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So what if during Obi Wan's mission with Satine they come across like an orphan child or something and like take care of it for a bit. It's just they're both such parents. And I think they would find it so sweet to see the other act all maternal or paternal. Could you draw something like that?

also for @dyingroses​ who sent me a similar request…

(not sure if you sent it on and off anon or if you and this anon are just brain twins or what lol)

I got thinking about how cute a little Zygerrian would be…

and may have gotten carried away

as I do sometimes.

(ficlet below the cut, ~1000 words)

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Wedding Dress by Mary Ruby
Date: 1924
Culture: American
Location: MFA Boston

Silk satin and silver metallic wrapped on silk core thread brocade with silver-coloured metallic rhinestone diamond, and clear glass beads embroidered on silk net, silver-coloured metallic lace in honeycomb style, silk satin and silk net

Wicked Games (Jungkook x Reader)

“Consider me surprised.”

Warnings: bondage, dirty talk

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After All Things (Part VI)

Or: ‘Today, We Are.’

Peter Parker x Reader

This is Part VI of my series that chronicles Peter and a new reader as they deal with the fallout of the events in ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.‘

Summary: He was here: Peter Benjamin Parker, the man who was made of light. Peter is 25. Words: 1.8k.

This is the end of all things. Thank you for reading.

After All Things: Part I  Part II Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

Mood board and After All Things: A Playlist by @jedistardust

“Marry me,” and it wasn’t really a question, “tonight, let’s get married.” He was still on his knees, red and blue of his suit glowing against the pale color of your sweater, strong arms clinging to you, fingers tight and scrunching at the knitted fabric where he held onto everything. You pulled away from him, chestnut colored curls spilling all over the place as you ran fingers through sweaty, rain soaked locks; glossy brown of his eyes like kindling for the fire in them as he looked up at you.

The bird that was your heart rattled in the cage of your chest, his words terrifying and exciting and enough to cause that little thing nestled safely below it and the strength of his arms to shift and kick at your insides; precious, fluttery warmth asking you, asking him, the only way that it yet knew how.

The feeling of his words was crushing, but in that way that made you jittery and consumed with good.

But then your brain reined you in, clipping at the feathers of those wings a little to prevent your heart from flying away too soon. To prevent you from falling too hard when the reality of his words sunk in and he realized this was probably just a reaction to what had almost happened again.

When he started thinking too hard and too fast.

Your whole body shivered from the rain, the cold air, his words, and the remaining adrenaline pumping through narrowing veins; excess nerves your body was still trying to figure out what to do with.

His arms squeezed a little tighter, pulled you back into him.

“Peter, sweetheart, you need a minute to calm down,” delicate fingers smoothed over messy brows, working to put them back into place; disturbed from the violent way he’d ripped his mask off to get at you, to bring his skin to yours in the desperate way he’d needed to, the same way yours had called to him in that moment, “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t nee - ” Your lips halted as you took in the dejected expression on his face.

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Eisuke Ichinomiya Wedding Aesthetic 💍👰💑💏💒

Just finished reading Eisuke and Soryu’s proposal stories again and while wishing their wedding stories will come out this just came to mind. It’s a good thing the guys in KBTBB are loaded with 💰 (so their brides wouldn’t have to worry about a budget, especially for Eisuke *Imagines myself as the MC* ). 😂 😂 😂  

@officialvoltageotome​, here’s what I imagined for Eisuke’s wedding.


For the invitations, something unique, elegant, simple and eye-catching would do. A customized acrylic glass box and embossed with calligraphy will do the trick. Inside are the invitations with either a small bottle of champagne or a Swarovski crystal figure with Eisuke and MC’s initials as the logo and a satin bow wrapped around the invitation.

Wedding Venue 💒

For the wedding venue, I definitely imagine them having a church wedding. 

The Interiors of the church would be decorated with flowers and lined with trees. For Eisuke and MC, I feel that they will have an enchanted white forest theme for their wedding, so that it will stand out and be memorable.

Engagement and Wedding Rings💍

Engagement Ring💕

MC’s engagement ring will definitely be unique but classic and timeless, this is Eisuke Ichinomiya we’re talking about. I imagine MC’s ring to be a classic Harry Winston emerald cut 3-stone diamond ring with tapered baguette cut diamonds at the sides; the emerald cut center stone diamond is definitely colorless, flawless and high in clarity. And in true Eisuke fashion, the ring will be no less than 7 carats.💎

*In Eisuke’s Season 3 top secret document, it was mentioned that the diamond ring is 24 carats, but I feel like that is too big for MC to wear every day as she goes through life, so I toned it down.

Wedding Rings ❤️

For the wedding rings I went with a round brilliant single diamond platinum wedding band. The MC will definitely want to have matching wedding rings with Eisuke.😁

*I inserted lyrics from the song “Forevermore” sung by the Filipino pop band Side A and covered by David Archuleta on American Idol in the picture as I feel that it perfectly describes Eisuke and MC’s relationship and their love for each other. I also think it’s perfect as her entrance music.

