Me: Why don’t the girls have any sexual lines in My Junk? The boys already have Touch Me, My Junk should be the girls’ song, was the Georg scene in My Junk even necessary?

Steven Sater: What???? Its three am, how did you get in my house?

Me, kicking broken glass away from the window: Don’t worry about it. Anyway,


have some more “YAT” images from muh DA

and yeah, Molly’s adopted :>

the only correct way to play the vineyard scene in the musical is for hanschen to be so flustered by how goddamn cute ernst is that he loses control of his mouth and starts saying the weirdest shit and then proceeds to completely freak out while ernst isn’t looking

Play Melchior: I don’t go to church anymore because Father Kaulbauch says that we should help people who are less fortunate than us and do good acts but I’m not about that life.

Sater: Hm, okay, that sounds really bad… Let’s just change it to “Father Kaulbach thinks shame is a part of all humans and I don’t” so that people won’t think he’s an asshole.

i love how spring awakening fans have basically created their own versions of both hanschen and ernst???? like they both have one main scene in the musical but that’s it and the play version of them is cute but it doesn’t match our idea of hanschen and ernst at all. like we all agree that hanschen loves sweaters and he looks completely godlike even though there’s probably been like two attractive hanschen actors in the history of spring awakening and we know ernst is an artist (which i mean he totally is but….. why???? where did that come from?? he has like ten lines in the whole show) and im just,.,,…. where did these ideas come from

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O nosso amor a gente inventa.

Um mundo onde a verdade é o avesso e a alegria já não tem mais endereço.

As vezes no silêncio da noite, eu fico imaginado nós dois.

O mundo está ao contrário e ninguém reparou.

Cada um de nós compõe a sua própria história e cada ser em si carrega o dom de ser capaz de ser feliz.

Amigo é coisa pra se guardar do lado esquerdo do peito.

Ando devagar porque já tive pressa levo esse sorriso porque já chorei demais.

O amor quando acontece a gente esquece logo que sofreu um dia.

A vida vem em ondas como um mar.

O amor da gente é como um grão. Uma semente de ilusão, tem que morrer pra germinar.

E no meio de tanta gente eu encontrei você. Entre tanta gente chata sem nenhuma graça, você veio.

Vamos fugir deste lugar, baby!

Andar com fé eu vou, que a fé não costuma falhar.

Quem sabe um dia, por descuido ou poesia, você goste de ficar.

Do nosso amor a gente é que sabe, pequena.

Eu faço samba e amor até mais tarde e tenho muito sono de manhã.

Se fosse só sentir saudade, mas tem sempre algo a mais.

Vira esta folha do livro e se esqueça de mim. Finja que o amor acabou e se esqueça de mim.

Olhe bem no fundo dos meus olhos e sinta a emoção que nascerá quando você me olhar.

Ainda estou confuso, só que agora é diferente, tô tão tranquilo e tão contente.

Deixa estar que o que for pra ser vigora.


Deaf West’s Spring Awakening on Broadway: 8.9.15 - 24.1.16 (opened 27.9.15)

Yes those are photos in chronological order (even the ones in the same scene)!

a 50k academic essay on modern adaptations of classic works that are less progressive than their 100+ year old source materials titled “Hänschen & Ernst”, subtitle “fuck you Steven sater”, sub-subtitle “they were never meant to be a joke”

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Soriel fanchildren?

I’m pretty neutral about them to be honest. I don’t hate them, but I don’t get all excited about them either. I do tend to be wary about their introduction though in the same way I’m wary about any OC until I’ve actually seen them in action, since a poorly implemented new character can ruin a good story stupidly fast for me.

Also in the aestethic department it’s pretty hard for me to find fanchildren designs that can capture my attention. So far the only designs I can say I absolutely adore are Solene by @lili-vilka and Sater by @katelynntheg . I’ve seen a lot of others that are pretty good too but, I don’t know, they can’t really hold my interest for long.

So yeah, soriel fanchildren are pretty much a big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for me. Whenever I like them or not depends mostly in the way they are portrayed as characters, but the same can be said about any other OC, so…