More Tattoo AU, uncoloured and coloured (the uncoloured version still has pink because the aroused blushing is very important)

Tattoos: Jormungandr snaked around Loki’s arm, the letters “L” and “T” for “Loki” and “Thor” on his ribs, and a fancy norse hammer on Thor’s arm (I couldn’t bring myself to colour it)

Punk!thorki is my new obsession.

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could you maybe give a link to some of your favorite fics? i would love to read some of them (sorry if you've already done something like this before)

I sure can :3

I’ll separate them according to pairings:

Note: please pleaase read the tags and warnings for each of these (:

↳ Steve/Bucky:

At Ease by derekstilinski

Turn Back the Clock by Bluandorange

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Bluandorange

hold your breath and count to ten by 5harky

The Manny Diaries by batmanandstiles

Such stuff as dreams are made on by Odsbodkins

Cake Walk by RockSaltAndRoll

waiting rooms by dimpleforyourthoughts

Ghosts by aprofessorstale, Shaish

Baby, You Shouldn’t Be Alive by TwinKats

↳ Cougar/Jensen:

Team Dynamics, Family, and Other Things That Will Hurt You by NewYorkReload 

All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes by torakowalski

Funny Little Feeling by joelawson

The dashboard melted (but we still had the radio) by storm_petrel

Walk With Me by joelawson

That’s not a life lesson, it’s a Springsteen song by storm_petrel

By Daybreak We’ll Be Gone  by storm_petrel

Half your life is over (if you’re lucky)  by storm_petrel

↳ Thor/Loki:

One Night with the King by coma_grey

Warbride by SatansSin

Stray Not From Me by furiedheart

haha okay this turned into a long ass list i’m sorry, but these are the ones i definitely love a lot hehe :)

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SatansSin again - Okay so Loki and Thor have been married for a few years and are very much in love and happy. One day Loki gets cursed. He cannot kiss anyone because it will put them into a coma and when he finds the cure, its TA-DA True Love's Kiss. Loki doesn't know how to fix it and one night when he cries himself to sleep, Thor comes over and kisses him and breaks the spell. But when Loki wakes up, Thor is lying beside him, his eyes closed in eternal rest. SORRY

sorry?, NO I can’t forgive you untill you go and write this!

(hopes that this sketch encourages you)


Ahaha, SatansSin, you inbox me a lot and so you hold a special place in my heart.

First of all, thank you for your wonderful compliment :3 It took me 2 hours to draw that portrait and I’m pretty proud of it myself, because it was the first time I tried drawing likeness seriously.

Second, I’m really really sorry you had such a horrible group project experience. I cannot act either for the universe, and you should have told them the bad grade they’d get for making you act. I would. I have never gotten anything above a B when it comes to performing.
Thanks for sending in your story…not that I feel better hearing about other people’s miseries, but it’s always temporarily therapeutic to commiserate.

Ok, on with thorki now.

One of the coolest things fandom does is take these characters and to play with various forms of MYTHOLOGY, whether it’s the Norse mythology or another set (like Egyptian or Greek mythology) and I really enjoy the results! These are fics that focus especially on the mythology elements (since all Thor fic is at least semi-mythology related) or a mythological feel. ♥

The Holly Bears The Crown by amberfox17, thor/loki, pagan mythology au, 1.3k

It is midwinter and the night lingers, luxuriating in its own smothering weight, its absolute darkness. It is the longest night, the very heart of winter; the year stands, trembling, on the brink of dissolution and the world holds its breath for the dawn. The Winter King walks in absolute silence.

God in the Machine: The Marachek Protocol by Mythtaken Identity (VR2LBast), natasha + avengers + loki, mild background pairings, egyptian mythology, action scenes, 99.6k

All is not right after Thor left for Asgard, taking Loki with him. Tony Stark discovers an alien parasite invading the networks of his tower and attempting to make its way out into the rest of the world. Only one viable solution has been suggested, but it might be a case of the cure being far worse than the disease…

When Gods Make War (Men Take Cover) by peachchild, thor/loki & avengers, mildly nsfw, some character death, greek mythology, 13k

If he is perfectly honest with himself, and Loki is only ever really truly honest with himself, he couldn’t have predicted how perfectly it would all go. He only meant to start a little quarrel, not an entire war.

God’s touch by SatansSin, thor/loki + tyr + jane, NSFW, non-con, violence, greek mythology au, 5.9k

Loki was the most beautiful creature Thor had ever seen. And he was going to have him.

A Prelude by umakoo, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, 10k

Thor is young and reckless, eager to slay one of the ferocious frost giants and have the skalds sing songs of his mighty deed. He sneaks into Jötunheimr, but the giant he meets is nothing like the hulking, bloodthirsty creatures from the age-old stories they tell in Asgard.

Hammer, Horn, and Heart by umakoo, thor/loki + loki/mjolnir, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, in heat!loki, berserker!thor, mythology, NSFW, 10k

Thor often chose to visit him in the summer, for his golden skin was not made to withstand the cruel winters of Loki’s homeland. They would hunt together and feast together, tell stories and sing songs, spar and play and roam the land. Sometimes they bickered and came to blows, but no argument ever kept them from fucking for days on end, taking pleasure from each other’s bodies until their youthful lust was sated.

Of Gods and Monsters by umakoo, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 10k

Moonlight shone in through the high windows and the cracks in the walls, creating a pale halo around Thor’s wooden frame. Loki laid his hand on the skillfully carved Mjöllnir that stood between the idol’s feet, tracing the patterns and runes with his fingers. He could not ignore the fact that the Thunderer held the place of honor in the mortals’ place of worship.

full details + recs inside!

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