Wedding Reception

The entrance to the wedding reception will be immaculate and breathtaking. A surefire way to bewilder the guests, an impeccably idyllic entryway. Filled with luscious trees and a pristine installed bridge as guests enter the ballroom, transported to a dreamy, ethereal, garden-like wonderland.✨

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Bucky Barnes x Plus size reader Feeling yourself

You were getting ready for a party at the tower; a gala that You’d convinced Tony to throw in order to keep the Avengers in good light.
They had almost demolished the pyramid of Giza on their last assignment and you had flipped your shit and pulled all of the strings you had in your back pocket, the ones you’d worked very hard to acquire, in order to keep them in the woods good graces. Ruining PR for those son of a bitches was never going to get any easier.
You were only half ready; your hair fell in long(or short, if you’re a reader with short hair) bouncy curls from the rollers that had held them for the last hour and your makeup was smokey and polished to perfection, but you were still only in a hair of high waisted black lacy panties and a black push up bra that was sent to you by God himself. All you had to do was slip on the floor length black satin wrap dress and you’d be good to go. You’re walking from the bathroom to your closet when you stop in front of your vanity mirror to asses yourself.
The vanity lighting could make anyone look good, but they way it reflected off of your S/C skin and made you look like you were glowing from the inside. You pushed the leopard print robe you had on open more, the fabric slipping down your shoulder, so you could get a better view of yourself.
“God damn, ma” you say out loud as you admire the was your curves jut proudly. Spinning at different angles, getting different views of your round ass and perked up breasts.
You looked like a coke bottle, like some sort of pin up model, a wet dream.
Your makeup, which had taken you years(an hour) to make perfect had you looking pouty and sexy. Your eyebrows arched and filled in, your cou tour blended. Your highlighter bright enough to blind.
You felt good, you thought about grabbing your phone so that you could take some sexy pictures to torment Bucky with later…
You hadn’t noticed the set of heavy eyes on you until then, you’d been so caught up admiring yourself in the mirror that you’d been oblivious when the tall man had entered the room.
You make eye contact with him in the corner of your mirror.
He was leaning against the wall behind you dressed in his onyx two price suit, his arms folded over his chest, an amused grin wide on his lips.
“Hey” you greet, trying to sound nonchalant like you hadn’t just been giving yourself a peep show “How long have you been standing there?…” You fluff you hair in an attempt to mask the slight embarrassment you feel.
Bucky barks out a small, gruff laugh and pushes himself off the wall, coming behind you and wrapping his arms around your middle, resting his chin on your shoulder, his scruff scratching the bare, vulnerable skin there. “Long enough, doll-face” he presses a kiss to the base of your neck, your hair tickling his face.
Good god, you smell so fucking good. Fresh out of the shower, covered in lotions and perfumes. His mouth almost salivates and he has the urge to bite into your soft skin. “I could just eat you up, you know that?”
You smile at that, leaning into his kisses “Oh yeah?”
“Mhmm, you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen” there’s no lie in his tone “A gem. How’d I get so lucky?”
“I don’t know, good karma maybe” you tease, basking in not only his praise, but your own. He chuckles but shakes his head.
He doesn’t think he has any of that, but he has you and that’s enough. When Bucky’s hands start to roam, dipping under your robe and inching towards your breast you wiggle free of his grip.
“Uh uh, Buck, We have a party to host and I need to get dressed, not have you undress me!” Your tone is stern because if not, you know where it will lead and you’d worked to damn hard on this masterpiece for him to make you a sweaty shaking mess.
He holds up his hands in mock surrender “Okay miss ma'am”
To stand on your tippy toes so that you can reach his ear “If you’re on your best behavior tonight, I’ll give you a reward”
He swallows hard, Addams Apple bobbing and you fight the urge to lick it.
“Oh yeah? What will that be?” He wonders, his voice is raspy and excited.
“Be good and find out” You press a quick peck to his lips pulling away when he tries to make it something deeper.
He pouts at you, his big eyes questioning why you won’t let him at least kiss you.
“You’ll ruin my lipstick” Duh, you tell him, before hurrying off to put your dress on before he can grab you in his vice arms again. He stands there for a moment, shaking his head when and letting a breath out through his nose.
“Little minx” Bucky mutters before he follows you, the least you can do is let him watch you shimmy into that dress.
Because not all plus size women are meek and self conscious all of the time. Check your self out, admire that fat ass! Spend time getting ready and feeling like a goddess because sexy doesn’t have a size babes, it’s a state of mind. Love yourselves!💘

You’ve lavished me
in sweet nothings,
and barren kisses
that sink deeper
than us both.

You’ve ravished me
under Sun and Star,
wrapped like Satin sheets
before the spiraling

You’ve Satisfied
Hunger, Thirst, Depravity,
Sin, with lips cold,
and tongue
restless and

but sometimes
I simply wish for

—  deAngelo // Anon’s Request.

~ FLAT MESS TO FAB FRO : How I take care of my hair

                               04/07/2014 ► 07/30/2015

Finallyyyyy ! A post about -almost- everything about my hair ! In this post, you’ll be able to know the phases I’ve been through to get my hair all healthy, then my hair routine/hair regimen.

