Quick Explanation...

The “UNWORTHY” inverted cross that is the header on my tumblr.

The inverted cross itself, needs to be explained, as it been misconstrued in today’s society. I am, myself, a Christian, and therefore it may seem ironic that I use an upside-down cross to represent myself, and my blog.

Satanists, and other non-Christians have assigned a totally different meaning to the Christian symbol (as with the pentagram, but that’s for another time). They have given it a “Bad Religion” type meaning, mocking Christians by flipping the cross of Jesus Christ upside-down.

However, the inverted cross originated with Saint Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ. He was martyred for spreading the word of God to the people, and the form of death was crucifixion. Peter felt himself UNWORTHY to be crucified in the same fashion as Jesus, and thus, he was crucified upside-down.

And therefore, UNWORTHY is the word inside the cross. Because we are all unworthy, undeserving of the grace and mercy God has shown. The salvation He has offered us; we deserve none of it.