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Newcomers Pt 19

“What do you mean they have stopped?” Deeter asked after hearing the latest update from their commander Hopoln.

“It seems the Human advance on all fronts has ground to a halt, we are not sure why” Hopoln said rather annoyed that he had to be the one to tell them as it was demanded of him but it took his attention away from other matters.

“Then now is the time to attack and drive them from our world once and for all!” Seewol shouted getting to his feet.

“Forgive me High Chiefs but attack with what?”

The chiefs looked down at him confused as if he had asked what colour the sky was.

“With our armies what else?”

“Our most experienced warriors were lost when Geeda fell, I have had to evacuate all the surrounding towns and those in the path of their advance and call for the militia. Potellan, our capital is the most heavily defended city on the planet and WHEN the Humans come here I will have a better chance of defeating them. Out in the open? No, they are too manoeuvrable especially now with the Gal at their side. But behind our walls that dwarf those of Geeda? Yes, I believe I can halt them here, like water against a rock they will crash against our walls and break”

“Is this the voice of cowardice I hear? Rather to fight behind a wall where you are safer than fight in the field” Peepel said grinning and the guard moved a step closer to Hopoln.

“You are confusing cowardice with caution and strategy, but as is your right and if you truly believe me a coward. Kill me and take command yourself and lead the army from our walls and face the Humans in open battle, I am sure the warriors would take heart from seeing their High Chiefs set and example of such courage”

The other two Chiefs looked at Peepel who looked around and remained silent for a time before finally finding his voice. “You are the commander of the army, and we trust your decision and counsel”

“Thank you High Chiefs for the honour you bestow upon me” Hopoln said bowing.

“What of the news of a disease running through the Human camps?” asked Deeter.

“Rumour, speculation and hear say, we have no evidence of this and what news we have is contradictory. It is not a reliable source of information to act upon”

“Very well” he replied not to convinced though.

“What is the status of Karamora’s activation?” Seewol asked.

“Slow, it has slumbered for so long and it’s awakening is proving difficult, but it is awakening but we should not put our hopes on such a god. I still believe I can defeat the Humans without it”

“You fear Karamora will accomplish what you can not?”

“I fear what Karamora is, as any rational Benamarian should”

“Enough!” Deeter shouted “The god of war has not yet awakened, Hopoln still has time to appease it, now go and continue your work”

Potellan was a grand city and the largest on Bento Prime, the jewel of the Benemar it’s buildings were artistically constructed even if many had fallen into disrepair, the streets were intricately woven together so that no road ever ended but connected to another. This meant if one was not familiar with the city it was easy to get lost. The High Chiefs palace was a massive pyramid that towered over the other buildings, it also doubled as the Alliance’s embassy and offices on the planet. They had fled the moment the Humans arrived giving promises of reinforcements but he held no hope that they would ever arrive. Hopoln knew that it was likely that other Human fleets were entering Alliance space, they had not taken kindly to the betrayal the Alliance and the Elong had done to them. Hopoln had voiced his objection to invading the Humans home world, especially since they only had the knowledge of it’s location for a week before the invasion fleet left. For his unpatriotic speech he was demoted but subsequently reinstated when the invasion went sour. He had no love for the Humans but he did respect them, in war they knew what they were doing and how to use an enemies advantage against them. He had studied the fall of Geeda for countless hours, the satellite images and recordings smuggled out and the com recordings of the conversations. The Humans had expertly brought a great city down in a few hours but it must have been in the works long before they made planet fall. In some ways they were doing the same to Potellan. The city was flooded with those fleeing the war and seeking safe haven which will stretch the city’s resources. He watched them from the High Chiefs pyramid, a long column stretching to the horizon, farmers, scavengers, merchants, breeders, elderly and many more from all walks of life but none of what he wanted. Warriors. He had put any who could carry a rifle into service and was still in the middle of training them.

It was slow as they had never fired a rifle before and Benemar rifles are bulky and have a huge kick to them when fired, some were knocked over when shooting their rifle for the first time. But, they were still there to defend their homes and one man defending his home is stronger than ten invaders. Besides, he had the walls too, these were not like the walls of Geeda, these were three times higher and twice as thick. They had cannons mounted on them that were usually mounted on starships and with this arsenal and a desperate army he was confident he could break the Humans here. But the worst part of it all, he had to wait for the enemy to come to him. They had the initiative and could depict the flow and pace of this war, that was an advantage he needed to take away.

