first time frottage for ems

It wasn’t any different from the other times they’d been in Kurt’s room while his parents and Finn were out. The only difference was that now they were boyfriends, and their studying was interrupted every few moments by a shy glance or a small kiss on the cheek as Blaine leaned across the sheets, a soft smile on his face.

It wasn’t long before Kurt chased him, after the third or fourth time, pulling Blaine back to him for a much deeper kiss – he’d never imagined how convenient the Dalton ties could be, and vaguely wondered how else they could be used.

So maybe it was a lot different.

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Just An Infatuation (4/?)

Moulin Rouge! AU: Deep in the recesses of modern-day New York City, a club for the rich called the Moulin Rouge barely thrives – mostly thanks to its star performer. But when a poor yet enthusiastic writer from Ohio walks in, everything changes. Whether it’s for the best (or the worst), no one can tell.

A/N: This one ends in a weird place but I don’t have much time this week and I wanted to get an update in, whee.

(Warnings for this part; maybe slightly dub-con activities? Nothing super serious though, I don’t think)

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Looking around the room, Blaine was fascinated. It was decorated much like the rest of the building, red velvet curtains and gold trim included. Also in the room was a small table with champagne, a piano, a large, luxurious couch, and – a bed. Blaine frowned, but he decided not to think on it too much. Instead he looked out the windows that lined one wall and stretched from the floor to the ceiling. A sliding glass door led to a wrought iron balcony, but what Blaine was focused on was the view – a magnificent one of the New York skyline.

“What do you think?”

Blaine turned around to see Kurt standing just inside the door, smirking coyly. “It’s, um, it’s very nice,” he said, stumbling over his words.

“Mm. The perfect place for a poetry reading,” Kurt said slowly, starting to walk towards Blaine, who could feel his face heating up even as he tried to understand just what was going on. Focus, you’re here for a reason. “Would you like some champagne?”

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imovedgoaway-blog  asked:

tell me the story of jeyton

honestly I have no idea what happened one day we were regular internet friends and the next we have solid plans to stay at each others houses who knows what went wrong

but really the turning point was us staying on Skype and screaming/crying nonstop for literally 9 hours the night we find out that Blaine cheated like honestly you don’t go through something like that with someone and not come out as changed people