re a fan of them individually, and then turn around and call them liars and fakes and make up silly theories in your head. i understand that you love klaine, and its nice to think that it may be real in real life as well, but it isn’t. and it won’t ever be, because like i said, darren is straight. if you’re going to sit here and call him a liar and continue to not respect him (and chris) then i don’t think you should call yourself a fan anymore.

second part. i saw that you said mia and darren look miserable in every picture together. i don’t think this makes much sense, because they look perfectly happy to me. im sure it may look like that to you when you’re so convinced that chris and darren are in a relationship, but thats not the way it is. if im not being too forceful, could you look at these pictures of them?? take a look at my perspective of things, and tell me if they still look miserable to you.,,,,, 

third part. this one is about chris/will. this one isn’t as easily proved as mia/darren. i do believe we have more proof of it being real then we have of chris/darren being real. there’s a huge chance that it is, and i think this one is much more important that you respect. chris has been really lonely for so long, and so this to me means a lot to him. will is bringing him out of his shell, and chris is actually being more open with us. :) i think that’s really important, since normally chris is so unwilling to talk about relationships. i think they look amazingly happy in their pictures together, so at this point, i wouldn’t focus on how unappealing they look as a couple, but instead on how chris feels about finally being happy with someone.

fourth part. when referring to chris and darren’s relationships, i don’t think you should call it “shipping”. it is merely just supporting their relationship and enjoying them as a couple. if you ship real life people the way you do fictional characters, then that’s really bad. they’re real people with real emotions, they exist, they have feelings. so please don’t say “chill shippers” or “miarren shippers”, i’d much prefer if you would call us “chill fans” or “miarren fans”. this way it is much more respectful to both chris and darren.

last part, i promise. im not trying to “convert” you or change your opinions, im just begging you to be more respectful towards them and feel happy for them, that they have someone in their life for them. you don’t have to support their relationships, but you do have to support their happiness in order to be fans of them. but don’t go making up theories either. crisscolfer is just as ridiculous as the idea of quinn and rachel being in love to me. it’s purely based on fiction, which is highly disrespectful. im sorry i talked so much, you are free to respond with your exact opinions on everything, i won’t be offended, i promise. :) thanks for listening.

(by the way, my name is sarah too!)

Yes I love Chris and yes I love Darren. And yes, I want them to be happy. And I also don‘t think that Darren is gay, because he said he doesn‘t like labels, so I won‘t label him. And even if he would still label himself as straight, it is still possible to fall for the same gender even if you‘re the straightest person around. You can‘t decide things like that, just by calling yourself something, all you can do is deny it. So it is possible for him to reciprocate feelings for Chris.
And yes, I call myself a fan. And I respect both and I respect their privacy and their relationships. But right now, no relationship is confirmed. Not between Chris and Darren not between Chris and Will not between Darren and Mia. I will never stop shipping CrissColfer but if one of those relationships will be confirmed, I will respect it.
I can‘t recall that Darren ever said so, when did that happen?
That is a way PR works, yes. But honestly like I said in the other post, Will came out of nowhere and he and Mia are shoved in our faces. They‘re pretty much everywhere. I think the only reason they don‘t ‘confirm’ any relationships, is because a celebrity like Darren is more attractive for his fans, if he‘s unattached. I think they don‘t want to risk the loss of fans.
And I can‘t speak for the whole fandom, but I for one would respect and believe Darren or Chris if they confirmed their relationship with Mia or Will.
First of all, remind me again where I hated on one of those relationships. And second, as I said before they‘re not confirmed. They‘re just as real as CrissColfer. Also if PR really spies on our tag, they would notice how suspicious that whole 'no interviews or pictures’ thing makes the situation. 
Klaine and CrissColfer are two different stories. I know very well that they‘re not the same. I know that Chris and Darren are real people. Klaine will never be real. It is real in the fiction world, but that‘s it. And I don‘t want them to be real in the real world, that wouldn‘t make any difference. CrissColfer is something completely different, two different people, different ship.
And I never have and never will call either of them a liar, because they didn‘t lie about anything. People change their minds, but that‘s not the same as lying.

Second part:
I’m not very up to date with Miarren, but I think that those pictures are not very recent. Like I said in my earlier post, I believe they had a fight or something at one point. If you look at the pictures that were taken recently, I think they don‘t look happy around each other. And even if they didn‘t have a fight or anything, I still don‘t believe they‘re in a relationship. They seem like friends at the very very best.

Third part:
I don‘t know where you got all your information but if you see it like this, fine. I don‘t and there was basically nothing that proved anything in what you wrote, it seems more like your opinion to me.

Fourth part:
Okay, we could discuss my word choice forever, I don‘t think it makes much difference if I say fans instead of shippers. I don‘t send hate, I don‘t insult or offend anyone with my actions. I‘m a quiet CrissColfer 'fan’. And I don‘t get how it could possibly be disrespectful to Chris or Darren if I like something and believe in something.

Last part:
As I said before, I‘m not being disrespectful to anyone by doing anything. I was asked a question, I responded, that‘s it. And that weren‘t theories, that were my thoughts. 
And about Quinn and Rachel, yes I also think that it‘s very unlikely for them to be in love, but I still like the idea. That‘s nothing bad, and I don‘t offend anyone by liking it.

Thanks for your message but, there‘s no way you can convince me to stop liking CrissColfer. But thank you very very much for being nice and to not hate on me. Really appreciated.