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27 please! or 24 if it’s already taken haha. I love your fics btw, i read your WIP in one go last night, can’t wait for the next chapter! thank you! have a nice weekend xx

27 hasn’t been taken yet! (this one ended up really long!) and aw, thank you!! and oh my goodness, thats nearly 50k in a night! impressive :D and my weekend was pretty good! i managed to get bit by a spider ofc so ive been lazing about XD hope you have a good week nonnie xoxo

trigger warning for human trafficking (but they’re rescued)

27. “If we get caught I’m blaming you”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Chloe hisses at him, following closely behind him.

“Do you want to find out if he’s keeping the girls here, or not?” Lucifer asks, glancing back at her. 

They shouldn’t even be here, they’re breaking all kinds of protocol, but Lucifer made the man in lock up sing like a canary and the information had led them here. Marcus said it was inadmissible and wouldn’t sign off on an operation, even though finding the girls now or days later could mean the difference between life and death. 

It didn’t take much for Lucifer to talk her into investigating anyway.

Still, she’s not going to let him know that, “If we get caught, I’m blaming you.” she says instead. He steps forward, only to suddenly move backwards in between the shipping containers where they had been crouched.

“Lucifer!” she says, muffled by the sudden press of his back.

“Hush.” he says quietly, voice tight. A man walks slowly by, flashlight swinging. She places a hand in the space between Lucifer’s shoulder blades for balance and tries to breathe as soft as she can through her mouth, heart thudding in her ears. They wait in tense silence.

“He’s gone.” Lucifer murmurs quietly and moves forward. She follows behind, quick on his heels, gun held out and low. “Let’s go.”

They move as fast as they can without sacrificing stealth, listening and checking container after container with no luck. It’s not looking good.

Chloe reaches out to snag at Lucifer’s sleeve. “Maybe we should call it quits, Lucifer.” she says regretfully. 

His jaw clenches. 

“I know. I don’t want to either, but it’s too big of a warehouse to search ourselves.”

“Detective.” Lucifer protests.

“Hey!” a man shouts and they both freeze. Chloe thinks fast, instinct bringing her arm forward to lift her gun - only to find her wrist stopped by Lucifer’s unyielding grip.

“I’m sorry for this.” he says quickly.

“Lucifer, what ar-” she starts, only to be silenced by his mouth slanting against hers. She makes a slightly muffled protest, but he’s soft and skillful and she gets swept up in it, kissing him in return, the fingers from her free hand curling against his arm. 

His palm comes up to cup at her jaw, curving behind her head. He walks forward until her back is pressed to the cold metal of a container. She makes an embarrassing noise as the long line of his body presses against hers, her legs shifting to accommodate him.

“Hey, buddy. No partaking of the merchandise.” he guy grouses. Lucifer pulls back, keeping Chloe mostly obscured behind his height and turns to him, looking briefly annoyed.

“Sorry, man.” Lucifer says in that flat American accent. 

The man snorts. “You new around here? Just put her back with the others when you’re done, okay? The boss doesn’t like it when we have to track them down.”

“Right. I got a bit turned around.” Lucifer glances at the various containers. “Which one…?”

The man sighs and points. “The red one over there.”

Lucifer’s whole face goes suddenly vindictive. “Thank you, bad guy. You’ve been most helpful.” he says, normal inflection in place. And then he flashes his face at him. The man screams and passes flat out. Lucifer lets him crumple to the ground with a disdainful look. 

Chloe is trying to get her breathing under control, her whole body hot with want. He turns to look back at her and blinks.

“Are you alright, Detective?” he asks.

She swallows dryly. “Yep.” and nods a little shakily. 

He steps forward, concerned. “I apologize for accosting you, I couldn’t think -” 

She holds her hand up stopping both his progression and his sentence. “It’s fine, I understand.” But her body isn’t on the same page, still buzzing with arousal. “Let’s go save those girls.” she says, focusing.

“Right, of course.” Lucifer says with a little dip of his head. 