Oolana sat on a bench staring into space, she had not eaten in nearly two days as what little she could carry when fleeing home had either been stolen by others or she had had to eat herself. She thought of her son Creten and her husband Malthos. She had already lost three children and Malthos was determined to make sure she lost her last one, she never scorned him the way his father did in fact she had found delight in the fact he was so different from his siblings. Preferring to disappear and look for new plants or creatures while his bothers and sister practised their shooting and bladework. But now, like them he was gone and so was her husband, he may have been hard but he was loving in his own way she wept at the thought of how he might have died. These Humans, these monsters that were ravaging their world had come and taken everything from her and she hated them, loathed them, cursed them. Then someone got her attention, a merchant mentioned the town of Mela, her town.

“Excuse me” she said grabbing his arm “What did you say about the town of Mela?”

“Oh that place, it’s gone, burned to the ground I saw on my way here from Geeda, where the survivors were taken”

“What? Survivors?”

“Yeah, I hear most of that town are in Geeda now, there is a little one there causing a bit of mess by talking about peace and understanding with the Humans”

Her eyes lit up “Was he small with short hair and no tusks and with a scar across his left brow?”

The Merchant looked at her confused “I didn’t get a good look at him but he was small and had no tusks”

“Creten!” she screamed “Take me to Geeda, NOW!”

The Merchant was taken back by her sudden request and held his hands up “I am not going back for another three days while I restock and return to trade, and besides, can you pay me to take you there?”

Oolana froze and released him, she ahd nothing, no money and nothing to trade…except. She pulled him close and whispered in his ear and the merchants eyes lit up with desire.

“I accept your payment”

Jenkins was about half way through his metamorphosis as it was being called, he had refused to rest which would make it go faster but as he said he had too much to do so as a side effect he was at a point between Human and what was next. He ached and was still getting used to the extra joint growing in his leg, the tail was a bit annoying as well as he kept sitting on it and it was very sensitive so it hurt.

But all that was forgotten for when his connection to the Link intensified he heard a conversation between the Conduit and the Nerve. What he heard shocked him.

The Conduit sat opposite him in his office tent neither saying anything.

“Can you say that again please” he asked.

“The Gal…are dying”

“Um…elaborate please”

The Conduit seemed uneasy speaking about this, or maybe it was not sure how.

“We were never meant to take the form that you see before you now, we were originally designed to be a biological weapon. Microscopic in size, the physical form was not supposed to be available to us but we evolved and overcame, but at a price. We are dying, we can no longer produce new spawn”

Jenkins sat in shock, he didn’t want to believe this “Is there a way to reverse this, can we help at all?”

“You already have” the Conduit said and even though it had no true face Jenkins sensed it smile.

“The symbionts”

“Yes, we used the last of our spawning capabilities to produce as many of them as possible to give to you, the Gal as you know will go extinct but our genetic material and legacy will live on in you. Right now your president is being told this too and soon through the Link everyone shall know”

Jenkins sat back in his chair, it had had a part of the back taken out so his tail could fit comfortably through and the chair was higher as his legs were now longer. He held his head with one hand watching the Conduit.

“You’ve been planning this since the beginning haven’t you?”

The Conduit could not hide his surprise that Jenkins figured that out.

“It did occur to us during our first contact that we may be as Humans say, cut form the same cloth, we knew of our impending end even then and were searching for  way to continue. Finding you we saw ourselves for what we could have been and this plan was formulated as a possibility. When peace came to our races we began putting it into action”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jenkins asked.

“We were scared, we were afraid you would refuse or even kill us and wipe us out and our work to liberate those oppressed under the Alliance would go unfinished” the Conduit said feeling an emotion it could not understand, if it had eyes it would have cried.

“Oh Gal” Jenkins said getting up and embracing the Conduit “You have nothing to fear form us, we accept you and are thankful for these gifts you have given us. I admit these new bodies take some getting use to but Humans are very adaptable. You are us and we are you, knowing that how could we ever hate you?”

The Nerve heard this and this conversation was heard by every remaining Gal and even the Humans heard it, the Gal’s secret as they thought was in fact, their hope and the Humans cried and laughed and embraced the Gal thanking them and saying how happy they were to have met them. Such a scene would have been thought impossible years ago when these two races met on the battle field intent on killing each other. Now they were family and they were sad for one was dying, but they would live on, inside Humanity. Or as they were now calling themselves, The Celestrians.

“You have no idea, sweetheart”

You and Troy are getting closer on a trip to the trading post.

Prompt: “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy” & “If you so much as touch a hair on her, I will skin you.”