1 – Going Natural

I used to hate my curly hair, like most of curly girls I would say. My cousin offered me a straightener for my 14th birthday and made me swear to use it for special events only. It was the case, though. I’ve used it for my birthday, it was my first time ever seeing my hair all straight and flat like pastas. But, people at school were complimenting me on my long straight dark hair, saying how much I look better. These same people used to bully me because of my natural curly hair, and the fact that I was half Black (it was a catholic school where I was the only « person of colour »), but that’s another story. I was so happy to receive COMPLIMENTS from people who were hating on me since day one, to see these White boys trying to approach me in a seducing way and all, asking me to hang out…you know, that I began to straighten my hair once to twice a week.

We’ve moved to another city, a bigger city in fact where there were much more diversity. But, every Black or Mixed girl was straightening/relaxing their hair, wearing straight weave.

I graduated to High School. Unfortunetely, it was a little High School -but its reputation was really good-. One more time, I was one of the rare coloured person. During my first year, I realised that my hair was damaged. But I wouldn’t let my curls take a rest. I’ve cut my hair -not that much comparing to my big chop-, it was my first time ever cutting my hair. My hair was wayyyy more healthier, but I couldn’t let my curls appear.

Finally, I was 16, I began to be more curious about things that were surrounding me. I began to be curious about my African side, that I’ve always wanted to deny. I’ve fallen in love with my own culture, and since that moment I started to embrace my Black features more than ever. I decided to stop using my straightener during Summer 2013. But it was too late, my hair was fried to the max. My hair was kind of straight, but in a really mysterious way … my curls were non-existent, my hair was flat, wavish, my ends were horrible. I realised the impact of 2 years of trying to hide my beautiful curls. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know how to take care of that mess that was on my head ! Then, back to school, I wanted to get a pixie haircut in order to start all over again. I couldn’t trust the hairdressers of my city; they were White, and didn’t know anything about Afro Hair. Everytime I would visit one of them, I could see their faces looking at my hair like “how am I supposed to style that shit ?”, literally. Nobody in my family wanted to cut my hair, saying how I will regret it after. I started to transition SERIOUSLY; I was doing homemade protein masks once a week, then I was using the Hair Mayonnaise which was awesome on my poor curls who were struggling to pop. I was using a really special technique to curl my hair while transitionning. I was using a handband, placing it on my head, and I would just wrap my hair arround it. If you want to try it, you should be able to find loads of tutorials on YouTube. The results went quickly, I was really happy. But not as quickly as I wanted. In February 2014, I decided to pass the step of the big chop, finally ! I just took my pair of scissors and cut my hair quite randomly to be honest, hopefully the shape was pretty nice ! I went to my bathroom to wash my hair… right after, my curls were popping like … damn ! I was so surprised, I didn’t even know my “real curls” were looking like that, even though they were a little weak and not as tight as now. At this point, I was altering between protein and moisture. But my hair was so short, I was too … “shy”… to appear with my hair down in public. It was still pretty flat, but my curls were alive and almost healthy ! I was always wearing various protective styles, except the week-end. Until July, my hair has grown and was easier to “assume”, if you want to. Plus, my curls were tighter. In August, my hair was completely healthy, and beautifuuuul. I was so happy. Since August, I’m just letting my hair grow. But, as you can see, I don’t have that much tips for my ladies who are transitionning. I was just waiting mostly, using some proteine and moisture, but that’s all.

By the way, I really advise you to take pictures every month to really see your evolution. It helps a lot because sometimes we have the impression that there is no evolution but when you look at your pictures you see how far you’ve come !

The story of my hair in some pictures here.

2 – Taking Care Of My Hair

I don’t know where to start so I’ll follow my instinct… sorry if it’s a little messy. Lol.

What I do monthly :

Masks targetting protein or moisture : I make my masks. I don’t buy them. Except for the Hair Mayonnaise that I was using while transitionning but I don’t use it anymore. I just use 2eggs or Avocado with Olive Oil to do my protein mask. When it comes to the moisture, I use Yogurt, Olive Oil and drops of Lemon Juice to make my hair shines. I put a plastic bag on my head, with 2 beanies (LOL yeah I look really ridiculous when doing that) to assures some heat and make my hair infuse all the good nutriments. When it’s time to wash my hair, I do it with cold water. When there is nothing left on my hair, I rince my hair using Mineral Water with 1 or 2 tablespoon of Vinegar Cidar. Your hair may smell a little, but when you’ll use your products after the smell will be gone.

Trimming my hair : Well, I don’t do it monthly. I do it between 2 to 4 months. When I feel the need to, to be honest. I’m so lazy when it comes to do that. Personally, I love to twist my hair with some Coconut Oil on my hands and cut the end, which should be “thiner”.

Cleaning my scalp : At the end of the month, I like to massage my scalp with Coconut Oil, to remove all the dirt on my scalp (and it’s also soooo relaxing). After that, I shampoo my hair using the Shampoing Sunshine Clean Citron Grenade by Les Secrets De Loly, I stay a long time massaging my scalp again before focusing on my hair to remove all the products that it could have accumulate during the month. After that, your hair and your scalp is all pure and ready for another month !

