satans ghost

MISCONCEPTIONS About... Demons, Angels, Reapers, Shadow People, Ghosts, Spirits, and so on

Yes, there are all these wonderful and not so wonderful entities that wander the planes of existence. Aka dimensions. But NONE of these are automatically GOOD or BAD just because they are what they are. I’ve known great demons and asshole angels. So here’s a list of misconceptions of these beings that come from the etheric plane.

Angels are NOT holy beings. They are NOT messengers or servants of “god”. They have a powerful hierarchy of 9 classes or chiors of angels leading up to someone considered an angel king or queen. They are NOT automatically good. Heaven is NOT a sanctuary for when you die. It just is a place in the upper etheric. 50% of angels are very “noble” and prissy. The other half are pretty nice.

Demons are NOT automatically BAD. Hell is just a place in the lower etheric, and you need to stop with all of the “hell is for bad people” shit. Christianity is 80% wrong about hell and demons. 50% of demons are actually pretty honorable. The other half are rogue and act on their own accord.

There is NO SUCH THING as the GRIM REAPER. Get that out of your minds right now. Reapers are entities that guide souls, cause “accidents” and “coincidences”, and also do odd jobs here and there. They come from a realm called the void that is made of pure nothingness and able to be manipulated by imagination, if you have creation rights to a sector or plot. No, they are NOT gods or spirits of death in the TRADITIONAL way of thinking. That’s just silly. And yes, they CAN cause deaths, but only when it is your time to go. They can also HELP you, by changing your own fate. That is, if you contract one as a spirit guide.

=Shadow People=
No, they are NOT always bad. Yes they are sometimes creepy, but what do you expect from a damn SHADOW? It’s not like they can turn into anything else. Other than that, I don’t know of any other stereotypes. They also come from the void.

These are more animalistic shadow people that are less humanoid. They are in between metamorphosis of a shadow person and a void beast. Some shades stop metamorphosis and become full shades, others continue transforming. Again, these are NOT always bad. Just pretty damn scary if you see one. But sometimes they’re even cute, in a sick twisted way. Poor things, they don’t mean to be, half the time!

=Void Beasts=
These are very animalistic entities with the desire to kill. Void beasts are extremely bloodlusty. And they have to keep this under control, otherwise it may consume them. But this bloodlust also makes them extremely powerful. HOWEVER, this does NOT mean that they are BAD. But I will admit, void beasts who DO become corrupted are actually EXTREMELY malign. And extremely powerful. Corrupted and crazy void beasts are sometimes interpreted as demons, in the malign religious sense. BUT. NOT ALL void beasts are this corrupt. Only around 40% of them.

If you’re playing around with Ouiji boards, you’re a dumb fuck. Because that attracts a lot of negative shit. Not kidding. It’s not just used to communicate with spirits. And poltergeists are most definitely real. But they’re basically spirits that have been corrupted and consumed by negativity. Spirits are usually bound to a location or object, and that is why they can’t pass on, oftentimes. And some are even attached to a person or entity. It all really depends.

Ghosts are NOT SPIRITS. Ghosts are basically fragments of souls and imprints on time and space, sometimes even memories, that keep repeating themselves over and over and over again for eternity. The memories are usually events with a lot of emotion, or a repeated act that involved a lot of energy. They can also be emotions themselves, that are bound to a certain spot. For example, you might feel a ghost of anger and fear in a bathroom where someone was murdered out of rage. Just like a field or feeling of anger and fear whenever you go into that bathroom.

That about covers it. Thanks for reading and I hope that cleared some stuff up. And I hope you’re now more educated on this stuff.