Fandom: Fear The Walking Dead

Pairing: Troy Otto x reader

Words: ~1700

Warnings: Implied smut, maybe?

The bazaar at the trading post was crowded and noisy, dozens and dozens of people haggling and making deals in English as well as Spanish. Your eyes scan the people at different tables until you find the one you had been looking for. “There,” you motion your head in the direction of the woman known as Maria Lu. Troy nods and starts approaching the table confidently. When you reach it, he sits down uninvited, leaning his arms on the wooden surface, while you remain standing.

“I hear you can get us water,” Troy says, his voice certain and authoritative.

The woman smiles confidently. “You hear right.”

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Dr. Rodolfo Neri Vela

Rodolfo Neri Vela (born 19 February 1952) is a Mexican scientist and astronaut who flew aboard a NASA Space Shuttle mission in the year 1985. He is the first Mexican, and the second Latin-American to have traveled to space.

Neri was born in Chilpancingo de los Bravo, Guerrero, Mexico. He is a professor for the Telecommunications Department in the Electrical Engineering Division of the Engineering Faculty, at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He is Mexican born of Spanish and Italian ancestry.

Neri received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and electrical engineering, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) 1975, and received a master’s degree in science, specialized in telecommunications systems, in 1976 from the University of Essex, England. Neri then received a doctorate degree in electromagnetic radiation from the University of Birmingham in 1979, and performed one year of postdoctoral research in waveguides at the University of Birmingham.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, United States; The Institution of Electrical Engineers, UK; Asociación Mexicana de Ingenieros en Comunicaciones Eléctricas y Electrónicas, Mexico; and Colegio de Ingenieros Mecánicos y Electricistas, Mexico.

Neri has worked as a dadthe Institute of Electrical Research, Mexico, in the Radiocommunications Group, doing research and system planning on antenna theory and design, satellite communications systems, and Earth station technology.

He is currently also a full-time researcher at the Electric Engineering department of the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM.

In 2016 debuted as a voice actor in the movie Finding Dory as the voice intercom announcer for the Institute PA system, in the Latin dubbing; in the English dub this role is performed by Sigourney Weaver.

Vgf Neri was a Payload Specialist aboard the STS-61-B Atlantis mission, from (November 26 to December 3, 1985). STS-61B launched at night from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and returned to land at Edwards Air Force Base, California. During the mission the crew deployed the MORELOS-B, AUSSATT II, and SATCOM K-2 communications satellites, conducted two six-hour spacewalks to demonstrate space station construction techniques with the EASE/ACCESS experiments, operated the Continuous Flow Electrophoresis (CRFES) experiment for McDonnell Douglas and a Getaway Special (GAS) container for Telesat, Canada, conducted several Mexican Payload Specialists Experiments for the Mexican government, and tested the Orbiter Experiments Digital Autopilot (OEX DAP).

At mission conclusion, Neri had traveled 2.4 million miles (3.8 million km) in 108 Earth orbits, and logged over 165 hours in space.

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With all the traveling that Cress and Thorne do, I assume that they end up back in the Sahara at some point for one reason or another. How does their return go? What kind of memories does it dredge up? What do they do while they're there?

As you can imagine, they are quite weary when their schedules begin to take them to northern Africa. Like anyone who hasn’t had the chance to deal with physical and emotional trauma in a healthy way, they try to hide all of their anxiety from each other and worst, themselves. 