What I do weekly :

Co-washing : I co-wash once to twice a week. I’ve just remarked that I tend to wash my hair more on Sunday and Wednesday. But, sometimes I do it another day, depending on the circumstances. I usually do it the evening, so I can let my hair airdry and pineapple it to stretch it, and be ready the next morning. That’s the best option for me, personally. I don’t wash my hair and my body at the same time. I start with my hair. I just bend over my bathtub, so my head is “reversed” (I do the same thing when I wash my mask, by the way). I do this because I want to avoid having spots on my back, because the products you use stay on your skin and the back is the space I tend to forget sometimes while taking a shower. I don’t touch my hair, I don’t try to detangle them before applying the Too Shea! Conditionner from Jessicurl. I let the products on my hair for few minutes before detangling my hair using my fingers, simply, or a wide tooth comb when I find it, lol. I rince with cold water. Then, I crunch my hair and put a t-shirt as a turban on my head. I let my hair dry a little in it, so during that time I can wash my body, wash my face, do my make up, put my clothes… After that, I can apply my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly, a little bit of Confident Coils blended with Rockin Ringlets, both from Jessicurl, and seal everything with some Oil (Almond, Olive, Jojoba or Argan, it depends of my mood,lol). Then, I let it airdry. When my hair is like 90% I like to use a blowdryer (not hot) while shaking my head, to not have my roots “stuck” to my scalp, and encourage the volume of my hair. After that, I can use a pick and comb through my roots to maximise the volume. Et voilà !

What I do everyday :

Peanappling my hair before sleeping : This is my technique to sleep while not crunching my poor curls against my pillows, since I move a lot when I sleep. I just take a satin scarf that I wrap arround my head and I tie it on the front. I helps stretching my hair, and the next morning my hair is longer and even bigger !

Refreshing my fro : After the night, comes the morning, when your fro has been enduring all your movements during the night. To refresh my fro, all I do is putting some cold water on my hands, then I -kind of- massage my scalp. After that, my hands still a little wet so I take advantage of that to reshape quickly my fro and the wild curls. Finally, I put some moisture back on my hair, but not too much because I don’t want the products to weight down on my hair. I spray my hair with cold water lightly, I put my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly and my favourite oil in my fro, especially the “outer” curls which tends to be drier than the rest.

Hope I didn’t forget anything … I hope it was clear too !

Bisous ! :-*

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Dean being upset that Cas teased him so much that whenever Cas is in a public area or talking to someone he sends dirty fantasies to Cas so he can watch him squirm around


Dean takes pictures in the mirror or his perky butt tucked into lace or sheer panties and he takes pictures of his cock wrapped in satin and he takes pictures of himself bent over the couch/table/bed with his panties pushed to the side so Cas can see the plug inside of him.

He sends these while Cas is at work or in a meeting or seeing his parents and Dean always gets spanked when Cas gets home for being such a naughty skank. And then Cas pulls the plug out and fucks him, panties still on.

One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Nine)

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Tags: @harleyscheekheart ; @jordyhaley ; @thesizeofabarge ; @araceli91103 ; @the7thsilence  ; @blackxthexbeast  ; @hobbithorse19

As the evening melted away to the morning of Belle and Adam’s wedding, Villeneuve awakened with zeal as the sun warmed the narrow maze of winding cobblestone streets. For the first time in years, the villagers became enlivened with the day’s eagerness before the sun was fully present in the sky, and soon enough, the little town of Villeneuve was chaotic and cluttered with last-minute wedding preparations. The uneven, decomposing garden fences were crowned with garlands of golden and royal blue flowers while hanging baskets of roses greeted every front porch. Though peculiar to see such vibrant colors in February, the weather had been strangely pleasant and most people linked the sudden temperature increase to the magic that surrounded the castle.

“Of course it feels like spring,” a woman huffed to her three daughters, dressed identically in bloated gowns of pink. “The castle is enchanted, I bet the Prince ensured this weather would be perfectly suited for the wedding.”

Was, mother. The castle was enchanted,” one of her daughters responded, to which the woman replied, “Are you sure about that?”

Every doorstep held a decoration, a flower of some sort, in honor of the wedding, and as the villagers filed into the streets for their journey to the castle, most of them noticed that Gaston’s Tavern remained bare and withdrawn. The townspeople, dressed glamorously in their pastel wardrobes, shook their heads with disgust as they mounted their horses and passed the tavern, muttering vindictive comments to the closed door:

“Better not show his face ‘round there.”

“The nerve of that man; He can’t even extend his congratulations.”

“I hope Prince Adam gives that monster a piece of his mind.”

The inside of the tavern, however, was particularly unpleasant as Gaston impatiently waited in the upstairs hallway while LeFou, finger tapping rhythmically against his lips, critiqued Gaston’s appearance. He didn’t look quite…appropriate. It wasn’t necessarily the hunter’s outfit choice, his beige war coat with scarlet lining certainly suited him, but his raven hair hung pathetically into his eyes, shielding the life within them and giving his complexion a pallid and exhausted appearance.

“This is ridiculous,” Gaston grunted, filled with absolute displeasure. “I’m not going beyond the gates, LeFou, you don’t need to do that,” he added as LeFou grabbed a handful of Gaston’s mane.

