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Excuse me, but what are the colours associated with? Can I have a list with all of them and their associations? Thx

Colors can be perceived in many different ways considering on how or where you’re using them. I read auras and that’s where I use most of my color associations. And I use the same color associations when I pick a bag color for any satchets I make. I won’t go super far into detail but if you wish for more indepth associations (like different shades of a certain color) I recommend looking to tags such as: aura colors, color meanings, etc.


Red is often associated with strength, vitality, and passion. Red often means grounded, realistic, active, survival orientated. Red will bring strength into your work when used as such.

Orange -

Orange is linked to reproductive organs and emotions. It can often mean or bring about good health, vigor, vitality, and excitement. It stimulates creativity, self expression, and energy.


Yellow is connected to life energy. It is the color of awakening and inspiration. It promotes intelligence, happiness, optimism, and creativity. Some shades can show an emerging psychic and spiritual awareness. 

Green -

Green is grounded, associated with the heart and lungs, it is a strong color and promotes healing, balance, growth, and change. The color is closely connected to nature and will help with any magic concerning so. However different shades of green can promote jealousy and envy of another. 

Blue -

Blue makes most feel calm, cool, and collected. It is a caring color, it shows sensitivity, intuition, and love. Most shades of blue will bring about peacefulness, clarity, and communication.

Violet -

Violet is the most sensitive and the wisest of all colors. This color is the most intuitive of them all. Violet can reveal psychic power is someone. The color is also visionary, futuristic, artistic, and magical. Violet will help connect you to a higher form of yourself.


Pink is associated with love and tenderness. It is loving, sensitive, sensual, and affectionate. It will promote purity, love,and compassion. Pink often shows in auras when a new love is introduced.


Brown and other earth colors have a sense of grounding. Often associated with soil, crops, and minerals. These colors can promote fertility, stability, and grounding in your work. Seeing this color is important and often a good sign.

Black -

Black is deep, it pulls light towards it and it consumes it. Black can often be associated with grounding, wisdom, protection, and learning. However it can also show a lack of forgiveness, health problems, and past problems in one’s life. 

White -

White is a pure color, rare in auras and strong when brought into magic. White will reflect energy. White can promote a strong sense of purity, as well as peace, balance, and healing. White that sparkles or flashes may indicate the presence of angels or other holy beings. 

I hope I have helped you in some way with your color associatons. Mine are mostly human based as I use them to read auras, but it applies to most things. Good luck with your work.


I made a sleep satchet for while we’re traveling on vacation, since sleeping in hotel rooms with family members who snore and now one who uses a fairly loud oxygen device can make it hard for me to get a good night’s rest. Stuck it in my pillow and downloaded some like…9 hour long sleep meditation music and put my headphones in while I slept.

I had a really restful sleep and woke up feeling well rested and energized. Thank the Lord my satchet works!!


Gardening update!!

My beautiful French lavender dried out and I had to trim her down. Poor beauty. At least I took the opportunity to harvest the flowers and I turned one into a bottle charm and the rest into a satchet.

My English lavender had previously dried out but is now growing back, if only just weirdly shaped. But otherwise okay. Hmm.

Then my poor peppermint…it had some weird black spots on the leaves. I trimmed it down last week and it’s growing back, leaves free of black spots!

I bought a new mint plant (mojito mint) on Sunday and I finally potted it, along with some chives.

And my succulents are just super big and gorgeous.