When BTS appeared at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, they instantly sparked a social media frenzy that felt par for the course. The seven-member boy band is a global K-pop sensation, boasting an enormous and devoted international following; in fact, Billboard extended the invitation after an online fan campaign. For their first U.S. awards show, the members smartly stepped out in a suite of sleek black suits, each one slightly tweaked to showcase their individual personality.

Perhaps the most fashion-forward dresser was V, who paired a cropped pinstripe jacket and polka dot dress shirt with loose-fit pants—a bold choice that he pulled off with ease. Jungkook, the group’s youngest member, went with a classic suit and skinny tie, accessorized with silver rings, while Jin’s head-to-toe black version was elevated by an unexpected tuxedo jacket with satin lapel. As for the rest of the band, Suga, Rapmon, Jimin, and J-Hope eschewed button-ups for T-shirts, paired with leather chokers and layered pendants. Each look played off the other, yet stood on its own ground—a pitch-perfect red carpet debut.

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20 minutes into Game Theory and Chill and he gives you the look.

The Recruit (Chapter 19) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 80″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Brian Who Gives a Shit, Jenna I Never Bothered To Learn that Girl’s Actual Last Name, & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Mentions of scum of the earth ex-boyfriends, and then like some nice fluffy bullshit.

A.N.: fuck yea this is me calling my ex and the girl he cheated on me with out by their real names. WHAT’S GOOD, ASSHOLE. *walks away with ZERO shame or regrets*

Additional Note: I know I’ve said this before, but just a reminder that in the original form, the reader’s name is Willa and so that nickname i could not be bothered to switch to something less personalized. *not sorry*

Summary: Mitch and Y/n’s time in New York begins to wind down, but not before running into someone from her past and discussing the prospects of their future.

Chapter Eighteen - Chapter Nineteen - Chapter Twenty

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“This sandwich is really good.” Mitch said as he went in for another massive bite.

“Oh I know.. I love this place..” You looked around as you took a sip of your Italian soda. “I spent many, many late nights in this coffee shop finishing papers and studying. The, uh, staff used to know me so well tha-” You paused and looked behind Mitch, at the person who was ordering at the counter. “Oh god…”

“What’s wrong?” Mitch’s senses immediately went on high alert.

You leaned forward, your face filling up with red heat. “Uh… we haven’t really talked about my past relationships, but I think we’re about to have to..” You glanced behind Mitch again, and covered your mouth when you made eye contact with the man speaking to the cashier. “Oh shit.. okay, um, well, I dated a guy for about, all of college? Uh, I genuinely thought that he was going to be the man I was going to marry and I almost didn’t join Stan at The Barn in order to start a life with him. We put a deposit down on an apartment in D.C. and a month before we were supposed to move in together, he cheated on me… was cheating on me… and moved in with the girl he cheated on me with… and they are both right behind you.”

“Do you want to leave?” Mitch asked you, seeing you uncomfortably fidget in your chair.

“No, I would say that it is probably too late for that.” You looked up. “Brian… Jenna…”

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