satellite flight journey to mother moon



Hey ppl. It’s me again and back by popular demand are my Weeknd polaroid-style custom album covers. They have done really well and I want to thank everyone who ever viewed, liked or reblogged any of them. Enjoy!

These feelings I have you’ll find out never, unless you’re clever.
I’ll admire you from afar, star
Keep doing all the great things you’re doing
You got it going on young lady.

Cut me down
Slice me deep
I dare you
Burn my crown
Spit on my grave
I’ll make you
See my face
See my face
I’ll haunt you
Deep in the dark
Behind your eyes
I’m on you
Salt of the Earth
Bird of the Heavens
You hear them
All in the hell
The hollowest halls
Don’t fear them
Here I am
The warrior man
Here I stand
The warrior man
—  Scott Mescudi