Let it Sew! Let it Sew!

After watching Frozen for the millionth time, and staring at my sewing supplies for the millionth time I’ve finally figured out what to do with this leftover satin fabric that I had sitting around forever.

I got tired of tying ZJ’s baby blanket around her shoulders and decided to sew her up a Frozen inspired Elsa cape. I Googled capes, and then completely disregarded everything I read. I didn’t use a pattern and I barely measured anything. I pretty much eyeballed everything, which explains why my projects come out the way they do. (LOL!)

I found a blue ribbon for the cape tie that I’d been hoarding forever. I folded the fabric in half and cut a sort of triangle shape, using a measuring tape as a useless guideline that I hoped would kinda sorta keep the line straight.

I turned in the edges of the fabric and made about a ¼ inch hem all the way around.

ZJ desperately wanted to help, so I had her organize my thread spools. “Why would you give a 3 year old a bag of thread spools” you ask? I must’ve be mad, because I noticed her trying to pull one of the spools that had fallen off the table by the thread, damn near unravelling the entire spool. She also didn’t want to return the “thread family” to the bag in which they lived.

I’ll have to add a picture of it nicely ironed. However, I absolutely hate to iron anything, so that picture may be awhile.