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Lessons learned from Sathi

He is 3 years old.

  • A fight lasts only as long as the opposite person has nothing interesting to offer. Always, always, the other person has something interesting to offer. Hence, the maximum amount of time to hold grudge stands at 10 minutes
  • Anything you do is ‘play.’ Organizing books, newspapers and helping people in the kitchen also comes under playing
  • You need not always say the right thing. You can say the wrong thing, but mean the right thing (Ring-a-ring-a-roses can be ning-a-ning-a-tope)
  • What is important to others need not be important to you. Similarly what is important to you need not be important to others. Even if all you remember from a game of cricket is to place a stone somewhere (which was originally introduced to identify direction for bowling), it is alright.
  • Rules are never fun. Make your own rules, or better have none
  • Friends can be of all age groups. Even if the friend is 64, he has something to offer
  • 'Sorry’ with a smile actually sets things right. Even if you cannot pronounce sorry correctly (Tho-rry)
  • You never hit someone smaller than you (Na-mya is 1. Hence, she will not be hit; instead she will be protected)
  • Eat to your heart’s content
  • Get messy, dirty and filthy. You are anyway going to shower
  • Never stop anything that is fun (Even if it means hiding in the same spot while playing hide and seek every day)
  • The knowledge you have is overrated (It is alright to assume that a mirror reflection is another person). But, learning is always essential (Even if it means that you point to a bookmark and ask what it is every single day)
  • Always run away from people who are shouting and fighting
  • Be comfortable in your body. In fact be comfortably naked

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“Sathi” by Sakchyam