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Browsing second hand book stores has such a calming effect…

What’s In My Satchel? 

I’ve had a few people ask me to create a post on all the essentials I have with me in my bag for study sessions or lectures, so here goes:

Being at Girton College, the furthest from the city centre, I have to make sure I don’t forget anything when I want to spend the day studying in town, so organisation is key, and I definitely have a few go-to items that I know I will always want to have with me. First things first: notebooks and pens. 

Anyone who knows me will know that I love the Moleskine notebooks with squared pages; handwriting looks neater in them, they’re great for to-do lists, you can draw timetables…the list is endless - I just love them. As they offer, presentation-wise, that bit more organisation, I only really use moleskins for my rough notes or initial thoughts. Its easier for me to read my rough notes when I use a Moleskine for some reason. I usually then copy up my notes onto lined paper to be filed away neatly in folders, and I like to use Oxford paper, as it feels beautiful, rips easily from the pad, and the ink never bleeds through to the other side - if you try this paper you will be converted instantly. And when it comes to pens I always like to have a few highlighters, fine liners and thick-brushed pens in different colours to brighten things up! 

Next on the list is my iPad and my black Moleskine everyday planner/bullet journal/sorting-out-my-life notebook. I don’t have much to say other than my iPad is really useful for when I’m taking notes from library books and need to reference for a bibliography. I’m also currently looking into apps which will mean that I can begin using my iPad more productively, so I will update on that (any suggestions please tell me!). 

The next items are a little more personal, but when preparing for a long library day its easy to forget the items that make you feel more human. As much as I love old, dusty books from the library, they can make my hands feel really dirty and dry, so to prevent myself constantly running off to the bathroom to wash my hands I always carry some hand gel. I usually have my favourite perfume with me, because I like to have some kind of fragrance at hand, and I always have my favourite lip balm too, because having dry lips is the worst. I do wear makeup pretty much every day, but personally carrying around lots of makeup takes up too much space in a bag; I tried it at school and ended up never even using it, so now I just leave the makeup at home and have faith in the idea that my face doesn’t look that bad… although if I’m feeling red lipstick, I’ll bring some for top-ups. 

I don’t have pictures here of other items I bring with me, such as any textbooks/set texts that I need for the day, and most importantly a bottle of water, but these are also on my list! I hope this shows that heavy bags filled with every single item of stationary you own are not essential to effectively studying, and instead will probably do a bit of physical damage. I’d say that a notebook and pen is all you really need, but I bring a few added extras for my own benefit. So there we have it - you now know the secrets of my satchel…

-Sarah xoxo


Outfit of the Day, Winter.

Hi everybody, apologies for being a little absent for the last week or so. Christmas is a very busy time for me, I haven’t really had time to do anything at all! Finally got around to taking some photos today, however, they have been taken on my phone rather than my camera.

Jacket: ASDA £30
Dress: Dorothy Perkins concession £25
Shoes: Topshop £55ish
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company £130

My hair really isn’t up to much today, it’s in that awkward dry stage. I’m trying to train it to not need washing everyday! So, sumo bun!