“Actually, I do. It’s not for you or the wedding, it’s for Anne,” LeFou insisted as he smoothed Gaston’s hair into a striking ponytail. Gaston’s eye roll was easily detectable. “Much better,” LeFou then added as he faced his friend.

“I no longer feel comfortable with this,” he wrinkled his nose and curled his upper lip with disapproval as he flattened several strands of hair.

“You no longer feel comfortable with anything, Gaston. Look, just try to impress Anne. Don’t be so downhearted today. I don’t know, maybe her presence will distract you from the wedding.”

As he fell to silence, Gaston questioned the day’s agenda, more specifically, the townspeople’s agenda. They were expecting him, word already traveled that the new girl would be in attendance, and he couldn’t help but feel some type of sorrow that he wouldn’t be with her. He wanted to stand by her side, the occasion was special and new to her, and yet he refused. If any villager witnessed Gaston on the castle grounds, an uproar would undoubtedly ensue. He was aware most people wanted him banished, but others wanted him dead. It was best to stay away.

“Hello? Gaston?” LeFou, obviously repeating himself, snapped a finger in his friend’s direction.

“Don’t do that.”

“Sorry. I was asking if you bought Anne flowers?”

“What? No…” Gaston was confused. Since when was it required to buy her flowers for a terrible wedding?


“What, LeFou? What could possibly be so shocking?”

“It’s a wedding. You should have been a bit more prepared,” he muttered, but Gaston overheard him and reacted with an intimidating step forward.

“Then I’ll just borrow some flowers from the villagers’ gardens. They won’t care, now will they?”

“Now, Gaston, I thought we were going to start doing some good deeds. Does stealing from other people sound like a good deed?” The two friends had been speaking more frequently since Anne had arrived and bickering back and forth had now become a daily routine.

“It is a good deed when those imbeciles insult me and my tavern every day!” His voice was raising, blood rushing to his reddened face, as his knuckles turned white with pressure from his clenched fists.

“Deep breaths, Gaston,” LeFou replied in a sing-song tone. He places his hands on the war hero’s broad shoulders as their deep breaths mimicked one another’s. “Very good,” LeFou then added. “Shall we proceed?”

“Yes,” Gaston grumbled, staring at the worn wooden floorboards. Forcing himself to change the subject, he straightened his posture, displaying the polished gold buttons on his jacket.

“How do I look, LeFou?” He then added smugly, already cognizant of his magnetism.

“Like Gaston.”

It was a bit painful, really, for LeFou to see Gaston dressed so precisely and immaculately. Before June, the war hero’s physical impression was a priority - he had to look the best, act the best, be the best - but the days and months following the fall led to the abandonment of those aspects. On this particular day, the war hero didn’t look so defeated, he looked like Gaston. But, as LeFou’s eyes traveled from his friend’s raven curls to his enormous boots, the young sidekick’s heart sank. Gaston wasn’t the same man. He never would be. Although it may have been best for everyone, LeFou still couldn’t stand to witness Gaston riddled with uncertainty and self-loathing. The more time LeFou spent with Gaston, the more he believed his friend was hiding something.

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Title: ‘Vices’ - Chapter 1 ‘Cauthess’
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: IgNoct (Noctis Lucis Caelum x Ignis Scientia)
Rating: Explicit (super NSFW - PWP, mild bondage)
Word Count: 2900

Summary: Noctis escapes from the world by heading to the most exclusive pleasure club in Insomnia - The Cauthess, requesting the one man that can bring him pleasure like no other escort in the establishment. AU setting. Inspired by a panel in “Miwaku Shikake” by Amai Wana. 

Dedicated to my partner in crime. (◡‿◡✿)

Chapters (complete): 
Ch 1  Ch 2  Ch 3  Ch 4  Ch 5  Ch 6  Ch 7  Ch 8  Ch 9  Ch 10  Ch 11  Ch 12 
Ch 13  Ch 14  Ch 15  Ch 16  Ch 17  Ch 18  Ch 19  Ch 20  Ch 21  Ch 22  Ch 23  Ch 24  Ch 25  Ch 26  Epilogue

Sunglasses cover the crowned Prince of Lucis’ eyes, as he leaves the confines of the royal estate, walking towards the car that is waiting for him. The moon is at its midway point in the sky, not yet late enough to be called morning, but slowly creeping its way towards it. He opens the backdoor of the Regalia, and closes it with limited force. The partition is down, allowing him to see his driver, who is already heading down the driveway. He settles back in the backseat, finely tailored slacks hanging loose around his legs, his fingers going to unbutton the matching jacket he wears, exposing his vest and tie. Black on black on black. Perfect to blend in, which he needs to do, given that everyone knows exactly who he is.

“Where are we off to tonight, Mr. Caelum?” His driver asks, as they pull onto the highway.

Looking out at the city he’s meant to govern one day, he makes a fist with his left hand on his thigh. “Cauthess.”

“Very well. I’ll get you there in flash, Prince. We should be there in twenty, if traffic stays light.” The partition goes up, leaving Noctis to be alone with his thoughts.

