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blackface 2.0 “White girls are evolving”

The whole problem with this is that she is choosing to look black only when it suits her. She’s reaping the benefits of black beauty without any of the difficulties people of colour have to live with. That it what cultural appropriation is! And some black people actually think this is acceptable and it’s not. Y'all will support BS like this but won’t support black businesses..     

The Long Game

standalone; nc-17; smut & fluff; season 7; it’s pretty much PWP between two agents who are stupidly in love and probably mistakenly believe they have all the time in the world to be together. 


She doesn’t kiss him when he gets off the plane, bleary-eyed and harassed, although she kind of wants to. Pissy Mulder with his grim little mouth is cute when it’s not directed at her or government conspiracies or poor nurses who have no clue why he’s shouting at them. He mutters some interesting curses while throwing bags around in the luggage claim and Scully watches him patiently, hands clasped behind her back. 

When he finally finds his bag he curses a little more, but his tone lifts, and when he swivels to see Scully standing behind him, his face goes soft and the tension drains from his body like air from a popped balloon.

“Scully,” he smiles. “Hi.” 

He is not a little bit shamed by his petulant display.

“Hi yourself,” Scully says. She reaches to smooth some wrinkles from his jacket, and his eyes follow her hands. “Let’s get out of here. There’s a whole lot of terrible Chinese takeout with our names on it.”

He doesn’t kiss her, either, but it’s pretty obvious he wants to.

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CS Pillow Talk - in which Killian asks Emma about his wish realm counter part

Here is my first attempt at a pillow talk fic for Captain Swan. I don’t know if many of these have been written since the original post, but I really liked the idea by @captainjayharkness from this post, for quiet talks between Emma and Killian as they share their bed.  Unbeta’d because I just wanted to post this thing, all mistakes are mine. Rated M, but just barely, 2k words. 

ao3     ffnet

They lay there in bed, a warm, comforting ambiance surrounding them in their sated state. It was late into the evening and the only light present was the moonlight shining through their window, illuminating them in pale shades. Facing each other, they each wore a silly smile, stupidly happy over an uninterrupted moment to partake in each other. Killian’s expression became pensive as he continued to stare into his true love’s eyes.

“What is it, Mr. Jones? I can read you too, you know? Something is stirring in that head of yours,” Emma told him, then took his right hand in her left and laced their fingers before bringing their joined hands to her heart.

“Well, I was just…” he trailed off, unsure where to start. He didn’t want her to think he was being ridiculous.

She unlaced their fingers and put his hand on her bare chest, at her heart, then brought her hand to his face to caress his scruffy cheek. “Anything, Killian, you can say anything to me.”

He chuckled at her ability to put him at ease with such simple words. “Okay. Remember when we traveled back to the Enchanted Forest to save your parent’s future?”

Emma nodded her head, smiling fondly at the memory.

“And when we were written into Isaac’s story?  Camelot, the Underworld, even the beanstalk-”

“Yes, babe, I remember it all. Why?”

Killian took his hand from her heart and wrapped his arm around her torso, mirroring the closeness he wished to speak about, “In each of those scenarios we found each other, saved each other, or made quite the team fighting off evil. We were more together than apart, like the universe was telling us that in any time or place, you and I were meant to be.”

Emma didn’t know quite where he was headed, but she waited patiently, caressing his cheek.

“You haven’t told me much about what went on in the wish realm, but I do know we crossed paths. And, well, I was just wondering if there was any connection between us, as there always has been?”

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Pairing: Kuro/Mahiru
Fandom: Servamp
Rating: N / SFW

Notes: short smutty one shot that I might edit and put into a longer fanfiction. Been struggling to write lately so I thought I’d write a little thing and it ended up being this. I hope you like it! I miss KuroMahi a lot; it’s a shame the tag rarely updates! Under a read more for obvious reasons!

He falls on the bed at an angle. The pillow corner presses into the side of his head, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not when Kuro drapes his slender body over him, intertwining their fingers upon the cheap bed sheet. Nor can he help the rise in red on his cheeks or the sunshine in his smile that lures Kuro’s lips to his own.

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A Pocktful of Jelly Beans, Ch. 22

Summary: AU Accountant Tom and his wife are on their way to a party when they are overtaken by masked gunmen and secrets are forced to light.

