Crazy Claim THIS Picture Is Proof Jesus Traveled Through Time And Brought Back Satellite.  

Conspiracy theorists claim this painting could be proof of time travel amid claims it shows Jesus with a Sputnik Satellite-like object.

The painting - The Glorification of the Eucharist painted by Ventura Salimbeni in 1595 which hangs in Florence, Italy, - is of the Holy Trinity, Jesus, God and a dove representing the Holy Ghost.

But an alarming number of alien hunters and Conspiracy theorists have dreamed up an outlandish theory that the spherical object between them shows the pair with futuristic technology.

Source: Express

Okay, I finished my sandwich: UFO

So, my mom was outside and she frantically called me upstairs to look at something. I came up, and she pointed out something in the sky. At first I was like, mom it’s a satellite, I’m going to go make a sandwich, but then I watched it.

It was, from my perspective, about as large as a planet, had rapidly blinking lights, and a strange ‘traveling’ pattern.

There was a red and blue light on the left side of the craft, and a green and yellow on the right side of it.

At first it didn’t really move, so that’s why I was considering a satellite. However, after a few minutes of watching it, it rapidly starting moving in a pattern.  

left right left right center up center down up down up center right left right left (I’m proud, I actually memorized that)


Like, it was like you turned up your speed on the mouse to 100 so it zips uncontrollably around the screen. It was much too fast to be a plane.

So, my mom, my cat and I watched this for about 30, and it literally just hovered in about the same spot in the sky and every once in a while it would do the same pattern, and then move down in the sky a tiny bit. 

It just repeated that process until it went too far down to see, then it soared up in the sky a while later.

Then I made a sandwich.

If anyone has an idea as to what it was, I’d be glad to hear it.

Interesting evening.