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Cheryl Blossom: Don’t be shy (Cheryl’s POV)

Request: Can you do the don’t be shy from Cheryl’s POV

Notes: So, This part is going to be different because it’s from Cheryl’s POV. The plot and everything is kind of going to be the same, but just Cheryl’s thoughts and everything. And there’s going to be an alternate ending, where they nearly get caught by Mrs. Blossom. I didn’t proofread btw

Warning: If you did not read the first part, please stop reading this and then go read that one. Just in case you don’t get confused on what I’m talking about. Dom!Cheryl. Sub!Reader. Handcuffs and vibrators. Teasing. Orgasm Denial. Mommy kink. Over stimulation. Sin.

Cheryl’s POV

I convinced Y/N to come over. She’s been extremely stressed with school and everything. I just wanted to help her relax. My parents weren’t here right now, and I knew they weren’t be back for at least a couple of hours. Wouldn’t take long for what I’m trying to do. So it’d be perfect. I heard a soft knock on my door. “It’s unlocked, babe.” I called out. Soon I was met with the angelic face of my girlfriend. “Hi, my love. How was your day so far?” “It was fine, yours?” “It was okay. But I”m doing both of us a favor by making it better.” Her confusion was just adorable. “What do you-” I cut her off with a kiss. “I want you to go up to my room. And when I get there this-” I said motioning towards her clothes “better be on my floor, understand?” She simply nodded and nearly ran upstairs. I sauntered slowly, making my way to the stairs. “1″ I counted loudly, as I walked up one step. “2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10. You better be naked, darling.” I opened my door to see my nude girlfriend sitting there all pretty. “Good girl.” I purred, as I walked her way. “I’ve got something for you, princess.” I handed her the satin wrapped box. “What is it?” She questioned. “It’s a present, for you. Now open it.” She unwrapped the pretty bow, and lifted the top like it was the most delicate thing. “Cheryl, what on earth?” I almost burst into tears at her reaction. “It’s for you. You always said you wanted to try something new.” I cooed. “And I live to follow your wish. Don’t you think this’ll be fun?” Her confused expression turned to an excited one, while she nodded. “Now, go lay down. Arms and legs spread.” She wasted no time climbing onto my bed. And she also decided to be a tease, and give me a glimpse of that pretty kitty of hers. I walked over and climbed on top of her, so I was straddling her waist. “Arms up, please.” I said. She rose her arms high in enough for me to cuff them to my bed. I got from on top and did the same to her legs. I grabbed the vibrator and pulled a chair to the edge of my bed. I placed the vibrating to on her already glistening clit. She was undeniably wet, and it took every inch of me not take a little taste. “This time, it’s going to be different. No touching.” I rasped with a smirk. She only cried as a response. I pulled the vibrator away. “Do you want me to stop?” She shook her head frantically. “Good. No whining, no begging, no thrusting, no movements. Period, okay?” She nodded slowly, as if she was pondering whether she wanted to obey or not. I moved the vibrator back between her legs, earning a moan at the sweet sensation she felt. I began to grow wetter by the minute. But this wasn’t about me. I’ll get my playtime later. Her moans grew louder, as her thighs began to tremble. She was so close, but the fun just started. I pulled the vibrating toy away, causing her to cry. “You were so close, weren’t you baby?” “Yes, mommy.” “You want me to continue, don’t you?” “Yes, mommy.” “Only because you were such a good girl for mommy today.” Before i replaced it back between her thighs, I set it to the highest speed. “You don’t get to cum unless I say so, okay love?” “Yes, mommy.” Poor girl, she was trying so hard not to cum. But couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Oh no. You came, but did I tell you to?” I could see the fear in her eyes, yet she was very much so turned on. “What are you going to do to me?” She whimpered out. “Make you cum until it hurts.” I growled. I left the vibrator on her clit, while she nearly screamed. “This is what happens to bad girls who don’t listen to their mommy.” Her body jolted as her second orgasm rushed through her. Her moans were so loud, you could hear them in Antarctica. “Next time you should listen to me, sweetie.” My bed sheets were soaked with her juices. Just as her third orgasm coursed through her, my parents car rolled into our driveway. “Oh my god, Cheryl.” Y/N freaked. “Cheryl, we’re here.” I heard my mom yell. “I’m upstairs.” I yelled back, as Y/N rushed to put on her clothing. I put everything away, while Y/N covered the mess that she made in my sheets. We both quickly found something to do, as my mom burst through the door. “Oh hi Y/N, dinner is going to be ready in 5.” Y/N waved, while her cheeks were almost as dark as my lipstick. “Okay, mother.” I replied, while she closed the door. I turned to my blushing doll and quietly mumbled “just in time.”

Learn Your Lesson (Ross smut)

Requested! This is dirty af. 

When I felt a tight grip on my wrist I knew it was Ross. I turn away from the guy I was talking to and see Ross hovering over me. “It’s time to go home.”

“We just got here.” I say before turning back to the guy. Yet Ross’s grip tightens around my wrist causing a hiss to escape my lips.

“Hey man-”

“It’s fine.” I say with a shaky voice, “It was nice meeting you. Let’s get coffee some time.” I say with a clearer voice knowing that probably hit the spot for Ross, and I was going to get it when I get back home.

