The Rembrandt Films Headquarters just received this rare image of Satcha Nudnik!!! If he looks familiar to you, it’s because he is Nudnik’s Papa!!! The photo came via a glass bottle by way of the ocean (don’t ask). Happy belated Father’s Day goes out to all the papas around the world from Nudnik, Gene, and the Rembrandt Films crew!

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Satcha exhaled softly as she walked off her college’s campus. She was fortunate that she could blend in, could pass for a normal being, and did not wear her gift, or curse, on her skin. 

She walked past an upperclassman chasing a paper around in the wind and took pity on him. She direct the wind back to him, smacking the paper into his chest. She saw the relief in his face and for a moment she felt good about herself before continuing on.

Satcha was a witch, a good one at that, but she didn’t know too many others like her and being surrounded by remarkable unremarkable beings who would never know what it was like to cast a spell, transform willingly or otherwise, or know what it was like to have the gifts she had, wore on her. 

Taylor Lautner visits Despierta America

Taylor Lautner and Satcha Pretto. Photo by: Mariana Atencio

Channel: Entertainment

Actor Taylor Lautner, famous werewolf in the Twilight saga, visited Despierta America this morning to present his new movie Abduction

Lautner, who speaks no Spanish, was interviewed by Despierta America’s Karla Martinez, Chiquinquira Delgado and Satcha Pretto, who were more than thrilled to have him in set. The actor gracefully smiled when asked about his off screen relationship with actress Lily Collins and added that they are very good friends. 

The action packed thriller Abduction will released September 23.

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