And the condition of the girls, all shuffled together inside the container, scared and clinging to each other, firmly takes her mind off the kiss. Lucifer is so gentle with them, careful with his hands, giving his jacket to a young girl whose top had been ripped. 

Chloe calls for backup and the police show up. Pierce is steamed with her, but he can’t argue with her results, which is the rescuing of nearly thirty abducted women. Paramedics are brought forward to examine the girls. Some ask Lucifer and Chloe to stay, so they do, waiting patiently with them the whole time.

Then it’s to the station to call families and take statements. The night is a blur of activity into the small hours of the morning, but eventually Chloe is released from duty with other cops taking over.

Lucifer has been told to go home and get some rest as well, his face weighted with exhaustion, shirt crinkled, sans jacket.

“You did good work, Lucifer.” she tells him and he smiles.

We did.” he corrects. “About - about the kiss -” he starts. “I am truly sorry for not getting your permission.”

“Well, you were under a bit of a time crunch.” she teases, absolving him. “Um,” she looks down at her feet. “You could ask.” she says, “for next time.” she says, hoping he understands what she’s telling him.

“Next time?” he repeats, looking at her, open and vulnerable. 

She nods firmly. “For next time.” she confirms, tucking hair behind her ear, finding it suddenly difficult to meet his eye.

He smiles wide and brilliant. “I will.” he promises.

“Good. Well, G’night, then.” she says, even though it’s breakfast time for the rest of the world.

He stands and she suddenly realizes how close he is. “Good morning, Detective.” and he trails fingers along her arm, touching just briefly at her fingers, before making his exit. She watches him go, goosebumps down her arm. 

[Scanlation] Sekai de Ichiban Mijikai I Love You {Haikyuu!! DJ, DaiSuga}

Another wonderful DJ from K2 company-sensei. I really love that sensei has the same OTPs as me ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

Usual disclaimer: Not for profit. For fans only. Please do not use the scans without permission under any circumstances. Do not repost / upload this to manga reading sites. Please support the author/artist by buying the doujinshi.

Warning: some drama and lots of fluff, mentions of AsaNoya, R-18

Title: Sekai de Ichiban Mijikai I Love You (I Love You: Number One Shortest Phrase in the World)

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The season finale left a large void in my heart… SPOILERS (I THINK): im like fuck you hannibal, fuck you fbi blond oldie, fuck  you unloaded pistol, fuck everything, omg bedannibal (i think)

So i need to sate my need with fanart. makes me tastier… ha.

Please don’t repost or something, and please ask permission if you’re going to use it please.

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Who are your favorite fanfic authors?

My immediate thought when I got this ask was, “I don’t have many favourite authors??” but then I sat down to type out a list, and wow, I actually have a lot?

Disclaimer: I’ve been in fandom for like? 8 years? And read for heaps of fandoms. And I’m bad at bookmarking. There are so many fic authors that I’ve literally cried over that I can’t remember right now