I’ve never seen Ross like this. The dominant rough kind of guy. Normally he would peck my lips asking if I was ready to go, or if I wanted to dance. Yet we didn’t even make it to the dance floor. I was just making conversation, and Ross thought other things.

The whole ride back to my apartment was quiet. One hand was tight on the wheel, and the other was tight on my knee. I bite down on my knee nervously when we pull into the parking lot and we climb out. Once we get to the elevator he looks over at me with dark lustful eyes.

He walks towards me and pins me between the wall of the elevator and his body. He leans down and I could feel his warm breath against my ear.

“When we get to the apartment you’re going to go to your room, and you’re going to strip down and wait for me on the bed.” And that’s when the elevator dinged telling us we were on the floor.

I nod my head as he steps back, just enough for me to walk by him and through the two open doors. I walk down the hallway and quickly unlock the door and leave it open for Ross, knowing he was taking his time. I kick off my shoes and make my way to the bedroom and reach for the back zipper of my tight red dress, yet the top of the zipper was out of reach.

I groan in frustration but feel fingers on top of mine, “Need help.”

I could hear the hint of anger in his voice as he easily slid down the zipper, and stepped back. I could feel his gaze, when I slip my arms out the arm holes that pulled back the tighteness around my throat from the satin material. I step out of the dress and lay it on the back of the chair and turn to him.

He was leaned against the bedroom wall, completely clothed in a white button up shirt that was barely buttoned, a pair of tight jeans and boots. “I said strip down.”

I let out a sigh as I reach behind me and unclasp the strapless bra and let it fall to the ground. His eyes got a little darker as my fingers skid across the lacey material as I slipped of my underwear, and kick them to the side. “Now get on the bed. Ass up.”

My breath hitches at his words and slowly make my way onto the bed. I press my cheek against the comforts of my sheets, and push my ass out as far as I could. I feel his warm hands graze my skin causing a soft moan to escape my lips. “You were such a bad girl in that club tonight.”

I don’t say anything knowing he didn’t want to hear it. “Talking to that boy, all of your drinks going on his tab.” Ross’s voice was deep and low, causing goosebumps to crawl over my skin.

And that’s when I felt the first smack. I jolt forward a little causing a chuckle to leave Ross’s lips. He does it again, a little harder this time and the burn felt good. After the third one I let out a moan closing my eyes, and grabbing onto the bars of the headboard to help hold me up.

“Oh you like the headboard baby girl.” Ross says climbing off of the bed. I settle myself against the sheets and watch him dig through his bag. “This was supposed to be for the red carpet tomorrow. But we can buy a new one.”

He walks over and straddles my waist, roughly pushing my wrists together. He pushes my hands against the headboard and tightly ties them to the bar with his silk tie. He climbs off of me and spreads my legs apart before resting himself between my thighs.

He swipes his finger against my folds causing a small gasp from my lips, and my hips bucking up a little. “Who made you this wet, baby.”

His eyes were dark and a smirk was on his lips. “The guy from the club.”

“I’m going to let you answer that again after I’m finished with you.” He says latching his mouth against my core. I squirm against the satin holds as he wraps his arms around my thighs holding me still. I close my eyes letting out a small scream as he shoves two fingers in and I couldn’t move or react other than verbally.

I feel my stomach start to feel my stomach churn and knew my high was coming. “Ross, please.”

“Please what.” Ross says before sucking harshly on my clit. I let out a scream trying to pull my legs out of his grasp. “Use your words, Y/N.”

“Please let me cum.” I cry out causing him to pull himself away just as I was about to cum. I let out a cry of frustration as he starts to unbutton his pants. A devilish grin on his face. He slips off his shirt and throws it on the ground, before sliding off his briefs and jeans.

He crawls back on the bed and lifts my legs so they’re resting against his shoulders. “Y/N. Y/N. Have you learned your lesson yet?”

“Don’t let other guys buy me drinks.” I managed to choke out as his cock teases my slit. “Ross-”

I feel him thrust into me causing a scream to escape my lips. He rests his hands on my hip, his fingers digging into my sides. His thrusts were harsh and fast, and I couldn’t even get any sounds out anymore. I tighten around his cock feeling my climax coming again.

“You feel so good, baby.” He says with a smile, “So tight.”

“Please Ross, please.” I cry feeling tears in my eyes, “I just need to-”

“Let it go, baby.” He says thruster faster. I let out a scream and throw my head back against the pillows, my hands closing in fists. “C’mon baby, cum for me.”

I arch my back and let out a scream as my body falls apart from pure ecstasy. Ross slows down and lets out a groan as he finds his climax. He rests his face against my bare chest and pants trying to catch his breath. I let out a small moan as he slides himself out and picks his head up.

“Y/N I forgot to put on a co-”

“Sh.” I say looking up at him, “I’m on the pill. Just this once.”

“I’m sorry-”

“I learned my lesson.” I say with a playful smirk. He leans down and pecks my lips before untying my hands, and tells me he’s going to get a washcloth to clean me up.