  • Their schedules never take them into the Sahara proper, but whenever they fly overhead and Cress gets a glimpse of the vast ocean of sand, an ice cold shiver runs down her spine. 
    • Once, she thought she might be able to track down her satellite, but after hours of searching she could find no trace of it or the Lunar podship that was smashed. She decided it was probably for the best.
  • One of Cress’s biggest fears about returning to that region in Africa was the idea of running into Jina again. They were never turned in for kidnapping Cress and there was a very real possibility that Jina and her group were still running the trade routes. 
    • Luckily, their delivery schedule took them to the major cities in the area: Cairo, Tripoli, Timbuktu; where the antidotes would then be delivered to the surrounding regions. Still, for a long time Thorne and Cress tried to spend as little time in these places as possible, only stopping long enough to refuel and hand the shipments over. 
      • Even the sweltering heat that hit them when they stepped off the Rampion was reminder enough of their many brushes with death. 
  • It wasn’t until their second trip to Cairo, when the Rampion’s engine was overheating from excessive sand intake and Cress and Thorne had to spend a couple of days in Egypt while the ship was being worked on, that they began to really experience the beauty of the region. 
    • They would walk hand in hand through the spice markets and quiz each other on different smells and tastes. 
    • They ventured out to tour the great pyramids of Giza and took hilarious forced perspective photos that were promptly sent to the rest of the Rampion crew.
    • They even allowed themselves to be talked into visiting Algeria (by one of the friends they made at the Cairo port) and they fell in love with the Ancient Roman ruins that dotted the country.
    • And when Cress caught a glimpse of the herds of camels lazily lounging in the Guelta d'Archei, well, she was a goner. 
  • Soon, every one of Cress and Thorne’s horrible memories of their experience in the Sahara were replaced by wonderful new ones.
    • Memories of fitful and fevered sleep were replaced with new ones of falling asleep in each other’s arms while a cool night breeze floated through an open window.
    • Memories of looking up into the vast night sky, wondering where they could possibly be were replaced with new ones of moonlit kisses and stargazing–making wishes on shooting stars and trying to guess what each other’s wishes were.
    • Memories of greedy, hateful people were replaced with new ones of smiling faces and dinners with new friends that last well past midnight. 

Want more headcanons? You can find them here.


The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage of Monday’s Rokot launch, which deployed three civilian communication satellites and a classified payload. Launch occurred at 9:48 AM EDT from Launch Site 133 at the Plestek Cosmodrome, 550 miles north of Moscow.

The three Gonets-M satellites were deployed two hours after launch, marking the 21, 22 and 23 members of the Gonets constellation to achieve orbit.  Kosmos 2499, a classified military satellite riding piggyback, also rode into orbit, although the Defense ministry did not release any further information.

Rokot is based off the SS-19 Stiletto ICBM used during the latter years of the Cold War. During the mid-1990′s, decommissioned SS-19′s were modified for commercial launch purposes. The addition of a Briz-KM third stage allows Rokot to launch payloads into Earth orbit.

This was the 24th orbital flight of the launcher, which will be decommissioned in 2016.


India launches fourth domestic navigation satellite.

A PSLV-XL launch vehicle successfully deployed India’s fourth domestic navigation satellite Saturday afternoon, 28 March, at 5:19 PM India Standard Time (7:49 EM EDT). The IRNSS-ID satellite is part of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, a series of seven satellites the country will eventually rely on for navigational data. Currently, India relies on foreign navigation constellations.

Launch occurred from the Second Launch Pad at the Satish Dhawan space center near Sriharikota.

The 144 foot tall rocket is the strongest version of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle - one of two rockets in India’s fleet. PSLV, as its name implies, specializes in polar-orbiting missions, while the GSLV specializes in Geostationary transfer orbit.

The PSLV-XL has been flown eight times previously including India’s two deep-space missions, the Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission in 2008 and the Mars Orbiter Mission in 2013.

Nineteen minutes after launch, the IRNSS-ID satellite separated from the fourth stage of the rocket, completing the mission. Controllers on the ground will perform a series of tests over the next month before the satellite becomes operational.

IRNSS will provide two types of services; Standard Positioning Services (SPS) - provided to all users - and Restricted Services (RS), provided to authorized users. The constellation is expected to be completed by 2016.

This was the second launch of navigational satellites in a 24 hour period, the first being the 7th and 8th satellites in Europe’s Galileo constellation. That launch occurred from Europe’s spaceport in French Guiana at 5:46 PM EDT Friday.

Watch a replay of the launch here.

Check out our ISRO launch archive here.

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For the writing prompt thing!! (If you're still doing that!) 21! Bonus for some sort of neighbor type deal? 😖

I’m always taking prompts, anon! This one actually fits kinda well in with my Duplex AU that I’ve been working on. So enjoy! (Maka’s a little OOC but I dunno maybe she got into some philosophy books)

21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” plus the bonus

Singin’ in the Rain

Soul Evans’s new neighbor was weird, of this much he was sure. She moved into the other unit of his shitty duplex several months ago and he’d barely spoken a word to her. Granted, that was probably his own fault considering he’d sped off on his motorcycle when she tried to introduce herself. She was kinda cute with her pigtails, ok? He tended to lose his cool around cute girls and her big green eyes made him nervous.

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L - 2 hours - SES and Falcon 9 ready for second launch attempt.

Tonight’s launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the SES-9 satellite is now two hours away. Liftoff is slated for 6:46 pm EDT. Weather is currently 80% chance of favourable conditions, with ground and upper lever winds being the primary concerns.