  • telm_393 - Their Daredevil fics are among my favourite but sadly they haven’t updated in a while. Still, their writing style is so nice I had to include them here. Favourite fic: Bless Thee, Keep Thee
  • ChaoticReactions - writes a good chunk of my favourite voltron fics. Shiro centric, whumpy, and mostly gen - a perfect combination. Updates scarily often (how do???). Favourite fic: the Let The Spectrum In series
  • godlet - the way they write Peter makes me fall in love all over again. Lots of autistic!Peter (!!) with other characters. Favourite fic: WHAT sugar daddy(s)??
  • spiderstanspiderstan - handles their characters wonderfully and very maturely while still emphasising how problematic some actions might be (I love #sociopolitical tantruming). A precious, precious Peter. Favourite fic: Unprecedented 
  • Biromantic_Nerd - writes a lot of Peter in ways that both hurt and soothe all at once. I’m not even that crazy about Parksborn, but I’ll read it forever if they’re writing it. Favourite fic: What Friends Are For
  • Fernandidilly_yo - precious!Peter with lots of feel good interactions. Special mention for writing a fic with bracers!Peter. Favourite fic: Brace for Impact
  • AliciaRoseFantasy - Can you say New York/Spider-Man?? Special mention for sating my need for Peter interacting with civilians. Lots of hurt/comfort with emphasis on the comfort. Favourite fic: Helping Hand
  • ImBadWithWords - wonderful genfic with such a sweet Peter. Smother this boy in love!! Favourite fic: highs and lows 
  • reena_jenkins - not an author, but deserves a mention for her astounding podfics. Has almost 800 works, don’t make me pick a favourite.
  • Starlightify - will face canon and walk backwards into hell. Amazing world building, respectful of characters, makes DCU look boring. Their Clark Kent is so GOOD?? Ugh, I adore. Favourite fic: repairing the world series
  •  starkraving - more amazing Clark fics and beautiful world building. I WOULD KILL A MAN FOR ‘INTERVIEW
  • Unpretty - haven’t read all their works, but when I do, I’m completely, utterly delighted. I want to live in their brain. Favourite fic: #weedhorse69
  • Aaiero - I haven’t read their fics since I was like? 14? But I remember being in awe of the way they wrote and the way they handled Aang and his position as Avatar. I should really give their stuff another read through. Favourite fic: What I Discovered

Do you know why I fucking love the kalagang scene when Wolfgang was basically forced to sing What’s Up? 

 Because it was clear that he was uncomfortable on stage and was just basically trying to get through the song. He was singing but it was broken; he’d stop momentarily then sing (hence why we didn’t hear Wolfgang sing the part “and I pray, oh my god do I pray” the first time that part came along in the song).

 But when he fucking saw Kala, he paused and fucking genuinely smiled really big and actually SANG THE SONG like he had no care in world, singing at the top of his lungs, and throwing his arms around as he sang the song with a fucking passion with Kala.

his reaction legit went from this: 

to this:

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I've been thinking of ways to sate my need for sangwoo and bum to be together without it being angsty or romantic. And I thought what if one day bum musters up some courage and snaps at sangwoo, and sangwoo is just kinda… into it. Hmm… then la de da happens and they end up murdering together or some shit

Oh? I can see this as a huge possibility and Sangwoo would LOVE to see confident Bum

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It’s International Fanworks Day! (according to the banner on AO3) So, I’ve decided to make a rec list to show my appreciation for some of the amazing fanfic authors out there whose work I have invested my time into with no regrets.

I spend SO MUCH TIME reading fanfiction that there’s no way I could possibly fit all of the stories I’ve enjoyed onto a reasonably sized post, so I’ve limited myself to three res per pairing. I love pretty much all the fanfiction I read, but these are just some of the ones that stood out to me.


(which I’ve been a slut for for over a year now so I’ve had so much to chose from)

Quriosity by dr_girlfriend

The snark in this fic is so wonderful, I laughed so many times. The relationship between James and Q is so great as well because Q’s past causes them to take their physical relationship slow, meaning they have to take more time to get to genuinely know each other first and I really appreciate how unique that is for 00Q fics. Also Q’s back story is really well fleshed out and the author did such a good job developing his character.

The Battlefield by Jen (Consulting Writers)

Such a cute story and perfect for squealing over the fluffiness. MI6 gets together for their interdepartmental paintball fight and Q-branch is just as devious as you would expect them to be. I absolutely adore reading about Q being the perfect overlord to his devoted minions and this fic is full of that. I fangirl over this fic every time I read it.

The Perils of Dating a Werewolf by BootsnBlossoms and Kryptaria

Basically everyone is in love with Q but James Bond is superior to all of them. Which are always fun fics to read. The supernatural twist on this one is absolutely adorable though. Bond and Q are so adorable in this together. A much fluffier turn on a werewolf fic than what you normally see, which is part of why I find it so fun to read.


