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Heyy moon what are the ingredients that aid divination? I want to make a sachet to keep in my tarot box so I can give accurate readings. Thanks!

Wow I can’t imagine I never wondered about that lol!

Here is a little recipe for a sachet that will help you develop intuition and in your readings, but well, it will not assure you accurate readings, keep that in mind. Like you say, it is an aid, the real work and energy come from you ^^

Charm bag to help with divination

- a white quartz

- a violet little sachet with a golden or silver ribbon to knot it

- 2 flowers among these: jasmine, hibiscus, violet, dandelion

- cinnamon

- lemon balm

While you put all the ingredients in the bag, focus on what you want to accomplish, on you giving accurate readings, seeing what need to be seen, etc. Knot the bag with the ribbon. Put it in your tarot box and let it does its work^^

The Moon Mermaid