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hey guys and gals, so I finally started writing again even if it was me looking up subtitles with no video or audio feeds but whatever. This will be a multi part thing and will have posts every Mon, Wedns, Fri. Thanks for reading. :) also I’m not sure of the title so i may change it later on and I’ll make a masterpost thing

THIS IS VOLTRON X READER MEANING ANYONE OF THEM WILL END UP WITH YOU…..i never figured out who it should be so yeahh….

Part 1


You looked over to everyone in the head of the ship. “Okay guy sooner or later we’re going to have to pass this!” You said mostly glaring at Lance.

“Beginning descent to Kerberos for rescue mission.” Lance told the rest of you as he started to land but the ship started shaking as if in a earthquake.

“Lance, can you keep this thing straight?” Hunk groaned and started covering his mouth.

“Relax, Hunk, I’m just getting a feel for the stick. It’s not like I did this.” Lance said smuggly while trying to control the small craft.

“Well you should know how it feels by now Lance, we’ve done this many times already.” You said before pulling a folded brown bag and handed it to Hunk who sat on the other side of you before he got too sick.

Hunk kept groaning for a while before snapping at Lance. “Okay, unless you want to wipe beef stroganoff out of all the little nooks and crannies in this thing, you’d better knock it off, man!”

Pidge who was ignoring all of the comotion looked up at all of us. “We’ve picked up a distress beacon!” He said.

“Alright, look alive team! Pidge, track coordinates. (Y/n), see if you can get into their database. Hunk,….try not to barf.” Lance ordered and received a ‘Copy’ from both you and Pidge.

“Knock it off, Lance! Please!” Hunk said as the computer started beeping as crazy.

“This one’s on you buddy. We’ve got a hydraulic stabilizer out.” Lance said as the beeping continued.

“Hunk, are you doing okay?” You asked as you kept trying to hack into the database which was hard to do because of the ship shaking. You only looked up at him when you heard a rumbling and him gulp.

“Oh, no….” Hunk said while turning a shade of green.

“Oh, no. Fix now, puke later.” Lance said looking back at the two of you.

“I lost contact. The shaking is interfering with our sensors.” Pidge said trying to stay still in his seat even though we all had belts on.

“I managed to hack in and copy their data!” You said victoriously and doing a fist bump in the air.

“Come on, Hunk!” Lance yelled at him while still while pressing a few buttons, trying to stabilize us.

“It’s not responding.” Hunk said with a slight sickly moan.

“Never mind, fellas. Thar she blows. Preparing for approach on visual.” Lance said flipping some switches above him and on his panel.

“I dont think that’s advisable.” Pidge said looking over to him.

“Especially with our current mechanical issues.” I finished for him while tapping at my screen.

“Agreed.” Hunk said while he covered his mouth.

Stop worrying. This baby can take it, can’t you champ?“ Lance asked while petting the ships console and got a rumble in response. ” See? She was nodding. She was nodding.“ He said a second time as the ship rumbled again but shook somemore.

"Pidge, hail them and let them know their ride is here.” Lance ordered as he got the ship somewhat stable.

“Attention, lunar vessle-” Pidge took off his seatbelt and was cut off as Hunk quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and wobbled around making Pidge scream and fall sliding around.

“Hunk, what are you doing? Both of you buckle your belt and stop that shaking!” Lance yelled looking back at Hunk as the craft shook more as Pidge made it back to his seat and buckled up.

“I’m try– Oh, no…” Hunk said as he quickly opened a compartment and threw up in it.

Lance sighed and motioned Pidge to continue. “Attention, lunar vessle, this is Galaxy Garrison Rescue Craft One Victor Six Three Tango. Coming in for landing and extraction against crew recommendations.” Pidge said.

“No time for your mutinous comments now. They’re going under and we’re going in.” Lance said looking at his info.

“Look out for that overhang!!” You yelled at him.

“No worries (Y/n). My first year in flight school, know what they called me?” Lance asked looking back at you.

“I’m going with either "Hazard” or “Destroyer”.“ You said giving him a look as Hunk was heading back to his chair

"No.” He said glaring at you. “They called me "The Tailor” because of how I thread the needle.“ He said while trying to go around the overhang. "Come around, come around! Come on, come on!” He yelled as he under calculated the wing span of the craft and screwed up the wing.

“We lost a wing!” Lance yelled to the three of you in the back. “Oh, man…”

You covered your ears as the alarms continued to blare. “No, you don’t say!” Grabbing onto your seat tightly you felt the ship start falling and crash nearly knocking you out of your harness.

“Simulation failed.” A computer said.

“Nice work, Tailor.” You and Pidge said glaring at Lance as the simulator door opened to reveal the Commander surrounded by giggling students.

