sate pestage

threadsketchy replied to your post “if you’re still doing the headcanon thing, can i get anabasis!padme…”

I think Palpatine eating Padmé’s entire blaster cartridge is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever read.

Anakin agrees with you. Padme melted the face off the most powerful Sith Master in history, and she did it to defend him. That’s hot.

Although he’s forever complaining about having missed it, and not so secretly hoping Padme will open up on Sate Pestage or one of the Inquisitors or something, so he can see her in action this time.

(Also, that one time someone threatens to hurt Padme as a way to get to him is…probably the last time anyone tries that threat, because Anakin’s reaction is very unexpected. He doesn’t get angry. He doesn’t get protective. He just starts laughing. And finally, when he can make words again, he’s just like, “Dude, did you even see the vids from the Emperor’s death? She melted his face off. They had to do a genetic test to get a positive ID. Please pay her a visit. But I want to be there to watch when you do.”)

(Padme meanwhile is a bit disturbed by what Anakin finds hot, but also…kind of flattered? And okay maybe she kind of likes being the protective one. Maybe.)