Brooklyn by togina

Basically everyone knows Steve is in love with Bucky except for Bucky. Which really hadn’t been a problem until surprise! Bucky came back from the dead too! I distinctly remember getting really emotional about this fic one night and I think it had to do with the fact that I looked up all the 40’s songs it mentioned and it made me into an emotional wreck. Thus, I highly recommend it.

First, Do No Harm by BarqueBatch and SkyisGray

Bucky works for the mob! And raises his two little sisters! And wants Steve to be his doctor/sugar daddy! Like I don’t know what else you would need from a fic? Bucky is adorable and Steve is exasperated and they do their best to be good parental figures and stuff.

Critical Feline Mass by Kryptaria and rayvanfox

The snark is so on par with this fic. Absolutely wonderful. I’ve reread this one so many times. Steve rents out his basement to a fellow vet and realizes he’s in so much trouble when he finds out just how attractive his new tenant is. Also, kittens!


(It’s been so long since I’ve read for them but my love has never diminished)

Stitches by Askance

Oh the angst! I love it so much! Written circa season 7, Cas survives the Leviathan attack but only barely and Dean and Sam nurse him back to health. Cas and Dean’s relationship is so sweet in this one as Cas slowly gets better and it just warms my heart so much. And breaks it of course with the angst, but I bring that upon myself willingly.

Like you never had wings by teskodanceparty

Reverse!verse, because I’m always a slut for those. Also Gabe and Anna and good old family sacrifice, only on the flip side this time. It reads like poetry.

Flame by ShippersList

A/B/O but with even more supernaturaly elements thrown in. Part 1 of a 3 part series. Dean gets stranded in a marsh one night that is known for luring in young Alphas and not letting them go. It’s so sad and happy at the same time. Like I don’t know how it does that but it’s absolutely amazing.


(I just saw Deadpool last night, I couldn’t not include them in this list)

Quackery by CAPSING

In a world where people have the first words their soulmate will say to them on their wrists Peter has the most random word and that makes him so frustrated because it means he keeps spending all his time around birds like why is this his life? This fic is so cute but also with a touch of angst, which just makes it all the better.

I’ll Always Protect You by WillowSong

Peter gets caught without his suit and kidnapped but he’s also engaged to Deadpool so he just kind of has to shake his head at his stupid stupid kidnappers. This is such a cute fic and I absolutely adore the way Wade is written, his rambling is on point and his and Peter’s banter is fantastic.

London Spy

Spies and lovers, lies and covers by inthepapers3times

After London Spy I desperately needed fix-it fics and this one was so good at sating my mighty need. Completely different rework of the story where instead of, you know, dying, Alex takes Danny on the run with him. There’s deceit and betrayal and manipulation, but through all of it Alex just loves Danny so much and really that’s all I need from my London Spy fics.

Seven Year Revival by Aoidos

Cute and sweet tid-bits of Alex and Danny’s relationship when everything was happy where they’re still getting used to each other. Honestly, I felt like this fic helped me to understand the characters so much better once I was done watching, since there’s so much drama in the series that the characters end up being a little bare bones. It really pushed me over the final edge in falling in love with these boys.

Revival by Aoidos

Absolutely wonderful fix-it fic. I really appreciate how everything isn’t just magically better and Danny and Alex have to work for their relationship. An absolute must read for anyone in the LS fandom. These boys are so precious, they’re going to be the death of me.

If it tells you what kind of mental place I’m in this evening I’ve been blasting System of a Down and figuring out which movie is properly violent enough to sate my need to see blood and mayhem 😂


oh If I’d only seen
that the joke was on me

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Shaxx with animals? More specifically the usual cats, dogs and horses (I love horses pls sate my needs). Does he like them, has he looked after them before/how good is he with said animal? Would he own a pet? Tysm <33

Gonna break this up by animal since his opinions vary. Generally, I’d say he might own a pet, but it’d depend on what it was. The only problem I could see with him owning a pet is the time he’d have to put into taking care of it, but otherwise I think it’d be really good for him to have one.

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