“Roll out, Donkeys! Let’s see if we can’t use this complete failure as a lesson for the rest of you students. Can anyone point out the mistakes these three so-called cadets made in the simulator besides (Y/n)?” He said in a gruff voice as you all climbed out.

“The engeneer puked in the main gearbox.” One student said.

“Yes. As everyone knows, vomit is not an approved lubricant for engine systems. What else?” He asked.

“The comm spec removed his safety harness.” Another student.

“The pilot crashed.” Another.

“Correct. And worst of all, the whole jump, they’re arguing with each other, that includes (Y/n). Heck, if you’re going to be this bad individually, you’d better at least be able to work as a team! The Galaxy Garrison exists to turn young cadets like you into the next generation of elite astroexplorers, but these kind of mental mistakes are exactly what cost the lives of the men on the Kerberos Mission!.” He yelled in our faces.

“That’s not true, Sir!” Pidge yelled out.

“What did you say?!” The commander looked at him.

“Sorry, Sir. I think he hit his head when he fell out of his chair. But point taken.” You said apologetically and grabbed a hold of Pidge’s shoulders.

The commander backed up and looked at Lance. “I hope I don’t need to remind you that the only reason you’re here is that the best pilot in your class had a discipline issue and flunked out. Don’t follow in his footsteps.” He said and looked to the other students. “Next!” He yelled.


“Lights out in five!” You heard someone yell as you walked down the hall with Pidge helping him carry his stuff up to the roof.

“So all this stuff for scanning something?” You asked him.

“It’s basically used to scan space for some alien transmissions.” He said looking at you.

“That’s awesome, did you make all this stuff on your own?” You asked mesmirized by the mention of aliens.

“Yeah, I mean it’s not much but it works really well.” Pidge said blushing as you stared at him amazed as he opened a door that lead to the roof.

“By the stars in the sky, you’re a genius!” You exclaimed as neither of you noticed the two other boys following you. When you reached the roof, Pidge quickly set everything up while showing you what to do and use and started scanning the vastness of space.

“You know I’ve never gotten close enough to tell anyone this but….I’m actually a girl.” Pidge said quietly as you sat close together. “And my dad and brother Matt was on the Kerberos Mission. I wanted to tell you because you’re like an older sibling to me.”

“Well, I’m glad you told me all this.” You said giving her a hug. “So what’s your real name then?” You smiled.

“It’s Katie, Katie Holt, but I’d like you to keep calling me Pidge. The name kinda grew on me.” She smiled softly looking at you before looking up at the stars. “I just have this feeling that they’re still alive and I know the Garrison is lying about what happened on the misson.” She said.

“You come out here to rock out?” You both jump at Lance’s sudden voice and look over to see him and Hunk by the door to the stairway.

“Oh, Lance, Hunk.” Pidge began.

“No, um, just looking at the stars.” You said smiling softly. Lance came closer with Hunk and looked at the scanners and all the other items we had set up.

“Where’d you get this stuff?” he asked while taking a closer look. “It doesn’t look like Garrison tech.” He added looking at you and Pidge suspiciously.

“I built it.” Pidge told him.

“You built all this?” Hunk asked touching some stuff.

“Stop it! With this thing, I can scan all the way to the edge of the solar system.” She explained and watched Hunk like a hawk.

“That’s right?…….All the way to Kerberos?” Lance asked suspiciously.

“You go ballistic every time the instructors bring it up.” Hunk(?) said while continuing to look over the handcrafted tech.

“What’s your deal?” Lance asked looking down at Pidge who noticed Hunk touching the satillite dish.

“Second warning, Hunk!” Pidge yelled and Hunk groaned looking at the tech making you giggle softly.

“Look, Pidge, (Y/n) if we’re going to bond as a team, we can’t have any secrets.” Lance said looking at both of you as you two were looking at each other.

“Fine.” She sighed. “The world as you know it is about to change. The Kerberos wasn’t lost because some malfunction or crew mistake.” Pidge said before smacking Hunks hand as he started pushing buttons. “Stop touching my equipment!” He groaned louder making you laugh and him blush.

“So, I’ve been scanning the system and picking up alien radio chatter.” Pidge continued.

“Awesome!” You said amazed staring at her again.

“Whoa. What? Aliens?” Hunk asked.

“Okay. So, you’re both insane. Got it.” Lance said looking at the both of you.

“I’m serious. They keep repeating one word, "Voltron”, and tonight, it’s going crazier than I have ever heard it.“ Pidge said slightly raising her voice.

"How crazy?” Lance asked curiously.

“Attention, students. This is not a drill. We are on lockdown! Security situation Zulu Niner. Repeat: all students are to remain in barracks until further notice.” We heard Commander Iversons voice on the intercoms.