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James Patrick March x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 613

Warnings: murder, duh

     Summary: Reader is married to James, and is a huge hit at Devil’s night  


Devil’s night was not only a huge night for James but also for yourself. You absolutely loved getting to see all your friends again, especially in a dinner party setting when you got to dress in your best gown and do your hair and makeup to the nines. You tried your best to keep calm as you scaled the far hall to the lobby, in search of Ms. Evers to locate your favorite satin wrap but that all changed when you saw both Richard and James in the hall, a women clasped in his grip. “Ricky!” You scream, taking off into a run, over to the man who only opened his arms for you. “Calm yourself my dear, wouldn’t want to disturb the guests” James reminds gesturing to the women still in his hold with a chuckle.

After the women from upstairs had been thoroughly disposed of, you as well as your husband and his oldest friend all crowded in the large dining hall on the side of James’ room, awaiting the rest of your guests. “Stop your incessant pacing love, they will arrive when they arrive” James begs, watching you walk back and forth for the last time before you came to rest at his side. “I apologize my love, I can’t help it” you say, taking your seat and taking his hand.

It wasn’t long, luck for your nerves, before everyone started flooding into the doors of the dining hall, laughing and hollering until their eyes fell on your husband in his seat, his black heart leaking out through his eyes, his gaze like poison on them all “My friends, please” He comments, gesturing to their seats which had been labeled with their names.

“Y/N, kept your ass fat, thank God” Aileen screams in her own way, her crude nature making the lady in you tense but you ignored it in favor of her compliment “Well of course love, although young women now a days are running around starved, in nearly nothing” You hum, fiddling with the fabric of your gown absentmindedly. You were interrupted of course, by the man tied to a chair on the far side of the table, Detective John Lowe. “John, it truly is rude to interrupt dear, can’t you behave?” You tease with a wicked smile earning a chuckle from your husband.

The time eventually came when your dear friend Jeffrey started getting antsy, the salad in front of him not helping. “Oh do bring his gift Jimmy, the suspense is killing me” You beg and he nods, eager to appease you in the simplest way possible “Now Jeffery, James and I wanted to get you something special” You smile, just as the young boy was carted into the room. Jeffrey’s eyes went wide with realization and he smiled, taking the drill you were offering him gratefully.

You had always been close to Dahmer, he was somewhat like a brother and you enjoyed the beauty and vision behind his kills. You watched for a bit and then started to feel a bit uninterested, women of your time were trained to always retire early, a habit you could never shake.

 “I think I’ll go for the evening” You whisper to your husband, his sparkling eyes and handsome face both falling “Of course love, say goodbye to everyone” he says, kissing your cheek in passing “Have fun Jimmy, I’ll be waiting for you” you remind, saying your goodbyes to your friends and heading up to your room.

Love In The Dark

One Shot set after 6x10.

After a long night at the council discussing with all Lords of the North, Jon was heading back to his chamber, weary and worn out by the day. His duties as King were consuming him and so was the long and endless absence his sister Sansa had forced herself to.

Ten days had passed since he last saw her. Occupied with the details of his upcoming meeting with the Dragon Queen and the forthcoming battle against the white walkers, he hadn’t had time to spend with his sister and much to Jon’s concern she had made sure to disappear. He had asked of her, but her maids wouldn’t give any information, leaving him frustrated and alone in his own misery.

He wished to talk to her, just like they used to for so long after gaining back Winterfell. He missed their conversations, he missed sitting next to her as they shared their deepest secrets, he missed fighting with her, he missed her pestering desire to tell him how he should behave as King. He missed his sister and advisor.

She was the reason he had agreed to go into battle and take back their home from the Boltons, she was the reason why he was willing to fight again to the point that If he had failed her, he would have let himself died in battlefield.

She had become his light in the midst of the darkness that was surrounding him, she was the air that went missing from his lungs the day he was stabbed in the heart by his own brothers, she was fire that fermented his will to live. During those days without her, all of that was about to crumble into million pieces. He needed her by his side like a sister, like an advisor and shamefully in a way a brother shouldn’t need his own sister.

He struggled with the feelings brewing and surfacing in his revolting mind, lied to himself about his growing attraction towards his sister, denied himself the possibility to touch her, to show a desire she would be repulsed by. He had to hide the monster inside him, otherwise he would lose the only the woman he loved and would remain alone in the harsh winter that had come upon them.

He cursed himself, pitied himself, he was ashamed of the man he had become, of the incestuous lust he had yearned for since he came back from the dead. But he needed her, he needed to see her, to hear her suave voice and soon after disappear behind the door of his chamber, reassured of the well being of his loved one.

He reached the door of his chamber - his father and Catelyn’s - where he intended to wash himself before going into Sansa’s, hoping to find her there.

As soon as he unlocked the door, he noticed the fire was lit and the warmth of it was already spreading across the room. He lightly closed the door, when he raised his head and saw a tall figure in the shadow facing the window.


Her unmistakable auburn hair delicately loosened on her shoulders, her dark nightgown perfectly outlining the shape of her body. A deafening silence lingering in the room between the two of them as Jon stayed still, appalled at the sight of his sister in his room. A first time for Jon. He had paid visits to her chamber for very long, never bothering to ask her the reason why she wouldn’t enter his room and sit where her parents used to.

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