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Well. I believe that’s all the BroJohn I have bookmarked. Please remember to read the tags before reading the fic! (I love it but it can be a problematic ship). This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list of every BroJohn fic out there but these are some of my favorites. Happy reading!


A Bowie Knife

Old file, clay-quenched and patinated, Cherry wood handle with Lichtenberg figures and Labradorites, satin finished Steel fittings with Brass highlights and Garnets.

It shall get a vegetable-tanned, hand-carved leather scabbard.

OAL 362mm with a 225 mm blade.

Now at 760€ with its (soon to be finsihed) scabbard, shipping not included.

Seasoning my new 20" orchardcorset cs426 (with hipties) and I’m so so so in love! This is only day 1 with a 2" reduction and the curve is absolutely amazing. Sorry for my ginormous thighs 💕

“So, this is not my story, but a co-workers. He doesn’t even know what a Reddit is, so I will try to tell his story as it was told to me. Carl is my co-worker. I have worked with him for about 11 years now. He is an electrical engineer by trade, and a normal dude. Wife, 2 kids, yadda yadda. No signs of any conspiracy theories or any weirdness. He is in his mid 40’s.

Anyway, long story somewhat short, Carl is 10,000% convinced he was abducted by aliens when he was a young boy. It started when he was 7. His family lived in Arizona in a suburb of Phoenix whose name is escaping me at the moment. He said he always knew when they were coming at night. He would have a hard time falling asleep, then he said he would fall quickly unconscious, similar to surgical anesthesia, and wake up in a strange room.

His description of the room was like a “stainless steel mixing bowl”. Everything seemed to have a glowing, satin steel finish. His eyes would always be blurry at first and feel like there was mucus in them. When he could see, he noticed he was on a table, and while there were no restraints, he couldn’t move. Not because something was holding him back, he said “it felt like moving was a foreign idea. My body simply didn’t compute that it needed to move”. He said he was completely calm.He would see beings moving about the room in a blurred distance, but the first meeting ended just like that. He never saw them up close. He fell back asleep and woke up In his room.

This was a thing that he says happened several times. The second and subsequent times were more and more vivid, as he was able to see them up close, and seemed to “stay awake” more. His description of the beings is very similar to what it seems like most others describe them as - short, long fingers, large oval head with big eyes, small eyes and mouth. He heard no talking between them, but he was able to “communicate” with them.

He says the communication was like sort of like the way he and his wife communicate. They know what the other means with a simply silent look. He just sort of knew what they needed. After a few “trips” as he calls them, there was the feeling that they knew him, and he knew them. He felt confident that it was the same beings doing this every time. He said they seemed naked, but he didn’t see any genitalia. The eyes were clearly covered by some sort of lens.

Anyway, this went on. He said he was never scared. He told his mom but she chalked it Up to an imaginary friend.

So blah blah blah skipping over parts…it stops suddenly when he is 14. On his last “ride”, it was made clear his study was finished. He doesn’t know why, but assumed something to do with puberty. He also believes that they are removing human DNA and using it for something.

So, I’m like “bullshit”. Even though this sort of story is very out of character for him - he simply doesn’t joke around or play games - I didn’t believe him. The next day he brought his doctor info in. Pages and pages of medical shit, and a little vial. In the vial was a small, 3-pronged “jack” looking thing. He stated they found this when he had an unrelated MRI. It was in his collarbone area. It produced an electromagnetic field. It was removed and he keeps in a jar.

UPDATE: Okay, so I talked to him a little more today, but I didn’t mention Reddit or this. I’ll just list some random items rather than explaining in paragraphs…

  • He believes his kids are off limits and won’t be touched, but if they would come he would easily know they were near. (I expanded on this in a reply below)
  • He believes the beings are completely peaceful, perhaps to their detriment. He didn’t get the feeling they were capable of the harm we are. It seemed foreign to them.
  • He doesn’t know if he was in a craft or a room somewhere, although when he was able to look out of the “room” he was in, it appears to be a long hallway. Definitely not a “saucer”…more long and narrow. Like a big hallway.
  • He had to wear a mask while in the room. He could see its shape, but it was small, and fit via some sort suction. He said that was really the only slightly uncomfortable part.
  • There were no needles, rectal probes, or anything like that. Everything they needed seemed to come from something that was over his forehead, or a strange clamp they always put on his right, middle toe. Every time. Neither was painful nor traumatic.
  • They are close. He is under the impression that they are not far from us. Perhaps in nearby star systems. While their tech was much “different”, it seemed like they were making fairly frequent expeditions here, regularly. Nothing to make him think they were from another dimension, or able to defy physics as we know it (lol and no we are not physicists, FYI. I am IT and he his an electrical engineer). In fact he said one time one seemed sort of pissed at the others because something was not right “in the hall”. He came in, looked at them, and they hurriedly followed him out. So, according to Carl, they may have structure and command.
  • Carl does not believe the government has made communicable contact with them.
  • He developed at eye issues that caused him to lose sight in one eye when he was 12. To this day, doctors don’t know why. He feels the stuff that was in his eyes may be to blame. When I asked what the stuff was, he said “no clue. But I remember feeling some slight movement, but not after the eye cream. I have always assumed it may have been something for pressure…to keeps my eyes okay from some pressure”.”

-HatchetWound (When I was 17, I believe I saw a demon. Does anyone here truly believe they’ve seen a supernatural/ alien being?)