iwasacowboyking replied to your post: Can we please get out of here as soon as possible? My parents don’t understand how unhappy I am and they don’t understand why I can’t get over michael or why I want to leave so bad. My mom doesn’t think I can make it on my own and I’m starting to think I can’t either. I’ve lost to many important people in my life so I really don’t want to lose you. I really do love you okay? So whatever happens in the next four years of high school. I will always be here no matter what. Oka love you byeee

Sorry iwasnt logged in :s alright man but I just ugh :s I just want us to be happy. I haven’t been truly happen since michael… Btw I’m going to thing with my grandma tomorrow if you wanna go:3 one day everything will be okay I swear. Nick loves you

I dont know how, but im gonna make sure you can be happy without michael.. like maybe some ritual or bonfire or something where we send all out feels into a deep abyss where they can buuurn and go away. and my mom says no :c but when you get back you should come over and kat can too and we can weed some smoke (kats really awesome you two should start talking more im gonna force that)(also kat you might see this, get in on the plans gurl) and hopefully someday soon. and um im not so sure about that but okay. I love yoou c: and dont call me before 3 becuase ill be asleepin