“What’s going on is that a meteor?” You asked pointing over to a object falling from space. Pidge handed you a pair of amazing binoculars while she used hers and saw it was a ship.

“A very, very big meteor?” Hunk asked cautiously.

“It’s a ship!” You exclaimed and suddenly yelped when Lance grabbed your binoculars forcing you into his chest. “Ouch! Lance!” You elbowed him and rubbed your neck where the strap to the binoculars was.

“Holy crow!” Hunk said looking at the ship.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing! That’s not one of ours.” Lance said.

“Well obviously.” You said still rubbing your neck.

“It’s one of theirs.” Pidge said handing her binoculars over to Hunk so he could see.

Lance handed you the binoculars and tried to examined your neck even after you kept slapping his hands away before giving up.

“So, there really are aliens out there?” Hunk asked somewhat frightened.

“We’ve got to see that ship!” Lance exclaimed heading towards the stairs as Pidge and you rushed to put everything in her dufflebag. “Hunk, come on!” Lance yelled.


“Guys we have to be very careful and not be too loud. There’s cameras everywhere!” You whispered to the three of them and pulled out one of your three mini laptops you always carried around and started hacking into the camera systems.

“Whoa! What the heck is that thing?” You heard Lance ask Pidge or Hunk and didn’t pay attention to them. “And who the heck is she?” He asked in a flirtatious way and rolled your eyes.

They looked over to a large medical tent that was set up that probably held the ship or whoever was piloting it.

“Lance!” You heard Pidge smack him in the head and him mutter an “Ow!”

“Right, alien ship. Man, we’ll never get past all of those guards to get a look.” Lance said.

“Aw, man.” Pidge grumbled.

Hunk sighed in relief before speaking, “Yeah, yeah, I guess there’s nothing to do but head back to the barracks, right?” He asked nerviously.

“Wait.” I said getting their attention and motioned them to gather around. “They set up a camera in there and I grabbed its feed. Look!” I said and enlarged the small feed to fill the screen.

There was a man strapped to a medical table with a metal prosthetic right arm. “Hey! What are you doing?!” He yelled.

“Calm down, Shiro. We just need to keep you quarantined until we run some tests.” Commander Iverson said while coming into view.

“No! You have to listen to me! They destroy worlds!” Shiro grunted in pain. “The aliens are coming!!”

“Hey! That’s Shiro!” Lance exclaimed. “The pilot of the Kerberos Mission! That guy’s my hero!”

“Guess he’s not dead in space, after all.” Hunk said from behind you.

“Where’s the rest of his crew?” Pidge asked herself quietly, you softly gave her hand a squeeze to reassure her.

Commander Iverson looked down at Shiro with what could be a glare. “Do you know how long you’ve been gone?”

Shiro looked at him. “I don’t know. Months? Years? Look, there’s no time. Aliens are coming here for a weapon. They’re probably on their way!” You quickly looked over to the tent and noticed someone going in holding a small tray. “They’ll destroy us. We have to find Voltron!” He yelled.

“Voltron!” Pidge gasped.

“Sir, take a look at this.” A doctor called over to Iverson while examining Shiro’s arm. “It appears his arm has been replaced with a cyborg prosthetic.”

“Put him under until we know what that thing can do.” Iverson ordered.

“Don’t put me under! No! There’s no time!” He yelled as they gave him a shot and watched as he went unconsious.

“They didn’t ask about the rest of the crew.” Pidge muttered.

“What are they doing? He’s a legend. They’re not even gonna listen to him?” Lance asked looking over to the tent.

“I knew Iverson was a deuche but geez….What does this make him now?” You grumbled. “We have to get him out of there somehow.”

“I hate to be the voice of reason, always, but weren’t we watching on tv because there was no way to get past the guards?” Hunk said trying to reason with the other two who nodded agreeing with you.

“That was before we were properly motivated.” Lance said looking for any guards. “We’ve got to think.. Could we tunnel in? Maybe get some hazmat suits and sneak in like med techs.” He said thinking out loud.

“Or we dress up like cooks, head back to the dorms, sneak into the commissary for a little late-night snack.” Hunk suggested.

“No. What we need is a distraction.” Lance said.

“Hunk, if that was you, I’d damn well would risk my life to try my best to get you out of there. Wether I would know you or not.” You said softly to him. “I would help any of you for that matter.”

You all screamed as loud explosions were heard on the otherside of the small makeshift base. You looked into the cameras and noticed a familiar black-haired guy run towards the tent Shiro was in.

“Well there’s you distraction and it seems like we’re not the only ones trying to bust him out.” You said getting the others attentions again.

“No way! Oh, he is not going to beat us in there!” Lance yelled before hopping the fence and storming into the tent.

“Lance!” You all ran after him. Can’t this guy just calm down? Nope, that’s the answer.

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