Genre: Thriller/Angst

Rating: M (abduction/flashbacks, brief depiction of gun violence, bruising/marking, non-explicit sexual content…please see individual chapter warnings)

Author’s Notes: This chapter is very strong in the prosetry style that I find myself employing now and then.  Please, read it slowly, imagine his voice and hear the cadence. There are two different sets of textual flashbacks from Amanda and Fictional Tom, both in Italics, but His are also in quotation marks. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for the Jelly Beans. I am very grateful for each Like, Comment, and Reblog.  <3

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 -Chapter 7-Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 -Chapter 13 -Chapter 14 - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 17 - Chapter 18 -Chapter 19 -Chapter 20 - Chapter 21




Another cycle.

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So What’s Your Story + A GF Secret Santa Fic

A very belated Merry Christmas to you, @lenfaz :]  I’m your GF SS and it’s been so fun sending you secret nosy messages while writing this.  I apologize that it took so long, but I hope you enjoy your FWB, detective Killian/newspaper editor Emma, brotherly Liam appearance, and CS shenanigans! XOXO

Word Count: 9,132 (because I did NOT get carried away haha)
Rating: M for mostly mature ;]

“Hey, what happened to your wrist?”

Emma barely had time to process the rather spontaneous question before her hand was pulled into the air for examination. She snatched it back regretfully fast before thinking up a realistic response. Dammit. An interrogation was the last thing she needed right now - especially since she had spent her fair share of time dealing with a certain detective lately. Yes, plenty of time. Well, about four months to be exact.

“What? Huh? Oh - that,” Emma deflected, pulling her sweater sleeve down over her hand as she turned back to the computer screen. “It’s, uh, it’s nothing. I just….scraped it on something.”

“Hmmm, on something, huh?”

Emma tried to give Ruby, her quite nosy little gossip columnist, a stoic stare to support her weak answer. That girl was a hard one to lie to though and Emma soon began to anxiously scroll up and down on the computer screen, trying to busy herself with the proofreading that needed to be done rather than the real reason for the little scuff on her skin. She had the newest edition to approve before it went to print and she needed to review the articles on her desk - not the memory of the man who’d very thoroughly reviewed her the night before. Yes, the type of reviewing that could be done from one’s knees with exploring hands and a determined intent.

That man and his methods were breaking all sorts of rules - and that same man, interestingly enough, just so happened to work for the law.

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Icing on the Cake (10/?)

is that REALLY what you want us to write on your custom-order cake?” Modern AU

Summary: Killian and Emma meet when Liam attempts to order a custom prank cake for Killian’s Birthday from Emma’s bakery. The two partners in crime find love, laughter and sweet surprises.

A/N: I hope this was worth all the build up. I had to keep it in bounds, seeing as this fic is T rated. It was tough, trust me. ;) Expect one more chapter after this and an epilogue. Thanks as always for the feedback!

(2660 words / Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6  Chapter 7 Chapter 8/  Chapter

“Close your eyes.”

“Really Swan, is that necessary?”


“Okay, okay, they’re closed.”

She carried the plate gingerly to the couch, not wanting the candle to blow out as she walked. Settling carefully down next to him, she smiled as his hand sought her knee behind his closed eyes, giving her a light squeeze once he found it.

“Okay, you can open them now.”

Killian’s gaze went to her first, causing tingles to run down her spine as she took in the expression of complete adoration behind his eyes. She watched as he turned to her coffee table to get a look at her creation, hoping he hadn’t gotten his hopes up for something as detailed as the bathtub cake. She had opted for a simple chocolate cake with strawberry filling, but she’d coated the whole thing in a dark chocolate ganache, topped off with a cluster of white and milk chocolate covered strawberries. The bottom of the circle cake was decorated with champagne flavored buttercream swirls to add just a bit of flair.

“Emma, this looks absolutely decadent. How did you know I was a sucker for chocolate and strawberries?”

“I have my sources.”

“Something tells me I owe that brother of mine another thank you, don’t I?”

“Considering he seems to have told me the truth, it looks like you do.”

Killian leaned over and placed a gentle kiss to her lips before looking back over to the cake. “Thank you, love.”

“Make a wish so we can eat this thing, will ya?”

“No need.”

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