satin throw pillow

Fill in the Blanks - Gus (4/5)

Ever wonder how Gus knew in 1x09 that Waverly was interested in a certain sheriff’s deputy? Here’s a drabble series attempting to fill in those blanks. Or in the alternative: four times Gus McCready thought Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp were perfect for each other and one time Gus was finally proven right. 

Pts. 1, 2, 3.

Pt. 4 takes place pre-1x07.

“Just how many of these do you need exactly?” Gus asks as she picks up a green satin throw pillow with a large red star in the center, one of about a dozen pillows of all shapes, colors, and sizes in Waverly’s shopping cart. She twirls it between her hands, marveling at the number of tassels that could fit on a small, cotton-stuffed square.

“Enough to make the Homestead, you know, homey,” Waverly replies, snatching the pillow from Gus, dropping it back into the basket, and checking off the item in her notepad with the swipe of a tiny pencil. “Everything’s gotta be perfect.”

“For Stephanie Jones?” Gus scrunches her face up, like she just caught a whiff of cow dung, and pushes the cart behind Waverly, its ungreased wheels squeaking softly. “You barely even like her.”

“Don’t be silly, Gus,” Waverly says, leading them down an aisle filled with party decorations. “Of course I like her. She’s my friend. I mean, I am in her bridal party.”

“If you say so,” Gus mutters under her breath. Truth be told, Gus likes Stephanie Jones even less than Champ Hardy. While Waverly’s ex is a dimwit, at least he isn’t a mean-spirited, vapid dimwit like Stephanie, who bolsters her insecurities with barbed put-downs of her so-called “friends.”

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